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  1. Another example where newer beats aged. This Rass from 21 is better to me than my 16’s.
  2. Sorry for the terrible pic. Sun was still coming up. This comes from a SOU NOV 20 box that I got from here. Basically smoking one ROTT. I wanna say they came in less than two week ago. They are already delicious. It’s always a treat when you can tell very early on that a box is going to be fantastic.
  3. Haven’t had a plpc in awhile. Cracked open another box 2020. Still young, but I don’t mind them young.
  4. 2014 Connie A and a double espresso. Prayers to all the were effected on 9/11.
  5. First time with this. Believe the hype. Notes of butter cream (is that even a thing?) and honey. Delicious! Came from a botl sampler I was sent, so unfortunately I don’t know the date code.
  6. We are in a shit show for sure! If it wasn’t for so many people suffering, it would be somewhat amusing to see how this all plays out.
  7. I think a lot of the rules will change once it’s fully approved. I think your hand will be forced eventually. I am curious about medial insurance rates of the unvaccinated. As an employer, will you stand for rates exponentially higher if your employees are not vaccinated? Will the unvaccinated be ok with paying much higher premiums? Airlines are already starting to come out and require vaccines to fly with them. I do think if you are not vaccinated your options in life will be very limited after the vaccine is fully approved. As an employer, will you employee individuals that are
  8. This! First time I had skirt steak that I really enjoyed was with chimichurri. Makes it delicious!
  9. Got my new espresso machine set up last night. First time with a Winnie this morning. Life is good.
  10. Thanks for the update. We are in interesting times for sure.
  11. Straight. Easy and clean. V cut feels weird on the lips to me also.

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