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  1. I will put two up as I just can't split them.
  2. Mum.....not so much Rosko Toys Battery Op. McGregor Smoking Cigar
  3. We will need to replace our table top lighters for the deck shortly. They get one hell of a work out. We have had Vector Thundra and they have been fine but the last batch weren't a patch on the originals. Looking to try something else that is bulletproof (and safe) as a high usage tabletop. Appreciate the input
  4. I have seen plenty of red belly black snakes over the years.......but nothing close to this A Queensland snake catcher had to wrangle a huge red-bellied black snake out of a creek after the highly-venemous reptile was found in a local school. Stuart McKenzie of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers was called to relocate the thick black serpent last week and was stunned by its size. He said almost all the jobs he'd been called out to recently had been "larger than usual".
  5. Agreed. However people need to work out their internal OCD level I am more to the left of the scale. Couldn't give a rat's arse ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a RH/Temp app for my humidor on my phone.
  6. The only issue is tobacco beetles which will actively feed/move/breed above 20 degrees C If you freeze your stock for 5-7 days (plenty of threads on here detailing ho to do it properly) then you don't have to worry about temperature. It is your cheapest option for 100% peace of mind. I have 2 desktops at home with singles for tasting/seconds etc. (200 cigars or thereabouts). Temp can get to 38 C in summer where they are located and i have had no problems in the years those desktops have been there. I don't freeze anything exported by Habanos SA but I will freeze all Cuban cigars purchased in Havana/Cuban Customs and NC's.
  7. I was on the phone yesterday with friends in Havana and things are certainly tense. it was described to me as a "powder keg" but that is only one person's view. Food shortages, power rationing, unilateral restrictive decisions at supermarkets, big fines for the most mundane of violations, big ques for everything, street protests. Touch base with your mates, family and friends there. Let us know what they are feeling/seeing.
  8. You are probably right My hesitancy on water damage of the sticks themselves is that I have seen the effects first hand when a pipe blew in the humidor. It is u g l y and the cigars are well and truly imprinted/stained and it is obvious to all even when they are dried out..and they never dry out in a uniform manner. I can't shake the thought that something "fishy' is going on here......excuse the pun
  9. Couple of things fascinate me here. What did numbers 1 to 11 look like How in hell do you use it? Vintage Oak Case Cigar Lighter "The Wireless #12 15.5" x 7.75" x 9.75", Good Working Condition
  10. I love what you find at auctions. Do you think they even know? Condition: Normal (with signs of use) CIGARS COHIBA HAVANA CUBA LOT 12 CIGARS (2781) As it looks in the photos

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