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  1. Alex fundadore ROTT with a ky mule. I will do a better review after they settle, but really enjoyed the smoke and transitions.
  2. That was a good list to say the least. To be honest, I dodged a bullet being late.🤣
  3. Not sure what's in them, but they are absolutely gorgeous and smell like instant cocoa in a tobacco pouch. Must try each soon to see if I stock up while available.
  4. There was a boy scouts picnic over the weekend. On activity was starting a fire with flint, it was like watching paint dry.
  5. starting the build on my smoking room, football and making a Sunday gravy (not the highly acclaimed cigar though)
  6. 👍 The notion that a large component of both sides of big arguments in my country can't see this about themselves is laughable. Side x: You must get vaccinated, but my body my choice for reproductive health. Side Y: You do not have reproductive health rights, but I have vaccine rights. I am just pointing it out and not taking any sides! Peace.
  7. I am not sure choc\vanilla swirl pairs well with white owl's preferred use.
  8. perhaps reducing the stupid tariffs on some of the items listed would eliminate or reduce the need for such black market activity endangering the poor citizens of hong kong. Lord knows they have nothing more dangerous to deal with these days. 🤔
  9. I noticed the flaviar blind kit. What's your opinion? Mixed on the kits, but being able to find very reasonable buffalo trace anytime has me a regular.
  10. @Nino nice grab! Can I ask what the inverted monte piece is under the box in the 2nd pic? Caught my eye as a matching background.
  11. ???, time to find that lab coat from a few halloweens ago.
  12. "chief tosser"... did Ken edit that video? 😂

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