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  1. There was that discussion by Tarantino about the meaning behind Like a Virgin which may be to blame. Why am I Mr. Pink?
  2. That damn turkey leg refrain every Thanksgiving was my breaking point with the man.
  3. Epi Esp '18. Plugging in the final 3rd, but still a 8/10 smoke.
  4. I am considering going this route and looking at the govee and sensorpush. I don't believe I will get much more out of the wifi functions so just looking for bluetooth when in range. Is there a better performance consensus between the two? Another option I have not discovered? (several brands I have not heard of on amazon) All being equal I will save some money with the govee, but they both have some pretty harsh reviews. Thanks.
  5. What is the proper etiquette here? Do you start with the maduro and transition into the shade or vice versa?
  6. @smbauerllc you can get a 2oz bermacoll jar of powder from for $10, it will last you years and mix as needed. The also have pectin and gum arabic options. I assume it is ok to reference them here since they do not sell cigars.
  7. When I read the topic I went a different way with it. Cigar lifestyle brought to my mind an individual who can slow down, relax and enjoy whatever in the moment amidst a world bent on speeding up. Maybe I am just getting old. Rocky's video brought the reality of the term crashing down.
  8. Thanks! The two opposing sides help seal up the cedar lip and inset in the lid really well. I am pretty happy with it for a first try.
  9. @oneizzzz I have been hunting a box for a couple weeks now, no luck from my 3 goto vendors. lmk if you spot some please.
  10. Best wishes for a quick and full recovery. Don't know Jim but a sincere get well, and I sipped a good bourbon last night.
  11. Good week. Sam Houston 15 yr w/ a siglo III and a yuengling chaser. #I was in KY this week...mmmmm
  12. Around 5 years at current rate, but probably more as I have been smoking them more often through COVID. Time to stock up some more.
  13. medio siglo UBM ABR '18 libertador LCDH TUA OCT '20 such a fine host.
  14. Late to the conversation, but I am a homebrewer and have a dedicated fermentation/lagering chest freezer using a Johnson Controls controller (but I assume it is the same essentially). It hold anywhere from 70's to 50's fahrenheit and I do not have significant condensation issues inside. I also use an exact same setup as a tap system in my bar that stays around 38 degrees, again no significant condensation issues so if you have them sealed inside with boveda I think it will work very well. In my experience a 4 degree swing is very rare, when it kicks on it is a brief cycle unless I have had

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