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  1. ...pork chops too. Everything is cooked on the grill. Don´t hesitate trying the Octopus al pesto. That will make you believe in God, if you ever lost your faith. A cigar friendly place that welcomes smokers making it the right place for a gathering since it can easily host up to 60 guests. They have a humidor inside but smoking is only allowed outdoors. Cellar is packed with a decent wine list to complement your meal, but they offer a wide array of booze when it comes to Tequilas and Vodkas. Enhanced by the garden lightning, the whole place invites you for yet another visit. Service is t
  2. ...where 73 were US. While docking at La Marina Hemingway in Havana, they would start unpacking stuff and downloading BBQs, sausages and bikes. Some were unfolding chairs for kicking back and relax while lightning a cigar and have some beers. Thought I could get along well with these guys easily. After 4 days of fishing, we saw some good captures on video since they have to comply with the ¨catch and release¨ rules. They could keep anything but the marlins or sailfish. There were some yellow fin tuna ready to cook though. Some of the boatnames were funnier tha
  3. ...when hopping in the old American cars en route to Old Havana every day for rehearsals and fun. The Cruise Show was a success, at least so they say. Without further ado, music started playing and ethereal girls started strolling up and down the Prado, the famous promenade setting the boundaries between Havana Centro and Old Havana, which was turned into a catwalk in a matter of days. I was not able to be a part of that, but I managed to get some pics, some outdoors and casual but there were also some studio pictures as shown here. Enjoy the pics below. Ci
  4. The red areas are the Partido region, three years ago expanded to Matanzas where the climate is similar to Pinar del Rio but not the soil. Correction: The green areas are the Partido region on the map. It is a common slip.
  5. Thanks for this warning. Very helpful. Looking into this, mates. Seems to me these boxes are genuine just by carefully looking at the seal, the finishing of the cap, general appeareance and color shades even though it´s difficult to tell sometimes. Besides, the smoker´s impressions coincide with a Partagás Serie D No 4 but the issue here is the band. Sorry I have no answer for that. I called a friend at the warehouse to find out. Also tried calling to the factory and to the provider of the bands for the industry. It looks like a temporary mistake or if a change has been made, we have not bee
  6. There also appeared to be a spontaneous mass middle finger salute. Ken, my friend, take some notes on it. That was really a response to tyrany...thumbs up for evolutionary leader Goreta. It´s too late now to suffoocate rebellion form the masses.....Rob that was hilarious!!!!!!!!!
  7. Cohiba cigars feature in the film Hotel Rwanda. Paul Rusesabagina has a box specially imported from Cuba to give as gifts to businessmen and diplomats. He says "If I give a businessman 10,000 francs, what is that to him, he is rich. But if I give him a Cohiba cigar, that is style." In episode 11 of Keen Eddie, Supt. Nathanial Johnson orders a 'Cohiba Torpedo', which he refers to as "the finest, rarest, and most expensive of cigars." This size does not exist in official production (apart from limited edition releases of the similarly-sized Pirámide) and is a very commonly-encountered counterf
  8. 3 things to consider Ecuador is one of the few countries where Cubans need no visa for visiting or working. Ecuador rather than Nicaragua, has not had the help or know how of Cuban researchers or technicians in the past. Nicaragua in the eighties witnessed the arrival of waves of Cubans technician to improve and grow cuban tobacco varieties there. Habanos s.a. was not aware of such entrerprise...but something was on the air since August 2009 though May I think this is completely unknown from some authorities? Sure not. But who are backing this or somehow involved is the question I find di
  9. Though decision! Sorry if not capable to narrow it down. 1 anything under the Coen bros signature (O brother where are thou?, Burn after reading, Fargo...) 2 Anything under Kurosawa signature 3 The Matrix I, The Godfather I, Sideways, Pulp Fiction, L´Haine, Trainspotting, Lock, Stock and Two smoking Barrels. All of the above don´t need a second Part. Punch Joe!
  10. Lisa Ingrid and myself wish you have the best of days. Your charming presence is always remembered with emotion. Ah...as of today, believe me, I haven´t heard from Rob. It´s Sunday morning, and I have two friends tracking him down. Seems like he lost his phone...again. Growing concern on this...
  11. Someone has no life. Ken, that´s you! Ha ha, ha .....
  12. Thanks Czar for your support and good work! Let´s wish 2010 be a great years for all. Big kiss to my aussie cousin Lisa, Hugs for Ken (I know you need one) and Smithy (My mate) Rob, it´s been a hell of a ride, mate. Keep on rockin´!!! Punch Joe
  13. Bonne anniversaire, Guy. Here´s to many more Here´s the picture 6:10 am Cigar in hand, farting on the way to bathroom 6:20 am Walk the dog 7:00 sharp Breakfast . Coffee, Omelette, cheese, bread and 7:30 am Pumping up the volume with Loveage and Mike Patton´s Music to make love to your old lady by. Or Rob Zombie´s American Made music to strip by for the first round. Later, Second serious cigar. More food. Crack open a bottle Second round. Third Cigar. Portishead playing in the background...........CIGAR OVERDOSE It´s all about the fun (Quoting Jimmy2)
  14. Back and forth is minimum 65 cents for the stamp as I´m aware of since I usually send Xmass postcards to a few friends. 85 to be safe. Letters sent trhough ordinary mail are not under the prohibition. Good post, prez and keep up the good work.
  15. Happy bday Chuck! Let´s hope to celebrate the next one in Havana over great cigars. Punch Joe
  16. Mac are rather expensive to anybody´s pocket. Probably overpriced for many. Although If I had to choose, I´d go for a Mac. better graphics and design, better performance in Audio, almost zero viruses. Heard that customer service sucks but no one really seems to care. I´m simply satisfied with the Acer laptop running windows ao I can´t complain of what have been my partner for the las 4 years. And I think it still runs decent if you have taken care of maintanace over the years. PC makes me works twice when I have to defrag the hard drive. Shitty option when you don´t need to run that on other
  17. Get marry, have a kid, wait a couple of years an d he will teach you all the things related to Ipods and other gadgets Technology is not aimed at us but them. Haven´t you gotten to see the Apple Tv ads? You got the picture! Meanwhile bring your old walkman back to life. It looks cool on you, mate.
  18. Have a great one boys and girls. Pictures, we want pics. I wish I could be there!!! Good job on the stamps. Regards from Havana, Cuba
  19. Hamlet is currently in Toronto, maybe he would fly to Vancouver for the weekend, not sure. Gotta talk to him and see but I learnt he is now based in Toronto since he is coming back on Nov. 8th. Best of luck.
  20. Well. made some phone calls and it appears to be a general report for all types of tobacco leaf, including Burley and cigarettes. heard also that is aimed at reaching more productivity by Ha planted. In no way I see thew logic behind all this since I´m on the side that we should produce considering the best quality and yield. This could be a hell of the crop considering the weather (no hurricanes to date) and winter is already coming in. Still hesitated though.

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