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  1. An unexpected early Father's Day celebration with the father-in-law. He brings the bourbon. I bring the cigars. Not complaining about this one
  2. A gorgeous Saturday with a CoLa, family and some bubbles 🥂
  3. Friends + Scotch + Cigars + Music = Good Times. Have a great weekend all 🥃
  4. Delivery via armored van with a police escort was a nice touch. Now to turn the boxes into some fashion accessories 😂
  5. Rainy Wednesday ... nothing like a BBF to warm the soul
  6. Glad I found these before cigarmageddon hits ... Beautiful boxes 🤩
  7. An excellent Siglo V to start the week. If only the markets were performing this well
  8. Lusi to celebrate Mother's Day. Cheers All 🥂

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