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  1. I was going to say maybe the researchers only speak English, but @Chibearsv explanation makes more sense
  2. The Great Escape comes to mind
  3. I know Illusione just came out with a blend named after or collaborated with Jeremy Piven, they are one of the more cubanesque NC producers and I have enjoyed their cigars greatly in the past. So I would hope it would be good but haven't had one.
  4. That means you'll find just before you move again!
  5. Mailchimp temporarily banned Cuban media outlets Though the accounts were eventually restored, the episode showed how the U.S. embargo can do Cuba’s censorship for it. Yamil Lage/AFP/Getty Images By LIDIA HERNÁNDEZ-TAPIA and ALEX GONZÁLEZ ORMEROD 17 NOVEMBER 2021 • HAVANA, CUBA Available in ESPAÑOL Mailchimp temporarily banned Cuban media outlets Share this story For almost a year and
  6. Almost exclusively boxes under $200 and I've been building up some singles for the pricer/premium sticks. Any cigar over $10 is a special occasion cigar for me, so I end up having those premium sticks probably 3 to 6 a year. Some out of the time they usually take and for financial reasons too.
  7. One singular review from the same year!
  8. Just happened to be in town when this topic popped up again, visited tonight. Cool place! Decent selection
  9. @Elpresidente Any word on the differences between the natural and maduro versions? Are we going to see any reviews of these new blends from some of our glorious FOH comrades before they go on sale?
  10. I get the impression that many of the cigars commonly or only found in duty free shops are looked at derisively, particularly comes to mind the RyJ No. 1, 2, and 3. What's the reasoning behind this? Or am I just reading into this too much?
  11. One of the B and M's in town has one of these. Wasn't filled last time I was in there, so I didn't get to try it out.

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