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  1. Not betting since not in UK or Australia, but would love to see Leicester City win (Spurs otherwise). With the wife from Bournemouth, I'm so rooting for the Cherries to stay in the Prem. Just an unbelievable story to go from narrowly avoiding relegation from League Two to promotion to the PL in 6 years. First season in the Prem and they beat Chelsea and ManU in the same season. A club whose stadium holds 7500 fans competing with the powerhouses of English football. It would just be fitting if Cinderella does not have to go home when midnight strikes.
  2. Has anyone had both the French Regional and the current incarnation? How do they compare? I remember the French edition being one of my favorite RE. If these come close, I may have to get some.
  3. Fantastic information here. Will be going to Shanghai in April to celebrate a friend's birthday with plenty of cigar smoking already planned. Hope to have a day or two free to visit a couple of these lounges.
  4. I thinks Abrams has done a great job rebooting Star Trek. I'm curious how he'll do with Star Wars.
  5. I just recently returned from a trip to England to spend some time with my in-laws for the holidays. To make the cold and rain more tolerable, I had the bright idea of asking Diana send a stored box to England. The box I chose was a Cohiba Robusto with box code of PUB JUL 07 and has been sitting in the Czar locker for about 5 years. I've utilized the FOH humidor/storage facilities since Rob first announced it and this would be the first box I've ever retrieved, so I was incredibly excited to see how time have affected the cigars. When I arrived in England the box was waiting for me and eve
  6. WOW! Still catching my breath following the most incredible 2 minutes in recent sports history.
  7. Good luck, Lise. We'll all miss you. Can't wait to see pictures of the newborn.
  8. I've taken advantage of Czar's online locker lay down a few cigars for later smoking. Some of the cigars I have in there are PSP2, PSD4, CoRo, HU SW, RASS, HU Mag 50, and HdM Regalos. My goal is not to touch them for another 5-7 years.

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