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  1. Yeah …. I guess so. I was amazed at the number near 1000 ( and am still surprised at closer to 600-700), but then I realized that I have 3 cabs 😁
  2. One of my favorite small cigars — I can enjoy up to 50 minutes or more of the rich and nuanced flavors. At nearly the same price point of the Super Partagas, it is far ahead of that vitola in flavor, but it would be interesting if the blends were switched to exchange vitolas — especially a Short in the Mareva size.
  3. Hmmm …. The cello looks absolutely new, whereas the other sample shows a bit of aging 🤔
  4. I prefer the Rosado over the Maduro at this point, after sampling several of both; but I imagine I will regret not buying more of both as time passes.
  5. My scoring is completely subjective and primarily based on other NC skinnies. It has been a *long* time since I’ve had my only LGC skinnie and that is still memorable (in the 90s, but my memory is fuzzy). I’ve primarily compared the N3 to the My Father “La Promesa” lancero, which appears (to me) to combine the best of the Colorado and Maduro and push my scoring into the low 90s.
  6. Samples are from a bundle ofN3 Carlota “Ebony & Ivory” that I’ve had “resting” for nearly 30 days. I tried several ROTT, partly out of curiosity and partly because I have been enjoying NCs of this size lately. Both the Colorado and the Maduro have benefited from the rest since then. The pre-light aroma of the Colorado (38 x 6) is of well-aged tobacco with a smooth, baking-spice core, a hint of sweetness, and floral tones. The long thin cigar has a smooth, flawless wrapper that is finished with a triple cap. The taste of the first third echoes the pre-light promises: sweet tobacco taste with a backbone flavor of baking spices and a slight floral aftertaste. The bundle label proclaims, “Not Cuban. Not even a teeny little bit. Really.”; but if I were to sample this as a blind sample, I may have identified it as Cuban. The second third develops a more complex profile that changes from a sweet profile that has a stronger backbone of black pepper, although there is still a sweet tobacco finish. The final third builds up a little strength with a bit of tar and tannic flavors, masking the sweet overtones. The burn has been clean and even throughout, with a dark-grey ash. Final: 88 The Maduro (38 x 6) also has a smooth, flawless wrapper. There is a rather wide variation in wrapper colors; and although the Colorado is easily different from the Maduro, they both could be described as the color of coffee with various amounts of added cream. The pre-light aroma is also of well-aged tobacco but without the promise of sweet spice. The first third begins with the smooth flavors evidenced in the pre-light with the sweet finish that I’ve observed in aged maduros. The draw on this particular cigar is a bit more difficult at first but opens in the second third. The final third continues with smooth tobacco flavors and a hint of espresso, a bit of black pepper, and a slight tannic twang. Final: 81
  7. The Left Hand stout on nitro is a great pairing with a lot of cigars. My current favorite.
  8. I’ve been reading the wealth of topics and viewing the videos on FOH for the past couple of months, participating in one transaction and the Christmas Sampler before the International store shut down, and becoming familiar with Diana’s “Sorry” 24:24 email responses; and I am overdue for an introduction. I am a retired hydrologist living in the suburbs of the Seattle area and have been immersed in the world of cigars since the late 90s but continue to learn. Richard
  9. Agree completely. I thought they were “under the radar”, but they’ve gone very quickly every time 😕
  10. Hmmm … my quick checks showed a lot of bare shelves for some premium domestics.
  11. In addition to scarcity and price hikes in CC, premium cigars from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Honduras appear to have risen in prices and decreased in availability. My observations, YMMV. However, CA says we may be experiencing a *boom* in such cigar production not seen since 1997. WTF??
  12. This evening’s smoke was a Partagas Series D4 TUA Jun 21. I smoked one on receipt but didn’t make notes (although it didn’t go into deep storage). I’ve felt that PSD4s are best enjoyed with 3-5 years, otherwise there is a strong tannic backbone. I dunno if the mix has changed but I still taste the rich, elegant flavors that I identify with is vitola. I’ve associated coffee and cream, chocolate, and leather in the past; and I can taste hints of all with this cigar minus the tannic twang of a young cigar. I’ve also associated the flavors of dried fruits in previous samples andI think this may be what Ken tasted as well— It’s not sweet, but is the beginning of that dried fruit flavor. Ohyeah 10.88 g. Slightly under filled.. YMMV 😏
  13. HF suggests more beads to help regulate the rh and the same is probably true for B packs.

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