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  1. Partagas Maduro 2 is pure liquid core brownie chocolate cake Monte Sublimes EL is minty chocolate for me (the one cigar i have smoked) definately tasted like after-eight chocolate
  2. im in my thirties, but still things have changed so much renting video games and VHS watching flow tv waiting 7 minutes for my commadore 64 to load. Switch floppy disks 7 times during a game booking time on the library to use the internet for 1 hour. Check emails. Didnt receive any. eat whatever meal my mother or grandmother would cook, and be happy about it people smoking in the bus driving in cars without seatbelt wondering if there would be a nuclear war with russia... wait, that one is still there..
  3. had another of these in feb.. still blew me away
  4. Party shorts LAU May 2016 (FRCSW5) Always a stable. This one is from a 50 cab Opening is oaky and spicy. Charred Wood, Cloves and White pepper. I had a few from this cab lately that had some sour acidity to it in the beginning, but this one delivers what i want out of a party shorts right away. It settles quickly to the earthy profile with some pepper and cinnamon spice. Medium bodied, and halfway it develops a nice coffee Cream profile to go with the earth. Seems more aged than one from the same cab a month ago. Dont know how that Works. Retro is White pepper and cedar Wood, with a leather after-note Towards the finish it stays consistent with the same flavors, just a tad less creamy. wrapper is having a crack and there is a burn issue, which will cost it 1 point. It is limited how lyrical one can be about a party shorts, but i always find myself enjoying them when i am in the mood for the party profile, but wihtout much time, or if it is late, to go with a Night cap. Paired with a 20 YO Armagnac. 89 points
  5. Davidoff Winston Churchil limited edition 2021 – The commander FRCSW5)
  6. Feels appropriate with a Churchil moment. I am a fan of the regular WC, but not the late hour. Curious how this will fall between Wrapper: Ecuadorian Binder: Dominican Dominican Hybrid 257 Seco Filler: Dominican (Piloto Ligero, Hybrid 20-20 Seco, San Vincente Mejorado Ligero, San Vincente Visus); Nicaraguan (Estelí Visus) Country of Origin: Dominican Republic Factory: Cigars Davidoff The initial pepper blast is very very bold and quite surprising to me. It settles after an inch into a more balanced hay, earth, cedar profile with dark coffee and coco bean, and a fruity berry note i cannot quite determine more closely (cranberry, or cassis maybe) While the original gets a kick from a san andress wrapper, this one seems to make up for it in ligero. It is a bold cigar but one in perfect balance in the first third. Creamy dense smoke output 2/3 not much transition but everything blends well together, Black pepper replaced by White pepper in this part. Wonderful creamy Hay and barnyard stands out the most. body is medium , strenght medium+ 3/3 oaky and woody, still very plesant a bit less complex 92 points
  7. Indeed. the ones we chase and where everything just comes together and you focus on the cigar. For me, this was right up there
  8. 1/3 opening soft and mild,but quickly transitions to lovely Creamy milk chocolate, dusty cedar notes, coco, and a honeyed cake note. luxurious velvety smoke reminiscent of a davidoff. Bit of White pepper and coco on the retro. This is a stellar start! 2/3 and array of flavors, and increased intensity. All the above and now also salty almonds and loads of Cream. Coffee Cream, fruity Cream, Honey cream. Raisins Very luxurious mouthfeel and excellent smoke output that coats and envelop the palate. What a great cigar medium-bodied 3/3. keeps getting better. Molasses and Brown sugar now, with all of the above. Coffee Cream steps forward a lot in the last third One of these nice Sticks where flavors change with each draw, but all are excellent and the smoker is engaged throughout . towards the close a bunch of baking spice hits the palate and retro. Too bad this was the only one I had.. 95 points
  9. i use 62% packs in tupperdors and have usually around 64-66 % RH at 68-69F. Seems to work
  10. yeah i need to the take another approach to my Siglo's. While not bad they just don't do much for me at this age

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