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  1. My own hand roll that been resting 4 months while I mow the jungle. Not terrible.
  2. While I think this scenario is a real long shot, the probability of other nations shaking hands back stage on deals previously thought unthinkable between certain nations will certainly happen.
  3. I’ve made framed collages with them in the past. Considered doing one under a glass table for some time now.
  4. Catch anything while there? Was there late in the summer and really regretted not having a fly rod packed
  5. My gal will rarely indulge in a stogie. Occasionally she will fire up a CAO Eileen’s Dream Cigarillo (which I also like for cold drives to work). She actually prefers I smoke mine in her company though. Oddly enough, she prefers an NC rather than a CC be smoked in her presences with Padron 64s and 26s being her top of the list favorite second hand smoke.
  6. I have been told those make an American non-filter seem like smoking air.
  7. Could be a CC, NC, or even a bubble gum cigar, but what’s the oddest you tried? Odd size (like a 2 foot cigar), odd shape (culebras, Feunte football, etc), stored in a strange manner, super super old, strange blend, etc etc. My personal oddity came from a coworker several years ago. My coworker would visit his uncle’s tobacco farm in Guatemala once a year for a week or two. He knew I was a cigar smoker and brought me back a handful of his uncle’s hand rolls. They were very crude, not mold pressed, had a light colored very veiny wrapper, ring size around 45 and length varied around 5 inches. Wish I had a pic, but this was a good 12 years ago. They were fairly terrible in the flavor department, but the nicotine level was off the charts. Un-smokable unless you like having a knot in your throat. He asked if I enjoyed them about a week later and I said, “Yes, they were very good. Thank you very much!” Next year he gave me a grocery bag full of them 🙄🤣.
  8. Off/on topic, but do they come in cardboard 5 packs with the hand written labels? Because if so, that’s pretty cool.
  9. Agreed. My local had some late 90s LGCs still hanging out in the humidor in the early 2000s. I wasn’t smoking cigars in the late 90s, but if these smoked as good aged as they did fresh, then they were a real treat. I’d love to find a nice aged box now to see how they held up.
  10. I smoked nothing but NCs for around 8 years and nothing will really match that profile. The trend of NCs for several years now has been massive ring gauges and high nicotine driven powerhouses. Flavor is secondary. I still enjoy several NCs, but the ones I enjoy share nothing really with the CC profile. Ones that share anything in common? I dunno, some Don Peppin stuff, Nub Habanos, Te Amo (yes, I said that), some Davidoff, Oliva (I would go more G than V on this). None of them are spot on, but taste is subjective.
  11. BillyH said it before, but Cohiba Maduro anything is a hard no for me. Paratagas MF. I like just about anything else partagas but this. Cuaba Divinos. I’ve never encountered one unplugged and that’s a big no go for me. Which sucks, because after a draw tool, they aren’t half bad.
  12. I used to like Country Club. I’ve only ever really seen it around the Washington DC area though. Absolute fire with some spicy pork rinds 😂 Gotta admit that this Ice Cube St. Ides commercial damn near converted me though. “Get ya girl in the mood quicker, get your Jimmy thicker, with St. Ides malt liquor”
  13. Look at the tiger stripes and spots on the second to last! Grew up in south central PA and cut my teeth fly fishing for smallies. Pound for pound no better fighter in the creeks!
  14. The embargo was purely punishment for allowing the Russians to play in our backyard. At the time it was put in place, it was absolutely detrimental to their economy. Now? Not so much. It’s more like just a inconvenience that if lifted could really be a windfall for both sides economically and relationship wise.
  15. I can’t agree with any top bourbon list where Hudson Baby Bourbon has a spot. That stuff is vile.
  16. We figure we should experience up to 1/3 of loss possibly. Personally, I don’t think Stagg jr is fantastic as is. It’s more of a cocktail bourbon for me. It’s been speed aged in my opinion.

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