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  1. Will be on for an hour or so....jump on in!
  2. good article https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/honda-innovation/
  3. Not so much their reliability reputation but their engine development / R&D went from the front of the grid to the back of the pack.
  4. HAVANA BONE YARD Colon Cemetery in Havana, Cuba is the site of the celebrated ‘boneyard’. A single grave in the cemetery cost $10 in rent for five years. At the end of the five years, if the remains were not claimed, the bones were thrown into the boneyard by the cemetery authorities In the 1890s, American soldiers often removed skulls and bones and drove through the streets of Havana displaying them. Their commander, General Brooke ordered the practice to stop and gave instructions for the pit to be covered over. Two cards, here, show American soldiers stood on the th
  5. I am going to give a Kudos to Land Rover. Overall my Range Rover has been a dog of a car. Purchased new it had its transmission and CPU replaced in the first 6 months. I have had it 3 years as of April this year and I will sell it next month as it is out of warranty. I went into my dealer and he said straight up.....'Rob, it's out of warranty in 6 weeks so let's see what we can get done under warranty" Here is what he did. That's AUD so say $265 USD. I still can't believe they replaced the timing belt. There are good peop
  6. What we are is frustrated that the regime has lasted this long and that friends and family are suffering. Pisses me off no end.
  7. Honda went to sleep around the year 2000 and has only just woken up. They are playing catch up.
  8. Javi, I understand the blind passion. One of my best mates in Miami drums it into my ear each week that we catch up for meetings on zoom What I find very hard to stomach is that the opinions of Cubans who want a lifting of the embargo are simply dismissed by those living in the US. These people are just tired of the bullshit, the lines, the harassment, the lack of opportunity, goods, services. They don't need lectures on geopolitics. Right now they need food and money. They need a lifting of remittances and an influx of tourism once CV19 vaccine rolls out.
  9. Javi, this is from someone (email Sunday) who you and I both know and who is living in Cuba today. "The Castro's brought us to our knees and the US pushes our faces into the mud. What have we done to deserve this?" To spruik the line that all or the majority of Cubans living in Cuba do not want an end to the embargo is a lie.
  10. I can only ask...why? Mario Buccellati 800 Italian Silver Lighter modeled as a pineapple. Lighter inset wtihin compartment to the underside. Etched figural lighter. Marked Mario Buccellati to the underside base
  11. Why would they bother? I mean..to go to all that QC and still produce something that tastes like Perdomo? Cuba lucked out. They have the climate and largely stressed soil that somehow produces leaf of immense flavour. Everything else can be imitated and improved upon. There are Dom and Nic producers who run rings around Cuba in terms of QC. Cuba just got lucky.

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