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  1. Amazing. Thats what its about! La Fuerza is so good!
  2. Chargers here! Very happy with the draft. Got Herbert much needed protection.
  3. You are right. I dont ROTT anymore. The last few times were a total waste for no reason. They were not nearly as good as waiting the 60 day minimum marl that I do.
  4. So good. Bummed with boxes of 10. Bought one just because and really wish I got more. They go super quick on 24:24!
  5. Broke it down to little kid level. El Pres is that what we have come to here? 🤣
  6. The other other lol. R/cigars can be very entertaining….
  7. Twilight zone meaning all the hatred for CC’s. Personal choice is personal. I smoke some great NC’s but prefer Cubans.
  8. I got so lucky. They became my favorite (before I really even “knew.”) I started loading up on them about 2 years ago or so right before everything went crazy. I actually now regret giving 5 away as gifts 🤦🏼‍♂️. Gave them to super noobs lmao.
  9. Interesting. Ive never had a BHK. Not really for any reason beyond I didnt feel they could be THAT much better than CPE’s but then the price skyrocketed lol. I really want to try one but now might wait a long time! No way I am paying 2K for a box. Your post makes me feel I may have been correct…
  10. This RAT CPE was sooo good. Silky velvet smoke. One of the most enjoyable smokes I have had in awhile. By far #1 in March for me.
  11. I knew this would be a fun discussion. One guy was arguing to me that soil and where you grow tobacco doesnt make a difference lol. Its funny you guys started talking about wine because that was the example I used. Same grapes in a different part of the world are totally different. Obviously a very simplified answer but you get it.
  12. Whats up fellow B/SOTL’s! I consider our home here my home base but will venture out to the other forums. The amount of either hatred or down right uneducated discussions from people who act like they know what they are talking about has reached a weird level. There are some discussions on reddit right now that make me think I am on another planet. From guys telling newbies that Cuban cigars suck and taste bland to Cuba almost importing all of their tobacco so buying them vs new world doesn't matter. The craziest part is the amount of people who agree with these comments! So my questions and discussion here is this: is this a massive marketing disinformation campaign by new world cigar companies? Are we as Cuban cigar guys (and gals) elitist? Is my flavor profile wrong or something lol? Ive smoked a lot of new worlds (padrons etc) and Cubans blow them out of the water. Its not even close. Smoke texture, flavor, complexity and less “tariness”overall. Am I missing something? I feel like this isn't even an argument. Im in the twilight zone!
  13. My hometown! But like others we moved to Texas 2 years ago. San Diego is beautiful. If you want any local stuff or tips PM me.
  14. Super gamble and go crypto but not too much of a shitcoin. Not right now though. Let the market find the bottom first. Look at the BTC halving for guidance…
  15. I just cant do it. Im not ocd but this gives me anxiety lol.
  16. The loose sticker 😂. Your comments the other day had me rollin!
  17. Yes! Shore break is the best once you learn to go sideways and just move with the water. None stop barrels all day. I grew up in San Diego going to Windansea Beach. It gets gnarly but the Wedge further north as Avales mentions is insane!
  18. Ahhh got it. I thought you were talking about US college football lol. Its also Conference Finals/Championship weekend.

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