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  1. Just finished watching the national Remembrance Day ceremonies. Thinking of my grandfathers who both served during WW2 and afterwards as career soldiers. One was in the British army and the other in the Norwegian army. Thank you for all of those who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice.
  2. The old price in Cuba was 261.60 and now 408. That is a huge increase.
  3. If the trends continue the pricing is close to a gazillion dollars.
  4. Sad day for the Bond franchise. Loved the Scottish accent! Enjoyed him in The Untouchables
  5. The store probably threw the box of Guantanamera in as a thanks for spend so much!
  6. You would have to be Jeff Bezos rich to pay the AUS tax on that haul!
  7. If he doesn't want it, I would love take it off your hands if you want to trade. I ha e been looking for that jar for quite a while.

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