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  1. rckymtn22

    Notre-Dame Cathedral

    Definitely not wooden scaffolding as it would have burnt in the fire. Still relatively intact this morning. Once the fire got going in the wooden rafters almost impossible to stop.
  2. Them are some beautiful cigars! Wonder why he doesn’t want to keep them?
  3. Bugatti for me. I like have 4 points of contact.
  4. Would be interesting to do this test with a different cigar to see if you get the same results.
  5. rckymtn22

    Most recent box codes for:

    La Trova - RAG OCT 18 Picked up in Cuba last month.
  6. rckymtn22

    Punch Punch Reg Jun 2018 (PQDRW)

    Nicely done. Enjoyed the stories!
  7. rckymtn22

    H Upmann Propios

    No point killing the cash cows.
  8. rckymtn22

    Worst Airports?

    LAX is the worse airport I have been to. Had to go from T5 to T2 but no signs saying how to get there. Eventually figured out but had to go outside to get there.
  9. Take a drive up Mt Lemon. Drive through East Saguaro national park. If you have 3-4 Hrs go the Pima air and space museum. If you're interest in aircraft you can spend hours there. Can also go on a tour of the air force boneyard from the museum.
  10. rckymtn22

    Humor for a Long Week

    🤣 Good one!
  11. rckymtn22

    Greetings from Montreal

    Welcome to FOH eh!
  12. rckymtn22

    Man Cave Build

    Looking forward to following along and seeing the final results.
  13. rckymtn22

    Your best cigar of March 2019?

    Spent a week in Cuba, cigars on the beach, lounges and at cigars shops. Had a great Party E No. 2 but the best one was one of Alex's Lanceros that he gave me when I visited his store. Fantastic!
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