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  1. They would have the new bands if they came out in 2018.
  2. Gruden is out of Raiders land. Turns out there is more emails out there that brought him down.
  3. Too bad in a way. I enjoyed meeting and having a chat with him a couple years ago. Can't blame him if he has left.
  4. About to go through my 3rd colonoscopy Monday not looking forward to drinking the foul tasting liquid but has to be done. During my last colonoscopy I remember bit and pieces of the live feed. LOL I was one of those guys who hadn't had a doctor in a long time and ignored the signs for too long. I was discovered with colon cancer early in 2017, I lucked out that it wasn't an aggressive cancer otherwise someone else would be enjoying my cigar collection right now. So everyone get regular checkups!
  5. Football game tonight, mountain bike tomorrow and yard work. Cigars Saturday and Sunday!

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