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  1. I'm pretty sure I know exactly which site you're referring to. They have major caching problems. You can do hard resets on the website and still be shown last month's promos. Ridiculous. I always open these sites in incognito now just to make sure i'm looking at the latest. It's kind of ridiculous
  2. Had the AOC - El Laguito Novedoso - 2019 LCDH Exclusive. (don't know why it has this name) Was watching some videos over the week and stumbled on the dipping a cigar in water method for rehydrating a stick. This stick has been in my humidor so didn't need any rehydration, but from the videos I saw, didn't think there would be any harm in experimenting. This stick was pretty solid, but nothing amazing, especially considering the price. A ton of that cuban twang and hay. Random spots were bitter and then it'd come right back to more pleasant tastes. Will give these other sticks from my El Laguito sampler some more rest.
  3. Yeah i also noticed that and was super confused and was super nervous seeing a blurry picture of a long thick stick and wasn't sure what was behind the NSFW blocker
  4. The worst part is that the branding looks like a knockoff CAO. I only gave them a second look because they were cuban
  5. I bought a 16 pack of the Centrofinos a while back. Was introduced by a buddy and found them to be intriguing. Definitely getting those grassy/vegetal notes and maybe almost a hint of mint/freshness but not a whole lot else. For a cheap stick that i smoke while doing something else (golfing), plenty of cuban twang and enjoyed just fine. Would i sit there and think about all the notes and thirds? def not
  6. A buddy of mine swears by drinking Tang with his cigars
  7. So how does this actually work at the end of the day? I walk into store. I can't see a damn thing on the shelves. How am I supposed to buy? Do i just ask for something specifically and then an employee has to open a box or something? Or maybe this is more like a kinder egg of cigars?
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  9. Keeping the top of dress boxes or all boxes? Curious to see what that looks like when its done!
  10. I've been seeing some pretty cool cigar art and lithographs in the forum and I'm wondering if people do anything with their old boxes? For those who save the lithograph, any tips on how to remove them cleanly? Tried to do a search on the forums but couldn't find what I was looking for
  11. My favorite NC at this point is Paul Garmirian, but they're pretty small batch
  12. Pretty clear where Jas Sum Kral stands with their online merch As a "Geriatric Millenial" (not my term), I generally find the packaging and branding of Privada Club and others like it rather annoying. Big words with no meaning. Trying to build hype with loudness and being "edgy". What has always drawn me to cubans and older cigar brands is the simplicity of it all. Hand-rolled, brand name + size, simple logo, and of course the 1-2 hours of sitting there just enjoying it without any distractions.
  13. You and I are opposite sir! This actually makes me excited to try the HDM Epicure Especial to see if i'll also dislike that

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