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  1. Yes! Shore break is the best once you learn to go sideways and just move with the water. None stop barrels all day. I grew up in San Diego going to Windansea Beach. It gets gnarly but the Wedge further north as Avales mentions is insane!
  2. Ahhh got it. I thought you were talking about US college football lol. Its also Conference Finals/Championship weekend.
  3. Yup! Doing nothing major. Stuff around the house and a cigar in there somewhere.
  4. I posted earlier on 24:24 about missing out on Lusi’s and I got messages right away helping out. This is what its about right there. Community and caring for one another. Thank you! Love all you guys. I did not post that for a response but knowing you guys I should have expected it. My faith in humanity has been restored lol.
  5. Luckily I am returning them but the supplier is well known! They did however explain that this order came directly from an outside vendor. The fought me a lil bit but offered money back so thats cool. Live and learn! Im just gonna stick to our hone base from now on lol.
  6. I had covid and loss of taste and smell is what made me get tested. Literally everything smelled and tasted like nothing for awhile. 10 months later and its still coming back but its very minor now. Its crazy because I thought it “came back” but it really didn't. Stuff kept smelling better or I was tasting more. Especially with wine and cigars. I also found that different smells and tastes came back at different times.
  7. Got it. I actually dont have one but all my other cigars have been boxes from a trusted source with everything checking out. The monte 2 on the right is legit and the white rings are embossed and you can see it from the backside where the one on the left is crooked on the front and not embossed?
  8. Now I will add that the vender is super battling me and saying these are legit even with the monte bands being flat…
  9. Not purchased in person. The monte’s were the first I noticed and compared to a real one from a very trusted source you can feel it. The white ring is not raised and its not centered. I only usually get boxes but I went out and got singles lol. The QD50’s look legit from what I have seen but again all these besides monte’s I have not had before. The VR and SC bands are pretty bad?
  10. This post made me look up Australian Football. I watched 5 minutes and I was so confused 😂. Looks awesome tho. Thats some super accurate kicking while running!

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