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  1. Buy the Buffalo Trace. Leave the Weller (except maybe a bottle or two; it's fine but I wouldn't stock up).
  2. Looks great. I have a Hiromoto AS that's similar with a western handle. Great knife that I need to make more time to use.
  3. The Davidoff store/lounge in Buckhead closed late last year. I tend to smoke on my porch or with neighbors, so I'm not much help on lounges.
  4. Except for the batter and the size in the US version, potato scallops kinda look like pommes souffles.
  5. Kinda cool. The guy that I think still is their head brewer started out at a brewpub in Atlanta 20 years ago or so. I like their stuff- feel like they need a high grav stout to go with a cigar. Forget if they make one. Neat tie-in if nothing else.
  6. Just wanted to introduce myself. Cigars with neighbors helped me make it through 2020 and 2021 so far. Enjoy a mix of Cubans I picked up from family making trips to Cuba before that shut back down and from a trip to CDMX a few years ago. Looking forward to (mostly lurking) and reading up on current offerings. Cheers!

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