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  1. I am pretty sure that this is limited to 100 members. As this is not our software, I can't magically create more spaces. However: Only sign up if you can commit to the season * Your worst round will be dropped from the result. This provides a brain fade or travelling buffer. * We play through the Playoffs. * Should there be a clear winner from any round, they will receive the prize of a cigar as long as they contact us before the commencement of the next round. *The season competition winner receives a box of cigars chosen by myself. In the case of a tie, the box will be split. Enjoy! Follow the instructions below. In order to join the group, just go to Pro Football Pick'em, and click the "Join Group" button. From there, enter the following information... Group ID#: 22280 Password: FOH Go Bucs!!!!
  2. Ken and I had a discussion on this topic yesterday. Your most underrated cigar 2018/19 We had a cracker at yesterdays review. A cigar that beat the pants off most LE/RE/Specialty. It is a cigar that has come along in leaps and bounds over the past 22 months (quality/flavour). I will let you know in a few days when we put up the review. So over to you. from 2018/19 production Your most underrated cigar?
  3. Imagine the pageantry. Have the porter carry it onto the ship and up to the first class suite before setting up the bar and pouring a whisky. "get me one of those new Rafael Gonzalez cigars. Let's see what this whippersnapper is all about". ANTIQUE 20THC LOUIS VUITTON COCKTAIL BAR & HUMIDOR CUSTOMISED TRUNK C.1920
  4. So am I. These have all the traits of being a classic Hoyo. If it was a was a 38-42 gauge , I would go deep deep deep. The flavour is exactly what you are looking for in a young hoyo in order to age.
  5. When you decide upon your cigars, maybe describe the characteristics that you are trying to achieve. As blenders, you need to put your thinking hats on. Try to combine cigars of similar size.
  6. Your ultimate NC/CC blend? If you could blend two cigar profiles......One NC and One CC.....which cigars would they be. Now think carefully We may have access to a roller shortly in OZ and may be able to do this for FOHrensics. We just might have to get some of the right NC's in. You need to make the blend work together. That means not the two best cigars but rather two blends that would work together to make a superb cigar. Have a crack at virtual blending
  7. I have never been a Rolex man, but this one is simply beautiful. 1974 Vintage Rolex 18K YG Day-Date 1803 with Turquoise Stella Dial
  8. It really is right up there as one of the great Cuban cigars but also one that is normally a waste to smoke young. Ken, 2000 and 2001 was hit and miss for many cigars, particularly large format cigars. Cuban had just rolled out 160 million cigars in 1999 (they are making between 60 and 70 million today). Quality appalling. Out of any properly aged tobacco come 2000. It took them until 2005/6 to get back to using three year old ligero.

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