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  1. That was a disasterous round for many 😪 Congrats to Boxer31 for a clear round of 12 points. Remarkable! PM me with your shipping details. Standings Rank Pick Set Name Total Dropped W-L 1 Fumar Mata 69 7 69-22 2 Chiefsin21 68 8 68-23 3 yadegari6 66
  2. ____________________________________________________________________________ Daily Auction Starting price is $1 No Reserve I will update highest bid a few times daily. There is no hurry. However with 30 minutes to go I will update every 5 minutes. Auction will close 12:00 PM Wednesday local time 10:00 PM NY Tuesday. One new 24 hour auction will launch upon conclusion. PM me your bids in order to maintain your privacy. Domestic orders will attract 10% tax. No buyers fee Shipping Included Beautiful box. Today’s box is
  3. last 5 PM me your final bids and I will post the winner at 12:05 Gorgeous box.
  4. .....I was talking about the cheese....Manchego I am assuming Manchengo is a style of flamenco
  5. We tossed this around last week on FOH Zoom. KBG is happy to host special edition FOH Zoom champagne masterclass alongside John S. Requirements aren't too onerous. You will arrange to be drinking a tipple of Champers and weather permitting....smoking a cigar that you believe will pair well. Let me know if you are interested to join and I will put up a few prospective dates/times.
  6. Habanos Premier kicks off today. Keep us in the loop. https://www.habanospremier.com/?lg=en
  7. If you are UK based and cant make 2424, you can cetainly PM a request from time to time as long as it is general 2424 stock.

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