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  1. Similar to a standout bottle of a single barrel whiskey......most likely there's only 100-150 bottles in existence, so when its gone, that's it.
  2. A couple years ago, I tried a Java on a a huge coffee fan, it sounded like something I'd like. Your stick sounds like the same concept. Manage your expectations and you might enjoy it (or at least some of it) 😆 It really wasn't that bad, although the muddy/chemical aftertaste the next day put it into the "one and done" category for me.
  3. Hot, sometimes with a splash of milk-
  4. Sailing.........or racing motorcycles, if I didn't already have a bunch of stainless and titanium attached to my bones.
  5. 1. Buy and read a couple of financial books (The Four Pillars of Investing, The Richest Man in Babylon, etc) 2. Start an emergency fund 3. Pay off any high APR debt 4. Put the rest in VOO and VT Or buy Krugerrands and boxes of P.L. Montecarlo 😀 At least they will never be worthless.
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  7. In this video, Pat McNamara mentions some real gems for eating, mainly: stay in the periphery of the grocery store. This basically equates to little/no fast carbs, and only real food. Pat Mac is the real deal!!!! Workout recovery:  Beer, Bourbon, and Cigars
  8. Thanks for the review. I haven't tried Ilusione but have only read good things about them. Is the Epernay the best of the bunch in your opinion?
  9. Awesome project! Do you have any estimation of how many bottles you'll get out of the cask after 5 more years? On the topic of Buffalo Trace distillery, I recently had a conversation with a friend, and we agree that BT should sacrifice Eagle Rare and Buffalo Trace production to increase Stagg Jr. production......I don't know any serious bourbon drinker that would disagree with that. Jr is nearly impossible to find around here.
  10. If you like eggnog, try making a batch of Alton Brown's eggnog. Alton Brown's aged eggnog Aged eggnog sounds unconventional to most, but it should be a familiar concept to the members here. I've had it fresh and also aged up to 1 year, they had their own traits but both were outstanding. This recipe has bourbon, rum, and cognac. It helps to have a microplane to grate whole nutmeg.
  11. Great review and picking up the Jr. was an awesome snag!!! I totally concur on the pairing.....barrel proofs can definitely be overwhelming to me when trying to find any flavors in a cigar, especially after the 4th or 5th sip. However, that doesn't mean you can't turn your brain off for an hour and just enjoy them together!
  12. Thanks all for the education. To say my knowledge of CC is limited would be an understatement. Around here, even NC's have a limited following, CC are non-existent. Why I mentioned RG is exactly this above, the panetela extra was available for what seems like too good of a price.
  13. I don't recall seeing these marcas being mentioned here much: Jose L. Piedra, Quintero Y Hermano, and Rafael Gonzalez. Are they worth a shot? In the bourbon world, I've had $60 bottles which were just as good (if not better) than those that sell for $400+ on the secondary market. Is that the case here, or not even close? I'd be happy to hear thoughts and opinions from those of you who have experience with these labels.

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