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  1. Juan Formell of Los Van Van Dead at 71.A joke known in Havana and in Miami’s Cuban community may start making the rounds again, tinged with sadness this time, as fans and fellow artists mourn the loss of Juan Formell, the founder of Cuba’s 45-year-old dance band Los Van Van. The story goes that years from now, Fidel Castro comes back from the dead in search of his legacy. He finds the entry for his name in an encyclopedia: “Fidel Castro Ruz, Cuban politician in the era of Los Van Van.” Formell, who died Thursday, May 1, in Havana, was one of the most internationally recognized Cubans of his t
  2. Damn I missed it! Hopefully there will be another herf in the near future.
  3. Casa is where I like to stay in. There are some good casa's in Vedado, Nuevo Vedado, and Miramar.
  4. Eat come good seafood and load up on the Vitamin V, Viagra that is.
  5. Oh yeah for the first time since I left the Marine Corps in 1993, I can see my AB muscles.
  6. I been lifting weights for six months but neglected cardio. So last month I decided to add cardio to my workout and diet more strictly. My start weight was 224 pounds and now I'm weighting 205 pounds. I lift weights 4 days a week and do cardio and abdominals on days not lifting. My weight training usually is one hour long, then after that I do cardio for 40 minutes on bike, treadmill, and stair master. I eat clean and been taking lean extreme by driven sports. I'm leaning out and maintains muscle.
  7. work out 5-6 days a week with weights and cardio. 41 and 205 pounds who is just trying to stay healthy and maintain.
  8. I am a US Marine Corps Veteran and I have a challenge coin from my last unit I served with. Its a gold looking coin for 2nd Bn 5th Marines of the 1st Marine Division. 2/5 is one of the most decorated units in the US Armed Forces. WWI in Beleau Wood, WWII in the Pacific, Korea in the Frozen Chosen, Vietnam Hue City, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq. I was given this challenge coin in 1993 when I was a CPL and first arrived to the unit. You had to carry the coin with you at all time and if you were asked if you had it on you, and you didnt, then you had to do 25 pushups.
  9. I have heard also from reliable sources and it's been all over facebook that they also arrested his son and wife. Ya tu sabes Nino como son la cosas por alla. Use google translate to translate from Italian to English http://cigarevents.blogspot.it/2012/10/prime-conferme-sullarresto-di-abel.html
  10. This year I plan on just going to some of the events, like the opening and closing dinner. I didnt have enough time to show my brother around. Since Im flying from the California, I plan on hanging with friends in Cancun. Like Nino said its good to hang out at the shops and meet all the friends and plan out your own events.
  11. I had a blast at last years Festival. Ill be gooing again in November, hope to see you there Ken.
  12. I was thinking the same thing regarding going to the other events. I look forward to meeting others at the event and having a great time. See you there brother.
  13. Should be real fun getting together with habano lovers worldwide. I'll be sure to try to post and take lots of pics.
  14. Leaving to Cuba on November 12 for the Partagas Factory Encuentros from NOV 14-18. Any one else going to the get together in Habana? Its going to be five straight days of smoking out with other aficionados from around the world. Here is the schedule I got from Partagas. PROGRAMA Noviembre 2011: Day 14: Acreditacion / Casa Del Habano Partagas Day 15: Cena de Bienvenida Day 16: Day Playa or Recorrido por la Ciudad Day 17: Dia en el Campo Day 18: Cena Gala Dinner When I come back from Cuba Im going to stop and tour around Quintana Roo Maya ruin sights. This should be another wild trip
  15. Another classic sax song "Soul Makossa" by Manu Dibango
  16. Oh another classic Jimmy Castor Bunch: Its Just Begun.
  17. Anything Coltrane and Charlie Parker! Classic was Coltrane on Miles Davis Kind of Blue. But classic gangsta party jam was Jr Walker and the Allstars "Shotgun": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42oIZHOLjwk

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