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  1. El Presidente

    Weekend vid: Prieto

    I heard different but Andy should be able to tell us when he is back next week.
  2. El Presidente

    FOH Challenge Coin

    Find someone who will make it for $10
  3. We have to be careful .....they could say the same re: Bachelor or bachelorette Naked survivor or married at first sight The world is awash with cake
  4. it is afterall........."The year of the Pig".
  5. Each weekend over the next few months, we will go through one of the marques Lets start with Bolivar Now quite a lot of people don't like Bolivar. My good mate Sanchez (aka Fuzz) has never found one to his taste. i am the opposite being a sucker for the Corona Junior, Petit Corona, Royal Corona (post 16), Belicoso Fino and Corona Gigante (may he rest in peace). Pick any Bolivar and review it this weekend to go into the draw for a box of Bolivar Petit Corona Start a new thread in the Waterhole. Use this format: Bolivar Belicoso Finos MSU ABR 18 (BWRC ) * Add a photo or two A detailed review + score it in your own way. If you don't have a date code, give us a year. To be drawn Tuesday local time!
  6. There is a fine "trip switch" in terms of "flavourful and dry/bitter" once you head into the mid 50's. I can't go below 58 and prefer 60-62. Personal preference.
  7. El Presidente

    FOH Challenge Coin

    I have no idea what this is about? This isn't going to happen
  8. Signed the petition Ken. I suspect we are the only two people who know what you are on about.
  9. El Presidente

    Weekend vid: Prieto

    she wasn't scared just a little bit? Ken, remember that lovely lass who visited from the US and collapsed upon seeing the spider webs hanging from the deck ceiling? How were you to know she had arachnophobia
  10. El Presidente

    2019 Fat Bastid Competition Updates

    Down to 92.6 The next 14 days I have three large scale dinners and a week in Hong Kong. If I can stay under 93 I will be thrilled.
  11. Enjoy this. Many of us have spent time there. It certainly takes me back.
  12. El Presidente

    Box of the Day

    Found these perfect boxes earlier in the week.

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