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  1. wow, looks way more than 2 floors partially damaged from the above picture. Terrible news
  2. Not going to happen unless there is a giant policy shift by either government.
  3. Might be the only cigars I can afford in a year the way prices are going.
  4. Will be giving my boxes a real good look when they come out of the freezer in a couple days. Didn't notice any issues at the stores.
  5. I was by the store April 8th and it is open again. Managed to pick up a few of his customs (at least was told they were his). The weird part I was told I could not buy any boxes, the store was not selling any even thought the stock level was pretty good.
  6. You missed GST PST fuel tax drivers lunch fund tire tax Gov handling fee In seriousness there shouldn’t be much as the shirts are made in the States. 🤞
  7. Ah man, I just got a perfect draw tool I would have taken them off your hands! 😉
  8. Was that the Calle 63 store? They are well known to over charge even before the pandemic.
  9. Might be able to fly from Russia north, around Norway, west of Ireland and down through the Atlantic outside of each airspace. Just guessing by looking at the globe and not sure how far airspace extends out. Might be on that specific beach in less than a month if things work out!
  10. Wow, shocked. Never met him but had a cigar exchange with him and was hoping to meet Mike in Havana some day. Will miss him on the forum. RIP Mike
  11. Eric05 posted a picture of a box in “your latest cc purchase “ a couple days ago.
  12. Surprise everyone, we at the HSA are looking to maximize the tobacco we have for maximum profit so will only roll Cohibas in 2022!
  13. Opens for me in Firefox, just takes a bit. Well done John!
  14. Totally agree with you Rob about what Ross would say as I have been telling my friends and colleagues same thing. I have been a regular in the medical system after having my first bout with cancer 5 years ago after ignoring/ putting off going to a doctor until it was almost to late. Due the monitoring of the CEA counts at my regular 3 month blood test in September I am now going through round 2. The cancer had metastasized into my liver, but without that regular blood testing the cancer would have never been discovered in time. No symptoms and no pain, felt fine. Had a chunk of liver removed in February and chemo is up coming this summer GO TO THE DOCTOR
  15. The whole NIMBY thing is big too. Don't want a dirty refinery here!

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