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  1. For £8.50 I would get one as a gimmick and fill it with something not very sophisticated to please a rowdy dinner party For £850 I would rather buy a great Chambertin and drink it with a straw
  2. I love a good tasting menu but not one that is so elaborate that you have to have an IQ reaching 200 to work out how to consume it. I find that simplicity is better than over complication, however, many chefs have different ideas. Whatever next - will this guy take a plaster cast of other parts of his body and have the diners sniff the food off it ? Madness.
  3. I'm with you... I'd love to see more cabs of 50 around. My favourite format and lucky enough to have a few ... although ... they are a bit of a pain in the humidor to store and take up an enormous amount of space. For those that have limited space there is nothing better than a dress box which can be easily stacked. I'd sooner take two dress boxes of BBF than one cab of 50.
  4. Trinidad Fundadores TLU ENE 22 Cohiba Coronas Especiales SOP OCT 21
  5. Now that the world is opening up and with dozens of cancelled holidays behind us, we're heading off to the Seychelles later in the year for ten days in paradise, transiting via Qatar. Got a ridiculous deal with first class flights, heaps of air miles and not very much coin spent - score. I'm trying to work out whether to bring a bunch of cigars or a) buy a bunch at the Doha duty-free or b) buy in the Seychelles. I can't find very much information online about Doha duty-free nor the Seychelles cigar situation. I saw a great post about cigars that were smoked in the Seychelles (fantastic selection!) but nobody that details what it's like down there. I'll likely do the sensible thing and pack a whole bunch of cigars but was hoping somebody could advise Thank you!
  6. Love the BBF and Bolivar in general although my favourite always has been the Libertador. Never had a bad BBF to date and they are an excellent size.
  7. I've never seen somebody wondering around St. James with a full box of Cohiba Robusto before looking for the next pub. Absolutely hilarious. My trousers are still drying off!
  8. I agree. The 'rich' people I know tend to be the tightest ... I'm not talking about the ultra-high net worths in the 0.001% but the vast majority of people who could spend it but will reach for better options. I love a Trinidad Reyes but I can easily swap it out for something far cheaper that will please me just as much. I like Trinidad, I don't love Trinidad. I think they will have issues with that. Trinidad isn't Cohiba.
  9. Not long. I just saw the new prices for Trinidad Reyes - $872. For the Reyes. People may have deep pockets but they aren't crazy.
  10. Yep. Some have them for the bargain price of $3,4k 😂 but the average seems to be that…
  11. It’s my second box and I absolutely love them. The Dalias is my favourite and I just hope they bring out (although unlikely!) more blends in that format….
  12. Agreed although I won’t be partaking at those prices. I just can’t justify burning $129 for a Gran Panatela or frankly, any other cigar. Would just take the enjoyment out of it for me. Luckily I’ve got a fairly healthy Cohiba collection so I’ll sit back and hope that someone will end the madness and until then, won’t be buying anything at those prices
  13. Always brings a smile to my face, especially when the Lanceros have an MAR code….
  14. Just checked in at a few places and Cohiba and Trinidad stock seems to be back although with the price rises attached. 3,6k usd for a box of Lanceros 1,9k usd for a box of CoRo’s At those prices, I’d rather they did disappear….
  15. I’m totally with you here. These were hyped up and I bought 10 or so - 6 or so in and I’ve had one that’s okay’ish but just doesn’t live up to the hype. Some talk of whisky notes from the cask ageing but I don’t get any of that. On the other hand, the white label Davidoff Winston Churchill Churchill (the Aristocrat) is absolutely fantastic. Much more tasty than this stick and very flavoursome. Would recommend that over this one any day…
  16. It was the ERDM Kon Tiki 1973. Mine was a bit plugged but after some tinkering it was very nice. I got coffee, citrus and some sweet notes. There was some cream there but my unsophisticated palate couldn’t quite pick out everything. It was a nice smoke but I’d take a Choix Supreme over this… One of the highlights of the lunch was somebody asking @El Presidente if he knew anything about cigars 😂😂 - which he handled brilliantly … a true class act.
  17. Thanks for a brilliant lunch and a fantastic chat over a cigar. Thoroughly enjoyed
  18. What a nice selection! ... and indeed some fantastic people around. The CCE is utterly terrific - had one the other day (fairly fresh - 20 box code) and it was utterly sublime. I tend to stock up on the Monte Especial 2 as my regular smoke and CCE for special occasions. Enjoy!
  19. I tried the Maduro version of the Melanio but personally preferred the Natrual. Didn’t see what all the hype was about tbh found the natural to be more flavoursome… to my taste (which is odd as I almost always prefer Maduro)
  20. I'd highly recommend the Ashton ESG - it is a very complex, almost perfumed smoke and it is one of my favourite NCs. My other two favourites are the Padron 1926 No.1 Maduro and the Fuente Opus X although these are strong, rich and will almost definitely hit you nicotine wise. Davidoff's Grand Cru and Anniversario line are also very nice and creamy although they are hardly cheap Good luck!
  21. Took one of my first Hoyo DCs from the cab of 50 Diana very generously sent me 😀. It was a beautiful day and the wrapper was literally shimmering… I initially named it the Cream Queen but then hastily changed it to the Cream King - felt less inappropriate 😂 What a stick! I remember thinking that a great day looks like: Hoyo DC for breakfast Ramon Allones Gigantes for lunch Partagas Lusitania for dinner
  22. Probably sound like a broken record… but the Cohiba Siglo V Ive found loads of Monte Especiales, Choix, even Medaille d’Or 4 at B&Ms but I cannot for the life of me find the Siglo V Totally out!

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