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  1. I'd say the partagas definitely need to rest.....but very similar in the reyes i got. I am too inexperienced on the reyes to say more......I enjoy em both now
  2. This isn't my first trinidad, but my first reyes.....starting off almost identical to my partagas short yesterday. Let's see if it stays that way
  3. Today is a good day......this box of partagas are starting to come around. The first 4-5 didn't smoke to my liking, so I've been laying them and darned if they haven't started coming around to a very nice smoke for the price. Nice surprise
  4. Hoping this Partagas redeems, the last 2 d4s let me down. Now time for some college football.
  5. So I know we aren't really suppose to mention website names on here, but I was wondering how I could ask my knowledgeable community here about the legitimacy of one?
  6. Outside the firehouse enjoying what is always a pleasure to my palate. I know I have not smoked the variety that some of you amazing gents and ladies have, but RASS is my jam. Every one I have smoked is exactly what I am looking for in a cigar. It's a good night
  7. Out for a couple nights of camping on the North Shore and starting with a PLMC. Ready for a chill couple days with nature Having my second PLMC of the day. Sharing this one with my wife because it was the one I lit for her and I was trying a aging room nicaragua that a random bar going cigar enthusiast gifted me and well, it's odd for me to do, but I had to offer it up to the ocean becuase I personally wanted nothing to do with it after the first 10mins. Only a few NC tickle my tastebuds anymore.
  8. Digging the matching Goyard. My wife would murder me.
  9. These articles are nonsense. I've worked in the wine industry for 15 yrs and even though I will be the first to say Salt Bae is a clown of a chef, don't ever go to a restaurant and order Petrus and then complain of the bill price. As my grandfather used to say, "if you can't afford the gas, don't buy a Lincoln".
  10. Don't know the date on it because it wasn't one of my box buys, but this Mag46 is kicking hard in the first third. Way more spice and strength then I was expecting.
  11. At least the VR is triple capped but the band looks sketch. The bueno. I don't imagine too many people are faking QDs
  12. Are you tasting some smoked paper in there as well 😄. Been there, done that
  13. Nice LGC. That's look like your down the street from me at next to the aquarium
  14. Shit. I just checked the microcode on another box I have that I thought was suspect months back and the microcode is the same numbers as the box I just got it. I'm guessing that is a bad sign
  15. Well my warranty seal has microcode but they are 000030070401 and my barcode is as shown in the pic 000044666713
  16. Yes it does. Are they suppose to match the barcode?
  17. Can you explain a little more
  18. Ok just got this box in. I'm so disappointed. I compared them to my sticks from my humidor and they seem off (stick on the right is my stock). Haven't smoked them yet but the band seems bogus and they don't have the typical box pressing that I expect from RASS in the 25 box at least. They seem to have a double cap and not a triple. Has anyone gotten legit RASS that just looked a little off? I just know other than cohibas, these are faked a lot
  19. My coro today surprised me big time. There was a sweetness to it I haven't got in them prior to this one. It's beautiful and I'm surprised. my rass have been my favorite for a moment but this coro today reminded me how good they can be when they smoke on point.
  20. Thanks for the input. I just feel like these 2 sticks are flavorless and not intriguing to me compared to all my other Cubans. The opens are 2010 and the partagas is younger at 2019. I will just set them aside for a few more years and see how they develop I guess.
  21. Aloha friends, so I have a question. I have some recent purchases that I'm not so thrilled with. I currently have around 15 partagas petit coronas and 20 montecristo open juniors that I am not digging too much. I get half way through each one I have smoked and just don't wanna finish the rest of the stick. Just so I don't waste the $200 I'm thinking of experimenting and throwing them in a Tupperware container with some Disaronno to infuse them. Any input or suggestions?
  22. Had to buy another Daniel Marshall to throw my new order in because my other humidors were packed. Luckily it got here before my sticks haha

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