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  1. El Presidente

    Question to the board

    well right now, given they are down to their last tobacco, if it says Jun 18 or JUL 18 ...then it will be accurate
  2. El Presidente

    LAX Monday 5th of November

    You guys are making me hungry! Let's take the easiest least hassle option. This is about catching up/having a laugh and cigar together. Needs food, booze and room for .........We had better count it up. Aussie contingent: 5-6 Say 6. Add on.
  3. El Presidente

    Question to the board

    I am not sure there is a major retailer in the world who checks to see if there is a box code on every single box. I doubt this is going to start tomorrow either
  4. El Presidente

    Cohiba! I don't get it...

    Some people detest Bolivar. Some hate Partagas Hoyo are flavourless to many. Much of this depends on how your palate physiology is wired. Everyone is unique. You may never "get" Cohiba and there is nothing wrong with that.
  5. Do a search under "hoarding nightmares Down Under "
  6. El Presidente

    Tapatalk forum issues

    Steve and Jason are looking into it now. Will keep you in the loop
  7. That's right.....review any cigar with a ring gauge 46 and under Post up a review in the waterhole as per the following format. H. Upmann Magnum 46 UEB MAY 17 : 46 South Review Weekend. All reviews (please include a photo ) will go in to the draw for a box of hand Picked Por Larranaga Montecarlo. I will provide a separate little two cigar sampler for the review with most member likes. last post to be an hour after Monday night football. Winner to be drawn a few hours after that Long live the sub 46 brigade
  8. 5 year old HDM Epicure number 1 or if you believe the unicorn will return, the HDM des Dieux 5+ years
  9. I am too much of a gumby to make my own flies......but I would love the chance to cover my fingers with glue and cuts.
  10. He touched down in Germany yesterday. Busy man these days I spoke to him last week. He is going well and enjoying life.
  11. Group Video Review 11:30 pm Thursday 27th Local / 9:30pm Wednesday 26th NY You can smoke whatever you like but I will be fronting up with an R&J. The Live Group Video Reviews are always fun. I will post on this thread the link and passwords to log in 10 minutes prior to kickoff. Smoke a cigar, have a chat. Start putting together your questions for me and I will do my best to answer them for you. Put it in your diary and I hope to see you there
  12. El Presidente

    Question to the board

    OK thanks for your input Interesting indeed. From the perspective of HSA, box codes have always been an internal management tool. They do not represent a consumer aspect of packaging. No code = no fail. Verification can be undertaken utilising the serial number and the verification API at http://www.habanos.com/en/verificacion-de-autenticidad/ I would hazard a guess that the extent of boxes with no box date is 1 in 100. That makes a lot of boxes out there When they are struggling to put bands on boxes of Bolivar Petit Corona.....I think it is a fairly good result
  13. Question to the board Does a box without a box code constitute a faulty product in your eyes? Use the poll for me and feel free to detail your thoughts. I haven't had a complaint as yet but boxes without codes are not rare. Most people accept them without a second thought. However in the world of flipping, it may make a difference. It is not something that we check every box for. Is the box code more than an internal reference point?
  14. From this mornings NT (Northern Territory) news.
  15. El Presidente

    Tapatalk forum issues

    If you are having trouble, post it up. Steve and jason will take a look at it over the next few days. It may be a case of tapatalk not as yet working with the recent (Monday) Invision Board upgrade

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