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  1. This ‘85 turbo New Yorker is no joke my daily driver and stogie-mobile. Of course my commute to work is only 7 miles though. For everything else, a 2003 Mercedes S430.
  2. Gotta wonder if the up/down cigars in the box are Morse Code...
  3. You picked up quite a variety! I’d fire up the 1964 1st. They’re kinda the gateway to all Padron. None of those are going to disappoint (certainly not the 45s). If you age that brown label for 4-5 years, it’ll smoke as good as the 1964s. The rest are ready to go right out the box. And I’d argue against aging premium Padrons.
  4. I had about half a box of these what I’m guessing were 1950’s Belindas scored at a local country auction for $2! I slowly brought them back to life, and smoked and shared them over about a 5 year period. This is the last one I smoked last New Years and sadly the oldest in my humidor now is a 1999 5 pack of RyJ PCs.
  5. I love whiskey as much as I love cigars but I do not like pairing them. It’s usually palate overload or one overpowers the other. A cold Coke is usually my pairing go to.
  6. True on just wetting the head, but I’d probably just give it a lick before cutting anyhow. I’ve tried the water method a few times and even after a paper towel pat down I still encountered far more tunneling issues than normal.
  7. Agree with you on several points here. And extra age does not always mean better. Different yes, not always better. At these age statements, the barrels are nearly empty resulting in low yields. Which for the unseasoned drinker/buyer is supposedly a selling point. And at these price points, the juice is literally not worth the squeeze.

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