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  1. This reminds me of a video I saw. Was very intriguing. I want to try it out.
  2. Guess I’m slacking on smoking NC or not smoking the right ones lol.
  3. This was spot on. All the info I was looking for to help me with my decision was answered. Thank you very much for your input and review. I really wanted the climate control because I live in Colorado and the summers can get hot. My wife doesn’t like a cold house she loves the heat so sometimes she turns the AC off and I don’t want my cigars to suffer. The cons seem to outweigh the pros though on the climate control. I’ll have to think about that some more. I was hoping it would hold more than 40 boxes though. From the pics it looks like it should. I guess the empty space in the back from the
  4. What I can read from the ash is the the cigar is burning and the more ash I see the more I must be enjoying the cigar since it’s still burning. Ive seen white and black ash on Cubans, I have yet to see black ash on a NC. As long as it’s good I don’t care what color the ash is. Just my two cents.
  5. Hey did you get your end table yet? I’ve been looking at the same one and wanted to see what your thoughts are on it.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all. My 3 I’m thankful for are: Fundies Cohiba Piramides Cohiba siglo III
  7. I have the same box code and date. They are amazing. Nice snag.
  8. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has ordered from these guys or have any of their humidors. I’m ready for a larger humidor I’ve tried to contact Avallo but haven’t heard anything back and from the reviews on time frame and contact I rather just try and go a different route.
  9. @Jfeath74 I like your Norlan whiskey glass those are some nicely made glasses.
  10. Ok so he’s not Cuban but the song sure does sound like it. Good song to have a smoke to and have a chat with some friends or good company
  11. So many nice cars on here. Nothing like the ones posted but here is my daily driver. 2014 Sierra with some mods.
  12. It’s always nice to have some good friends. Nice car. Don’t see to many old school cars these days. Thanks for keeping it alive. Love the colors. I’m sure the interior looks just as nice as the outside. You should put it in some car shows.
  13. You should keep us updated when you get your cooled Avallo 2000. I was thinking of getting that exact one. I was just curious as to if the 1 thermoelectric cooling fan will keep that big cabinet cooled or if it will be constantly running. Very interested in your review of it. Will help me with my decision.

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