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  1. Can anyone direct me on how to get the pictures to show up in the actual post instead of as a download? First time trying to post pictures
  2. Had the pleasure of lighting up a pair of these bad boys with my father. The Punch Punch happens to be his longtime go-to for CCs. From JUN 20 Box of 25 sourced from FOH (factory code unknown). Have never written up a review so bear with me here! IMG_4914.HEIC Initial aromas consisting cedar and some fruit sugar with an beautiful hue to the wrapper IMG_4915.HEIC First part comes in easy with notes of cedar, leather, and light fruitiness. Draw is perfect so far. IMG_4916.HEIC As we progress, notes of mesquite wood begin to take form with a hint of dark chocolate coming through. Combining a nice silky smoke feel, the flavors really start to shine without becoming overpowering. Each puff lets you sit there and contemplate if you have any idea about properly tasting this incredible stick 🙃 IMG_4917.HEIC Getting towards an ending that I wish was farther away....The leather notes being to come back to the front of my palate, along with some floral notes. As it starts to burn hotter, the young tastes of a Cuban begin to show, but are still delicious. For a rating, I'll shoot my shot at giving it a score out of 100... but for me, it's not just about the cigar, but enjoying it with the people you get to smoke with. 92/100...great and consistent CC that I had the opportunity to enjoy with my father *My father claims this to be the best Punch Punch he has smoked, but he seems to say that about every cigar I bring over to smoke with him 🤷‍♂️*
  3. Long-time forum lurker here....first time reading about Alex and AmazonOfCustoms today. I am absolutely loving all the things I am learning from this community! Can anyone confirm if the sticks from AmazonOfCustoms are CC or NC leaf? I've read many posts on here and reddit about his customs rolls and am thinking about giving it a shot.
  4. I’ve been using one by SwitchBot for all my storage spots link here It’s been great for me so far. If you get the hub as well, which I have, it connects it to your wifi and allows you to get alerts from anywhere. Allows for alerts when I goes outside a certain “safe zone”. I’ve personally got mine connected to Homebridge which allows me to have it as a Homekit Item on my iPhone.

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