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  1. FYI, I decided to weigh my cab for the hell of it and share the results. The 50 bundle with ribbon was 877g, or approx. 17.54g each.
  2. Today’s Mail call, Hoyo DC cab, BLT JUN 21 and such a beautiful sight.
  3. Fantastic review, well done! Looking forward to reading more. 👍🔥😍
  4. What a fantastic delivery today of PSP Bolivar RC from our gracious host, beautiful wrappers and amazing smell.
  5. The guys at our club put in $1 every round played and the cash pot accumulates until someone has an ace. Couple years ago a buddy had one on Saturday and collected a few thousand dollars. The next day another buddy I was playing with had one and collected 18 bucks 😂
  6. The owner of Corona Cigar Company, Jeff Borysiewicz, is growing the Florida sun grown tobacco on his farm in Clermont FL. I’ve had the FSG cigar, it’s OK and has very little Florida tobacco only in the filler. If you really want to experience the FSG tobacco, try the JC Newman American cigar, it uses the FSG wrapper and is an excellent, full flavour cigar.
  7. Thanks Piggy for your insight/thoughts and forum welcome! I look forward to continuing to absorb information and learning more about the CC world.
  8. The VSG Wizard is a fantastic cigar. I’m in Las Vegas every fall around Thanksgiving and head straight to Casa Fuente and enjoy a Wizard with a mojito!!!

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