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  1. Is Christian Horner trying to take Bernie's place as the biggest whiner in F1? He is sure doing a good job!
  2. Congrats to the winner! Thanks to Rob and gang for putting this on for another year.
  3. Boring game. They didn't even have the weather or playing surface as an excuse for the low score. Ended up watching something else much more interesting.
  4. 7 days for sure. Every time I go to Cuba. I just use my tablet for reading books when there.
  5. You better post some pictures for the new guys to see that awesome painted and restored machine!
  6. If I was a European, Canadian or south American paladar/hotel owner/operator who have assets/ property in the USA, then I would be worried.
  7. Get the ones that feel the best on your feet. Like mentioned above go to a proper store that knows running. I have made the mistake of brand chasing and it never works. Nike and Asics have different placement of the arch support so never worked for me.
  8. Monte Petit Edmundo 10ctn H = 3.3 L = 12.7 W = 22.1 RA Superiors H = 2.9 L= 16.2 W = 19.4 Boli GM H = 2.7 L= 18.1 W = 17.9 Party P #2 10ctn H = 3.4 L = 17.1 W = 22 Monte #2 10ctn H = 2.8 L = 17.2 W = 21.1 HU Noella (box) H = 22 L = 14.5 W = 14.5 LGC Deliciosos jar (box) H = 22 L = 16.1 W = 16.1 Diplomaticos Nortenos H = 3.1 L = 14.1 W = 20.7 Monte Esp #2 H = 4.2 L = 17 W = 20.7
  9. Not that much really as I just have to replace what I smoke over this year since I have a 19 year supply: FOH customs Boli Corona Jr HDM EPI #2 Puntilla customs R&J Petite Royales
  10. I picked up a box of ARS ABR 18 at the Varadero airport mid November. They had 4 boxes, wish I had more room on the allowances.
  11. I have had only one of the cigars on that list, so you might want to add don't own any/ haven't tried any on this list.
  12. My big find was at the Varadero airport, one of the stores had 3 boxes of Trinidad La Trova in their humidor. I was up against the limits so I grabbed a ARS ABR 18 box.
  13. Interesting cigar but like all RE and LE's recently they are over priced.
  14. According to Indonesian customs you can bring 50 cigars and 1 litre of alcohol per person
  15. Other NFL news ... A 34-year-old Florida man was charged with disorderly conduct in Orchard Park, N.Y., for allegedly throwing a dildo onto the field Monday night during the Buffalo Bills’ 25-6 loss to the New England Patriots … weird stuff
  16. Yes, not tax on lottery winning in Canada at least initially. I would imagine the government gets taxes on large winnings in the long run.

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