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  1. I am kicking myself the same way. Was in Cayo Santa Maria at one of the resorts, 2 LGC jars and only bought one. 😡 The clerk thought I wanted both, but the words I still regret "No I will take only one". No lack of money excuses as CC worked just fine Especially when a few years later I saw what the Jars were selling for. 🤬
  2. I agree Nino, always wondered how Coca-Cola gets around the embargo with seemingly no issues. Not exactly a essential product.
  3. My buddies and I got together to try the glass top cigars on a dare...
  4. Saw the Rivian pickup at the 2019 LA Auto show where it was one of the stars. Still waiting for it to show up in the wild.
  5. You forgot to mention that cannabis is not addictive where evil cigar tobacco is 100% addictive.... think of the children.
  6. Hey Petter - check your messages. Thanks

  7. The Cohiba Sublimes was a surprise, no bids until the last second and then took off. I think it was the priciest box of the auction.
  8. He paid about $11.99/stick to much for those.

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