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  1. Boli RC, I actually thought about this one before cutting it. I have to fix my hoarding head mentality.
  2. It is good, just not hitting hitting my top notes. Twang is there, lots of graham and currant to my palette. 8.5
  3. If i'ma pay that for an hour then...well I will censor myself.
  4. The only issue I have with that statement is the luxury item description. It certainly is one currently but fads, trends, tastes, regulation, taxation, etc. change. Rapidly rising prices in the face of ebbing demand fits my definition of an asset bubble.
  5. Thank to @Puros Y Vino for posting about google books cigar related material It made me think to check Archive. Did not disappoint. I started new as I didn't want to highjack his thread. (**Sorry embedded links for commercials were not working, will try to fix tonight) The Fragrant Weed book 1877, it was an interesting "ode" but the JT Spark price list on the inside back cover caught my interest. Lots more to weed through there.
  6. I was really excited to see the headline, then I read the details. As noted but the Cuban Foreign Minister "a small step in the right direction".
  7. Monte 4, I am not going to walk downstairs to get the code. It is way too f'n hot here for May. 95, wtf?
  8. I have 2 wineadors, a 250 count for CC's and a 400 count for NC's. For the last couple months I keep just single boxes of Boli RC, Monte 4, Partagas short and HdM Epi 2 in the CC along with the tray of singles. (There are some gems in there I should move 😂) I have the NC stuffed with AF, Liga, Plasencia, EP Carillo, etc.. I want the CC to look barren to discourage requests for one of my Cubans which are well known in the group. The CC storage and Custom storage have been hidden in the other side of the basement so I am guilty of some hoarding. The friends I want to enjoy a nice smoke with will always get access, but for the marginal beggars it's a "sorry, supply too low" for now.
  9. To the original point here, Cohiba and Trinidad have literally disappeared as an option at a place I have used. At first I thought, well no stock so just taken down temporarily but other empty marcas still show. Then I thought resetting the page for prices, but they do that all the time on existing pages. No clue what to make of it but very strange days!
  10. I will not be able to resist the periodic siglo III purchase. Beyond that and Trinidad fundadores, better options to spend the budget.
  11. Would be very interesting to see the "off the record" responses to a few of those questions.
  12. party short after 8 hours of Saturday work, hard work, so a bit salty. Told Red we are going for the best steaks in town, no debate. I'll update with my cowboy rib eye.
  13. That really sucks! I got mine, but I was really early AM (US Central) on Tuesday.
  14. I just saw the same on Twitter and very sad. It is my favorite hotel to use while in Havana.
  15. Heart broken for him, one of my favorites. Time to buy more of his lanceros.
  16. I have been on a bit of a binge this morning prompted by cigar journal's article. I have been laying off for the last few months thinking the price increases couldn't stick, but reported 2x to 4x multiples spooked me and I reacted. I even bought some RyJ boxes which I have historically shunned. Smart, well informed group here so felt like asking, "Am I a fool playing into their game?"
  17. It hit the fan. Just went on a trini shopping trip.
  18. Happy to report an N3 rosado just last Saturday. They are no longer spaghetti western in appearance and the flavor journey did not disappoint. I had some very good party, boli and monte during the month but the N3 stood out. Cudo's FoH team. Edit: Hera approves of the aroma as well.
  19. I saw this and was completely confused, I really need to start paying attention to edits before hitting submit lol
  20. pretty sure that was a wildly successful advertising campaign for Jack Daniels

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