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  1. Thank God it only goes for four days.. Started with a craft beer from Francesco who makes his own fantastic brews and has an insatiable appetite to take on the world. I bet he makes it. Off we go on the boat to a brilliant little nightclub/bar set in a cave where the Italian round of the World SlowSmoking Championship will take place. John De Costa (Pictured) and I had the same thoughts. Let's go to a little restaurant on the beach, put a few tables together, swim, drink, smoke, laugh......repeat. It turned out to be one of the great afternoons. Oonagh Fox getting some sun Di and Dana hoovering drinks. Back by 6pm and Stu/John and myself duck away to a little sidestreet deli for a snack. Shower and off to dinner. what a view from the restaurant Beautiful meal, cigars, wine, dancing and laughs until 2am. Even some fireworks Gino and the Amicigar team scored a perfect 10/10 for the day Gino even won the Slow Smoking Competition ..........it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy i am of now to the Simon Chase memorial smoke. It is going to be another great day.
  2. El Presidente

    EOFY Sale

    Starting Monday and running for 10 days we have out EOFY sale in preparation for the 30th June stocktake. It really isn't too different to normal 24:24 except that almost everything is clearance (mastercase), the prices are a little sharper and everyday will be on the shopping cart. Enjoy
  3. El Presidente

    new film - cannot wait...

    ..........I predict it will go straight to cable. " a self indulgent romantic romp aimed at aging white men clinging to 1980"
  4. Consistent performer. When you get a great one....they are indeed excellent and relatively inexpensive.
  5. El Presidente

    new film - cannot wait...

    The reviews say it has the same feel as Flashdance. Pass.
  6. El Presidente

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    morning emails from maiori
  7. Just had a great dinner with Rob Duron (gorob) and his wife Cathy. Fantastic people. The majority of the Amicigar crews arrive tomorrow and Thursday. Maiori is a special place indeed.
  8. Thank you to everyone who made our stay in London so much fun! Special thanks to Rob Fox for giving us the run of JJ Fox. It really is a beautiful and vibrant city. The food culture is great and last night we (Andy/Rob/Stu/Myself) sat outside the Stamford Hotel and enjoyed some fine cigars and cocktails while we reminisced on the week. Very very civilised! Mind you, I need to leave because London on my lifestyle is not cheap I shouted Mike a cigar at The Ritz and so selected some Ramon Allones 35th Anniversary (Libano 2015). The two cigars came in at 100 pound which is still cheaper than back home!. Mike was going to order a Negroni but that came in at 90 pound The cigars were indeed superb! I will catch up from Amalfi. Have a cracker day!
  9. El Presidente

    some days are better than others

    let's check out one bottle at the next review. $1500 a bottle? never ever forget that you are worth it
  10. El Presidente

    London Smoke - Saturday 8th of June

    Thank you all Just home now from dinner at JDC's. Brilliant. I loved meeting up with old friends and new ones alike. There is no other hobby/lifestyle that does it.
  11. El Presidente

    Happy b'day, John!

    Happt birthday mate, you are a legend
  12. El Presidente

    London Smoke

    Great afternoon. Seriously humbled Thanks so much. It reinforces to me what it's all about.

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