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  1. Unfortunately not as we have different quantities available of each. We should be able to do that in the future, however travel will need to re-open. I can't see the next offering before Sept.
  2. In terms of mastercases, white mold that is visually problematic is not common. Maybe one mastercase every other shipment. I have put them up on the forum before. Connie 1/PLPC come to mind. I just note it and discount it away. To see real mold where the box has to be destroyed/returned to PCC is very rare.
  3. He was drinking. I will have it corrected before it goes live
  4. Perhaps.......but I would trust the plebs in the pub before the politicians in parliament any day
  5. The concept is simple From time to time I will put up a picture of a vintage box and members dig up a little bit of history about the brand/cigar/people behind it. We all add to the the story and every valued contribution goes into the draw for a great sampler drawn the following week. Pour yourself a drink, light up a cigar and dig away Let's start with the following:
  6. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/world/2020/07/02/cuban-capital-to-ease-lockdown-joins-rest-of-the-country Cuban capital to ease lockdown, joins rest of the country HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuba said on Wednesday it will begin easing a pandemic lockdown on Havana on Friday, while most of the rest of the country will move to phase two of a three-phase process towards normalization. The capital's 2.2 million residents will once more be able to move around on public and private transport, go to the beach and other recreation centers, and enjoy a seaside drive just in time for the summer break. They can also dine and have a drink, although social distancing and wearing masks remain mandatory. Optional medical and other services will also resume. Only a handful of COVID-19 cases were reported in Cuba last month, all but a few in Havana. Most of the Caribbean island, home to 11.2 million inhabitants, has been free of the disease for more than a month. Each phase of the reopening allows capacity at venues to increase from an initial 50 percent. Interprovincial transportation begins during phase two, while phase three includes schools reopening. On Wednesday the country opened a group of isolated resort keys to international tourism. Phase three broadens international travel depending on risk. The lockdown began in March and, except for the western province of Matanzas and Havana, moved to phase one of normalization two weeks ago. Matanzas entered phase one a week ago. The Communist-run country has been given high marks for its textbook handling of the pandemic by the World Health Organization. Cuba's robust and free community based health system, door to door search for carriers, isolation of the sick, suspected cases and contacts allowed it to keep the number of cases under 2,500. Its recovery and mortality rates are also much better than international and regional norms. (Reporting by Marc Frank; editing by Richard Pullin)
  7. Not far away. Some time next week. No announcements. Not many 5 pack's of each US only No tracking but week to 10 day delivery Cart only Will do again
  8. One person's cigars are another persons toilet paper. Don't look to make sense of it
  9. To be fair to your retailer, you asked for sealed boxes. Whatever he offers at this point is a bonus and you should thank him immensely
  10. it would be prudent to be a little bit careful here. Governments/Organisations have a habit of overreach. History (including recent) reveals some of that overreach can lead to horrific outcomes. All mass direction by government/organisations should be questioned. In a democracy, such directions need to pass not only scientific/ethical scrutiny but also the community's "pub test". Some communities are more pliable than others. That is not a criticism, simply an outcome of their journey to this point.
  11. The twine means you win a prize Do you need the tupperware if it is in a wine cooler?

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