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  1. Podcasts mostly. Any good recommendations someone? I have a firestick and surfshark vpn (like recommended on this site) so can listen almost everything what is available these days.
  2. Keen's was my favorite until i decided to become a vegetarian. Of course i was preparing for that for a while, ordered different supplements and vitamins from Canada Drugs and read a lot of information about the correct way of doing it.
  3. With my new firestick i have a huge library of great songs available now. The only one thing which i should remember - to hide my ip when streaming (yep it is actually important - and here is the reason why)
  4. First weekend at home with the friends and family. I did study a lot as well. Not much free time for me for the past few months as i am trying to juggle between my work and studies. Time well spent.
  5. It doesn't matter how healthy is our food, still very often we have luck of different elements in our body. It is important to control this thing and pay attention what kind of influence it has on us. Canada Drugs website has description of many different meds, vitamins and supplements and comes very handy when you need to know more about them.
  6. it's been 5 months since i had my last cup of coffee. I started to take a better care of my health, so read about different medicaments, vitamins etc on Canada Drugs website. Found a lot of useful infos.
  7. Same here. Third party pods never taste the same like original Nespresso. Anyway i don't have a Nespresso shop close by and always have to count on the delivery services. This article opened my eyes on few things about different shipping companies and i think i will try to use different deliveries next time.
  8. Great recommendation. Will check it out this evening. Now i am installing vpn service on my firestick for the first time and for a non techy person it is a real challenge. Happy i found this source with the detailed instructions how to do it in few steps. Otherwise i wouldn't be able to do it myself.
  9. and handbags 😍. Now I am curious if something like that really exists, maybe even give a call on dealdash phone number here and ask them if they have a similar items on sale from time to time. Not sure I would like to have somethings like that but some people probably would, right?
  10. Awesome idea. I think we should do the same in our neighborhood. I am ready to donate all the stock of masks i have at home considering i have another huge order coming from online pharmacy soon. Don't remember what is in there, but for sure some masks are on the way.
  11. luckyli

    What's for dinner?

    Mashed potatoes, grilled chicken and a simple salad. Plus few different vitamins from canadian pharmacy which doctor subscribed me after my last blood test. I didn't have a clue that i have deficiency of so many different things.
  12. There are some good whiskies for sale on Craigslist. Once we had a very good catch there, bought for 50$ a bottle worth 5 times more. I just had some troubles editing my delivery address recently, i guess there is a point of calling craigslist phone number and talk to the customer service, don't think it is a serious issue.
  13. luckyli

    What's for dinner?

    Homemade burgers. Can't eat those things from MacDonalds, only eat self made. I always buy a good quality meat from the local butcher, fresh veggies, different sauces and buns from the bakery (not frozen). Found a great recipe on Jamie's Oliver website. Yummy don't have a picture unfortunately, maybe next time I will make one
  14. I started with tinder around 10 years ago. Was fun at the beginning. Lots of attention, couple of dates, nothing special. Met few good guys there. After a while it just gets boring i guess. Now i have a boyfriend and we use only swingers dating apps from time to time. It is good when you want to get rid of the routine in your relationship.
  15. I worked with professional chefs and all of them said you don't have to store eggs in the fridge. For me its just a habit, i always store them in the fridge 🤷‍♀️

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