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  1. Requesting wisdom from those in the know I started getting back into cigars a year ago and into the hoarding phase around six months ago. I purchased a few desktops and then a larger cigar fridge as I was getting tired of unpacking boxes (first world problems). It’s fairly big with 14 shelves, holds up to 5,000 cigars and is climate controlled (I was starting to get worried about the UK weather on my desktops). It came on Friday and I set it to 72% and 18degrees then I stuck four Govee Hygrometer devices in them at each corner of the unit and got some interesting results. The humidi
  2. @smbauerllc Davidoff represents a big part of my humidor and my favourite three are the Yamasa, Escurio and Nicaragua lines. The Yamasa is absolutely banging and a very flavourful smoke - because of the land they farm the tobacco on (old swamp land) it's an incredibly firey and rich smoke. My favourite vitola is the Toro which I think brings out the best in the blend although the Piramdes is a close second. I personally find these stronger and richer than my favourite CC, the BBF. Escurio has the Mato Fino tobacco from Brazil and is a very different type of taste. It's a love/hate th
  3. Started the day with a Cohiba Siglo I, by lunchtime I was feeling a bit tired so had a Double Espresso with the fiery Davidoff Yamasa Toro. Just finished a Davidoff Escurio Corona Gorda. Likely will attack a RASS or Bolivar Libertador later to finish the day.
  4. Started the day off (pre-9am) with a Davidoff Signature No. 2, followed by a RASS before lunch and then a BBF for my dog walk. Will likely finish the day off with a Davidoff Nicaragua Box Pressed Toro... I really should try and stop smoking as much
  5. Senior IT Director for one of the world's largest tobacco companies (sadly, not one that produces cigars!). I just bought a new 5000 (capable) cigar humidor although I reckon it's about 15% full Mostly Davidoff (Yamasa, Escurio & Nicaragua Box Pressed) but also CCs and other delights. New to this forum and loving the 24:24 to start spending excessive and unnecessarily to feed my habit !

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