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    Steelhead fishing,or whatever will bite!,all things music,cigars,baseball(Go Giants!),women and art.

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  1. I wasn't really set on whether to get one of these but I found a good deal on Craigslist so I sprung for this . The guy put all these maple front custom Spanish cedar shelves in it. It's pretty nice. The lighting in these things suck so I wired in some led strip lighting I got at Home Depot ,remote controllable I have a large tube of heartfelt 65% beads in the bottom and 65% Boveda packs scattered about. I am aiming for 64° F and 65% RH. Let the games begin. Also I am proud of my Jeff the shark Smardjia snow globe lol. Have a bunch of 1/4 boxes and 4 or so regular boxes of ccs from 24:24 en
  2. I'm going to pick up a Newair Humidor some guy is selling locally.
  3. Monte Edmundo PSP TPO JUL 19. Rott. Guillotine cut. Oh no. No draw! Wrapper is fantastic. Smell good. What if I have to pitch it? Perfect draw. Whew just a knot at the end. Lucky me! Draw firm. First few puffs I get creamy chocolate goodness. Yes! First third . Cream. Cocoa. Rich. No edges. Some sweet notes on the retrohale. Retrohaling is new to me. Getting the hang of it! Just below medium . Second third. A bit spicier now. Cinnamon? Some white pepper. Still that cocoa note for the underlying flavor. Some burn issues,had to touch up. Ran into a buddy. We start ch
  4. From El Prez. Psp Edmundo 1/4 box TPO JUL 19. Psp RyJ Exh 4 OER JUN 21. And these lovely 10 count boxes. The Oct 20 code on the SDP was a pleasant surprise! The collection is growing...

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