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  1. Or put back on the shelf to be sold to someone that doesn't check boxes.
  2. Get yourself a mean female lawyer that will go after her blood since your soon-to- be ex wife is the one pulling the plug.
  3. I remember a ways back he used to sign boxes so might be his signature.
  4. if cigars were hookers..... they would be getting fatter each year!
  5. Fitzy wanted to know and I like to help out fellow BOTL when I can!
  6. From her private parts according to a quick google search. "And when the scantily clad exotic dancer performed her party trick – shooting dildos at the guests from her private parts, best man found himself in the firing line."
  7. Have tried to track down the Partagas Serie du Connaisseur No. 2 a few times over the years. Have a couple singles hiding in one of my coolidors. Would love this one to come back as a regular production. Heck would be great if the whole SdC line was brought back!

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