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  1. Coarsely applied but in the right direction. China pegs it currency to protect its exports. It still gets away with it. Tarrifs should be applied unless countries wish to lose the remaining threads of domestic manufacturing.
  2. Stupid laws should always be challenged. I hope hundreds of thousands more flock down to Havana in a case of civil disobedience. Crikey, it was technically illegal for a US citizen to purchase a post embargo Cuban cigar not that long ago. There were plenty here showing their own "civil disobedience" then. It was a stupid law and rightfully ignored by many There are plenty of things that I can agree with re the current administration (china/trade being one). This certainly is not one of them. Venezuela means squat to the US. Florida certainly does and this simply screams domestic opportunism.
  3. El Presidente

    Some dark clouds in my horizon

    Oliver so sorry to hear. never feel that you are alone. Many people here have gone through it or are going through it. Stay in touch and reach out whenever you need to.
  4. El Presidente

    So far so good

    It is a magic place
  5. El Presidente

    So far so good

    Would you believe I just towed a Toyota Hilux out of a sand bog? Posh Beckham rules. This thing is an animal.
  6. This is a serious escalation. it wasn't too long ago that we thought US/Cuba relations would normalise. I wonder how the Jamal Khashoggi retributions are going.
  7. El Presidente

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Preparing for the FOH international offshore saltwater fly class. ......room for improvement
  8. El Presidente

    So far so good

    You are not too far from the truth. Our camping bed 👍
  9. El Presidente

    So far so good

    Rain.......now this is living
  10. El Presidente

    So far so good

    When Di works out that the centre tarp cross pole is held up with zip ties....i'm screwed
  11. El Presidente

    So far so good

    We found the beach pub. It is within walking distance! We love camping
  12. El Presidente

    So far so good

    We have 3 of them with us. So far......not a fly in sight. ......good for camping....bad for business
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