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  1. Considering the current situation, I fear where we are headed and how different C&C is going to look a year from now. Any guesses as to what the future will bring and what will be considered C&C?
  2. I can’t believe there isn’t something like this on the market. The Xikar is a piece of junk.
  3. Both of those would be excellent if they didn’t run 24/7. I just need one to equalize the humidity and would only have to turn on occasionally.
  4. I got two of the 82 qt. Iris containers to my front door for $76.00.
  5. I am very happy with my 82 qt Iris that I got through Target online. It isn’t a cooler but a large storage bin with locking clasps, weatherstrip seal, and you can even lock it if you wish. I can’t be certain but it appears that the same bin is also marketed as Remington. I came across this brand after watching a YouTube video and learned that they are Halfwheel’s preferred storage containers.
  6. Great question! It’s simply because my cooler lives in a closet with no electricity. I don’t have the electrical skills to build something so I will remain on the lookout.
  7. I have spent way too much time researching and the answer is apparently “no” except for the Xikar which is so small it’s worthless. I have found some perfect RV fridge fans but they are wired and run 24/7. If only I had the skill to connect one to a timer that would run it for a few minutes per hour. I am amazed that there isn’t anything on the market. Has anyone here built such a thing? My goal is to distribute the humidity in my 82 qt. cooler.
  8. I have long been searching for a used one and they are very hard to find. There is a beautiful one at a great price on Ebay in Coal City, IL that I would buy if I lived close enough to pick it up.
  9. Same here. Unbelievable quality for $15. I have two and when I calibrated them against Boveda 75rh, one read 75.5 and the other read 75.3 out of the box.
  10. Hello all, I was an Oregonian who flew south for a bit and ended up staying. Been into cigars for many years but have been increasingly interested and involved with CC’s. I found my way here by googling questions I had and found this site to repeatedly pop up with the answers I was looking for. I prefer smaller format Partagas and Boli but like trying everything I can. Currently looking for a larger humidor as I’ve grown out of my 82 qt cooler. I look forward to learning here and participating in the community.

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