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  1. 2015 Toyota Corolla. The wheels must be a hot commodity
  2. First CoRo or any cohiba for that matter. Pleasantly light with some nice sweetness. Tough to justify the price tag but it’s a very enjoyable cigar. I probably should venture out and try some of the siglo line
  3. Lusi on the beach followed by a Cuaba Salomones. Two of my favorites keeping me company on my vacation
  4. I also really enjoyed the ones I’ve tried from my sample order, and I’ll be stocking up when my cigar budget allows. I’ve got no experience with any verifiable Cubans from Alex so I can’t compare but that’s good to hear you see some similarities. They’re tasty cigars
  5. BHK 56 Alex custom roll from Amazon of customs. No idea what kind of leaf or blend was used or if these are actually legitimate but curiosity got the best of me and I ordered some samplers. I have zero experience with customs so I don’t have anything to compare it to. That being said it’s a tasty cigar that I would buy again
  6. SLR Regios - All MEP AGO 20 - hope it’s a good code lol
  7. 2019 Connie A - was a wind tunnel with zero flavor aside from an occasional taste of hot air and ash. Of course I tried another a week later that had a tighter draw and it was probably the best cigar I had all week. 🇨🇺
  8. Punch 898. Got the box in August, couldn’t resist and torched one up probably way too soon. I’m still pretty new to Cubans and cigars in general and I’m finding I really enjoy nutty peanut and peanut butter flavors. This was an absolute peanut butter bomb that smacked me in the mouth with every puff. 11/10 I had to bury the box in my humidor so that I wouldn’t see it and be tempted to smoke any more before they’re really ready
  9. 2014 Fonseca 1- Brand new box, sampling one ROTT as is customary when you’re as impatient as I am. So far so good. These are great, nice light toasted tobacco with an undercurrent of an almost vanilla bean like flavor that is getting stronger as it progresses. Definitely won’t be the last box I pick up
  10. 2019 I believe. Seems like several were under filled and the box was going through a “sick period” for a while. A handful of the ones I had near the end were solid, and I’m pretty sure the box just probably needed some more down time to sort itself out. Will add a box of monte 2s to my purchase list and will give them another shake
  11. Part of what makes this hobby so great - the variety of tastes and flavor preferences. To be fair, I’ve only smoked my way through one box of monte 2s, of which quite a few were duds. I am a big fan of the monte profile, though at this point I’ve preferred the Edmundos. Might need to grab another box of the monte 2s to try out. Cheers
  12. That’s fair. I guess I was coming in from more of an angle of cigars being luxury goods and a $2 to $4 increase in price per stick not being enough to significantly lower demand in a demographic with money to spend. However I may very well be wrong on my assumption that a large portion of the demand is supported by a demographic with higher income levels, and I realized I probably have based a large part of my argument on personal observations which may not be applicable to the population of cigar smokers as a whole. You bring up some good points that I hadn’t considered
  13. 2017 Dip 2. Had a monte 2 yesterday so the battle of the 2s continues. For me, I think the diplomaticos has the upper hand. There’s a nice twangy breadiness that I get out of these which is slightly sweet - I think that description of partagas sweet bell pepper does it justice. Good cigar, 4.15/5
  14. If enough people are buying at these prices and demand proves to be somewhat inelastic with new world cigars not seen as a comparable substitution good, price does not have to necessarily decrease with an increase in supply. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

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