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  1. For those who are allowed to use power tools....... unsupervised https://www.rockler.com/rockler-cigar-humidor-turning-kit Rockler Cigar Humidor Turning Kit: Our tubular cigar humidor maintains your favorite cigar at the correct humidity for optimum freshness, flavor and shelf life. It also makes an elegant presentation case for a gift, a guest, or for that special occasion. It uses distilled water or humidifier solution to maintain 70% humidity, similar to that in which the tobacco grew. Pair it with the turning blank of your choice, bore the hole with a 1-1/16'' Forstner bit and turn it on your lathe. Features: Tube humidor comes complete with a hygrometer that displays current humidity Uses distilled water or humidifier solution to maintain 70% humidity Sturdy aluminum construction with black finish Can accommodate a 7'' Classic Churchill cigar with 47 ring gauge Bushing Set for Cigar Humidor Turning Kit: These humidor bushings are precisely machined to match the diameter of your cigar humidor, allowing you to achieve smooth, perfectly flush seams. Simply turn your blanks to match the bushing diameters, leaving a bit of extra material to allow for sanding. Features: Designed to work with the Rockler Cigar Humidor Turning Kit (#52103, sold separately) Made of a tough, durable polymer Soft enough to prevent damage to your turning tools WHAT'S INCLUDED (1) Cigar Humidor Turning Kit or (1) Bushing Set for Cigar Humidor Turning Kit TECHNICAL DETAILS Not eligible for International Shipping More Information Brand Rockler Tech Spec Rockler Cigar Humidor Turning Kit: Required Drill Bit Diameter: 1-1/16'' (#50510, sold separately; also requires Extension #32937) Humidifier Solution: Distilled water or Propylene Glycol Solution for Cigar Humidifiers Maximum Cigar Ring Gauge: 50 Maximum Cigar Diameter: 19.8mm or ~25/32'' Inside Diameter: 0.89'' (22.5mm) Length of Tube: 7.25'' (185mm) Recommended Turning Blank Size: 2'' x 2'' x 6'' Bushing Set for Cigar Humidor Turning Kit: Material: Polymer Compatible Turning Kit: #52103 Technical Documents Rockler Cigar Humidor Turning Kit Instructions A fun turning kit that maintains the humidity for maximum cigar freshness and flavor. Grouped product items Product Name Price Qty Rockler Cigar Humidor Turning KitItem #: 52103 IN STOCK GBP 16.36 Each Bushing Set for Cigar Humidor Turning KitItem #: 57951 Temporarily Oversold Reserve Yours Today
  2. I only put this up because 3667 cigars in Oz would have a tax rate (on average) of $40000. $5000 fine is a sweet deal ...even if they may have been confiscated this once https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/news-story/9083887-man-fined-in-peterborough-for-untaxed-cigars/ Man fined in Peterborough for untaxed cigars NEWS Dec 14, 2018 by EXAMINER STAFF Peterborough Examiner A man has been fined $5,000 in court in Peterborough for possessing untaxed cigars. Rashad Petgrave was convicted under the Tobacco Tax Act on Oct. 22 in Ontario Court of Justice in Peterborough, the Ministry of Finance reported on Friday. He was caught with 3,667 untaxed cigars in his possession for the purpose of trying to sell them, according to the ministry.
  3. Pick up a 5 box of UAO coded E2 They smoke almost identically to a Behike 54. Many members use it as a replacement.
  4. Head to havana. They were everywhere last month and coded DIC 16
  5. El Presidente

    The republic of FOH??

    .......you don't have to pay any tax if you don't make any income.
  6. i would like to finish the year on a positive note
  7. My top 10 is based primarily on the quality and consistency of cigars coming through. During 2018, I would have opened up some 20,000 + boxes of cigars so I get a good understanding of consistency cigar to cigar, month to month. The second part of my grading is to do with smoking the cigars. I am a passionate cigar lover who gravitates to regular production. I smoke all cigars young as well as have personal holding stock at 3, 5, and 8 years for most. This allows me to gauge where a young cigar is heading. It was a tough year overall for Cuban cigars but there were some standouts indeed. This is a good list to use for blind purchasing 1. Partagas Serie P2 The P2 was the stand out Piramide in terms of quality in 2018. It wasn’t even close. However, it went beyond that. This year’s P2’s were the best since the initial release in 2005. The extensive use of Rosado wrappers paid dividends in spades. 2. Trinidad Fundadores They came back in 2018 and they came back with a vengeance rising like a phoenix from the cesspool that is the Francisco Donatien Cigar Factory. Rich…super rich! Coffee cake/shortbread/cocoa. 3. Partagas Presidente Who would have thought that the humble Partagas Presidente has gone from outhouse to penthouse in two years? The quality has been outstanding. The feel in hand, sensual. 4. Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona Such an elegant cigar and they have been stellar in 2018. It’s not only the consistently stunning quality but the smoking experience has been pure Hoyo. Cream, cloves, sweet spices including a hint of cocoa powder. Gorgeous. 5. Juan Lopez Seleccion Number 2 Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, the most consistent performer of all. It has been a very good year for the JLS2 but perhaps just off last year’s highs. I still reach for it more than any other Robusto as its orange/chocolate confectionary nature gets me every time. 6. Cohiba Robusto This has been a great year for Cohiba Robusto. This legendary cigar has benefitted mightily in 2018 from the production freeze on Behike, Siglo VI and others. It got the “good juice” in 2018. 7. Partagas Lusitania Consistency in construction, wrapper and in the smoking makes this cigar an absolute gem. Cabs, 25’s or 10’s…it really didn’t matter. They have been winners all year long. 8. H. Upmann Connoisseur A I think many of us have taken the Connie A for granted. If you were forced to buy blind and you had the coin, the Connie A would always be a safe bet. Such a consistent and complex cigar. 9. Ramon Allones Specially Select 50 cabs. The consistency of the RASS cabs this year was insane. In the smoking, they were fruit-driven powerhouses. I am not sure what it is about RASS cabs but they just deliver that extra intensity. 10. Partagas Serie E Number 2 Many members used the Serie E as their Behike replacement in 2018. This was partly because many of them were rolled at El Laguito but also because the flavour delivery of the cigar was outstanding. A little more consistency on wrapper/construction would have seen it much further up the list. Still, it had a very good year. If there was a bench, then the four positions would go to Montecristo Number 4, Diplomatico Number 2, Sancho Panza Belicoso, and Partagas 898 Varnished.
  8. I think it looks superb. As long as the cigars are not in direct light, you will be fine.
  9. A similar thing was once said when a border patrol officer finished looking through my passport.
  10. Port town. Beach bar i can walk to. High speed internet. chickens pecking on the floor. Big boobed barmaid called maria. cold beer. Hammock. duty free export zone, high speed internet,International Airport within 25 minutes drive. Ecuador/Colombia.
  11. christmas cash bonuses are illegal .....and I am not one to break the law
  12. I am a boot lover. Pic required!
  13. El Presidente

    Cigar Journal Top 25 - 2018

    I primarily base my list on 2018 quality based on opening some 20,000 boxes during the course of the year. The smoking comes next. if they are not smoking top notch then they don't make the list. It is a good "buying blind" list.
  14. Just putting it out there Assuming he (or she) are top people....inspirational, lead from the front, inclusive, have gone a whole year without putting a hole in a wall. OK seriously....do you buy a gift for your immediate boss? It use to be common practice but not so much today. Is it considered a suckup? is it a good strategic suckup? What is the PC status quo on the subject?.....and what is actually being done? should I have started a gift registry to help out the team?

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