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  1. I have one of these resting in my humidor. I will huff it this summer sometime.
  2. Exhibition 4. Coming around . I think these need time for the flavors to come to the fore.
  3. I think I prefer the 64. I have a number of NCs resting,padron being one of them. I also like Oliva Melanio and Illusione cigars here and there. To my palate they are good. They are still not my favorites
  4. I was thinking about this last night while smoking a CC. I thought to myself " there is nothing like Cuban tobacco. I don't think I could go back" . NCs have some I like, but the best NC's I have ever smoked pale in comparison to the best CC's. I got a couple friends into cigars with me recently and we all agree that the NC cigars we have had lately just lack the nuances and complexity. Most are peppery ,which I can't stand.
  5. My recommendation would be take your time. Figure out what you like by grabbing the quarter boxes here. There are ways of grabbing singles . I am relatively new back into cigar smoking (last fall) and have amassed quite the collection. Lucky for me I have a palate that enjoys many different flavor profiles. The fine people here will let you know what is smoking well for them, however I take that with a grain of salt. Buy from 24:24,and meet some of the people here, your collection will build as you find out what cigars work for you. Prices are sky high right now, but I am finding ways of scoring smokes that I can get a lot of enjoyment from down the road. What you will hear often is something called "the rabbit hole". Avoid it. Don't be like me. It's too late now. I'm in the cigar purchasing abyss lol.
  6. I have a box of Exquisitos. They have been good after 90 days rest. Try one and see
  7. I am new to the hobby again as of last year. I bought quite a bit before this latest hike so I have only that as a frame of reference. I will continue to buy certain regular production as I see fit. I smoke a lot ,at least 5 cigars a week ,sometimes more. At this rate I would be out in a couple years and I'm not willing to give up. I am waiting to see what happens. I don't see things as doom and gloom. Hell I spend thousands of dollars on fishing gear alone. C'est la vie.
  8. Thank you! Those photos did them justice I guess. These will be put down for a long while,
  9. A few singles,Esmeralda,Partagas Maduro 2 and 898,and a few Lanceros.
  10. San Cristobal La Fuerza gets my vote as well.
  11. Solid. Give it a 9. I love Bonzo on this album,and the band is unbridled energy. Jimmy Page doesn't get enough credit for his production work. He was a master in the studio. All the Zep albums stand up to the test of time, Physical Graffiti is the pinnacle,but for a debut ,this album kicks you in the face. How Many More Times is bad ass!
  12. I gotta second that. I am almost through my latest box.
  13. They smell as good as they look. I just smoked my last Punch Punch a while back. I need to re-up. Glad to see it here!

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