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  1. This post made me look up Australian Football. I watched 5 minutes and I was so confused 😂. Looks awesome tho. Thats some super accurate kicking while running!
  2. Huge win for Cinci. Irish lost to a better team today 100%
  3. Got home from work now at 8:30pm…yay! Tomorrow is 3 1/2 year old daughters first soccer game. No idea how this is going to go lol. I imagine kids standing around sort of? Trying to get in a cigar Sat night. Sunday is church and Target etc. Got a garage to sort as well. Why does the garage always seem to attract all this crap? Where does it come from! My Chargers play Monday night! Lets go!
  4. So funny me too. Somehow I even end up grilling at other people’s houses lol. Im like “when do I get to just chill?”
  5. Very cool Tactical/Special forces training class I have always wanted to do all day Sat. Im a none police/military guy so its a bucket list item for me. See whet its all about! Sat night watch the Daytona night race with kids running around. Sunday is church and family time meaning what wifey wants but Sunday night I will be watching the Jake Paul fight!
  6. I also just joined and I am from SD but now in Texas for two years. Im from Clairemont. Welcome. This is an amazing community.
  7. Thank you so much. That is very experienced perspective I have never thought about. I do enjoy more smoke and not having to work so hard. I dont like restrictive draws. Most probably would not have used the perfect draw on a Lusi I just enjoyed but I needed it more opened up. I feel when I have to focus on the draw it takes away from the experience. I totally relate to the golf analogy!
  8. My wallet understands what you mean lol. Im interested to know more about what you mean by challenging? I haven't heard that before to describe a cigar. Im interested! I love finding diamonds in the rough with wine and drinks. To me the monte 2 is incredible for what you pay. Long finish and it changes per 3rd etc.
  9. You guys are incredible. I read through all the answers. I think I am going to hold off on any more Cohiba’s just for now. I need a bigger humidor system. Im now using glass tuppadors and had to buy the 62% and then the 58% bovedas to get them to 65%. With 62% they were still going to 70%. I need a cooler for sure. I love the Cohibas but if the siglos are lighter and more mild than the classic line im not trying to buy more of the same. I have 2 boxes of the CORO and Piramide so I am good on those. I think I am going to pick up a Fundie box but damn right now they are expensive! I dont want to
  10. Whats up! I genuinely need some help. Im stuck. Im itching to buy a new box but really can only buy one or maybe two more boxes. All purchases are justifiable 100% but I am approaching my own need to cool off limit LOL. The time spent out back relaxing enjoying a cuban is priceless. So far I have collected boxes of the CORO’s, Sir Winnies, Lusi’s, Cohiba Piramide, Monte 2’s and Partagas Serie P no 2. I smoke one a week. I wish I had time for more! I see 24:24 everyday and I cannot decide. La Fuerza sounds super good? Fundies? How different is the Siglo line compared to the CORO and Piramide? I
  11. Long time looker finally joined. This forum is 100% top notch. This community is incredible. Mid 30’s here. 2 kids and a wife. I have 1 cigar friend (my father in law lol) I think my wife is sick of hearing me describe the cigars to her….I am really looking to be an active part of the community. Started smoking NC’s and started reading cigar books. They all always had one thing in common…CC’s are like nothing else and…well…you guys know what happens once you really figure it all out, theres too many to buy/collect and not enough room.

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