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  1. Follow up. I know not to post here, but should I leave low-star and informed reviews of google and trip advisor for the shop selling the fakes?
  2. Thanks so y’all! I passed on these! Sunset from Cartagena old city’s wall. Seller I went with (different than above) all had labels that checked out. Thanks to this forum that was easy to see. Placement, micro-printing, etc, etc
  3. I’ll go back tonight and ask if he has a black light to verify the MC. there are holograms on all the labels, I didn’t do the best job photographing the MC ones, but I got some snaps that include the RyJ one and the Hoyo ones he had. I’ll try for better pics of the MCs too! (I’ll attach the holos I have to this reply. I’ll also get better pics of the MC#2s he has open! (Pictured are MCs but not #2s) thanks for your feedback!!
  4. Hi y’all! Ive read thru a lot of posts on here and based upon those have a few questions I hope y’all will suffer thru answering with me. I’m on vacation and looking at some MONTECRISTO NO. 2‘s at a local seller here. They have a fair amount of good reviews (the seller) on google/TripAdvisor. They offered a pretty steep price for 1, but a *decent* discount for a box of 25. I’m out of the US for awhile so *might* get a box. I had a look at the open cigars, and the 2 boxes sealed the seller had on hand. He offered that if I bought a box we could crack it open and inspect it on the
  5. Hi! new member from SLC. Tons of great info I. Here. Looking at making a purchase of a few smokes while traveling abroad and have gotten a lot of good info on here already!!

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