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  1. I just put out a RAG and it was absolutely phenomenal. I prefer RAG younger and Punch DC older.... You can't go wrong with either
  2. I used this term on a post the other day and probably misused it in the context of what people are writing above. I've not been in the cigar game long enough to monitor the relative progression of the cigars, but I do find that cigars just having been sent to me that have spent days in transit do require some time down. I've tried some cigars straight off the truck and they have tasted bland, sometimes muddled etc. Wait a number of days - usually around a month - and the cigars pick up and taste of something great. Subjective, hell yeah
  3. I would smoke the cigars that got me hooked onto the habit in the first place, and therefore: CC: Bolivar Belicosos Finos NC: Fuente Opus X Double Robusto
  4. That looks like a beautiful yard, pool and deck setup you have there - congratulations on the move! p.s. the cigar looks awesome too
  5. I wouldn't have thought this to be a sustainable business practice. Ones taste can change and given that COVID (as an example) can directly impact taste, a retailer getting a partial box return would be both unfair and unwise. The cigars also may be in their "sick" period and need laying down for a while or indeed could be complete duds - such is the roulette of buying Cuban cigars. It sucks, but it's part of the "fun"
  6. Indeed. I was in Switzerland a few months ago and there were 12-13 boxes of the Especial available and a mountain of the Especiales No. 2. No Cohiba Lanceros, Esplendidos, etc.
  7. Well done on picking up a box - they are really terrific smokes. I find the Especiales 2 (and 1) full of cocoa powder, chocolate, light coffee etc. I think I read somewhere that it was concentrated Montecristo... That really does nail it. The vitola is absolutely brilliant and usually takes me an hour or so to finish one. Had a few plugs in the box but that is the roulette that is CC buying
  8. I got a large number of boxes all at the same time. I've tucked away the Monte A's for some serious occasion and the Especiales No. 2 are my go-to smokes.... Both Esplendidos and Lanceros have MAR SEP 21 box codes and are stunning.
  9. I like to spring out the special stuff as a Christmas gift to me. Cohiba Talisman, Lanceros and Esplendidos an Opus X (Double Corona or Reserva d'Chateau) to finish off the days...
  10. Not sure what you ordered but I sprung for the Ebony/Ivory packs of the N1 and N3, went through absolutely fine....
  11. Merry Christmas Rob and FoH team. I've said this before but... this really is the best cigar place I've seen. Amazing staff and great fun. Enjoy your well deserved Christmas break. Looking forward to 2022 and setting fire to my money
  12. Totally changed. Used to smoke 90% NCs (mainly Davidoff) and 10% CC skinnies (Cohiba Lanceros, Fundies etc). Today, 70/30 in favour of Cubans (DCs, Churchills mostly then Corona Gordas and Robusto Extras). I love variety but have some notable things I used to smoke I just don’t touch regularly anymore (Dip 2, Upmann 2, etc)
  13. It really depends on what you like smoking, what strength you can cope with (or wait for the cigar to level out) and how long you tend to smoke for. For me and in no particular order - the must have ten boxes in a collection are: Cohiba Lanceros H Upmann Connie A or Connie B San Cristobal de La Habana La Fuerza Partagas 8-9-8 Varnished (or Ramon Allones 8-9-8, if you can get it) La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No. 4 Cohiba Siglo III or V (preferably V) Trinidad Topes or Hoyo de Monterrey Hoyo de Rio Seco Bolivar Libertadores or Trinidad La Trova Montecristo 1 or Montecristo Especiales 2 Partagas Lusitania (50 cab) To be honest I could go on and on and on but my best advice here, is expand out to the top thirty boxes 🤣🤣 because top ten is just way too restrictive. It was more difficult than I thought to trim it down to ten. Good luck!
  14. I used to live down in Lisbon and was meant to be there a few weeks back for a work trip (cancelled). I've asked my mate to head down to some of the stores to pick me up 3-4 boxes of the San Cristobal. If I/he scores I will definitely get a box sent over to you

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