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  1. Just added the Vegas Robaina Unicos if you can help...thank you
  2. You could be right! They certainly had a fresh aroma at cold that we commented on. That straight from the rollers table aroma.
  3. It was a pretty good day albeit this will be a hit and run warehouse visit. I will be back next week when two shipments hit. I spend a little bit of time with Upmann today and hence there are three of them on the list. Overall, another good day. Which of the following get's the juices flowing? Pick one *click on the photo for a higher resolution.
  4. Seriously, this was the first box I opened in the warehouse today .
  5. It is good to hear but box dates is the only way to see how sporadic production is (if any).
  6. Relax peoples Just confirming what hasn't been produced in 2019.
  7. Cuban Cigars Poster giclee on canvas 30x40 printed in 1990
  8. Can you contribute to the last box codes on the following? Just post up your last code of them. Purchased anywhere (Anywhere , legitimate ) La Gloria Cubana Medaille D'Or No 4 Partagas 898 Montecristo Especiales Punch Double Corona QD Corona Vegas Robaina Unicos Gracias
  9. Give the depth of flavour/richness, I can't wait to try them at the 3 year mark. There were zero rough edges/harshness in the ones we tried for the review. Given they were JUN 19, that is an achievement in itself.
  10. Very cool Description: Circa 1898-1905, made by Doremus Automatic Vending Co. Copper-clad cast-iron with Victorian flourishes on the case with beveled glass. In restored condition with new copper flashing. Features a replacement "Uncle Sam" cigar advertising label on the top. Has a top lock and keys. Condition (Restored). Dimensions 14" x 7" x 9".
  11. Rod I wish you every success mate and thank you for all you have done and continue to do in order that our hobby becomes even more enjoyable
  12. Definitely 14-30 The 25's are in the next shipment but shipments out of HK have been bumpy due to obvious geo political reasons.
  13. West, PCC set the USD price, but not the AUD. Give me the weekend and I promise to make it as tight as I possibly can.
  14. I have no idea but just wanted to get this back to the top for the weekend. Have a great trip!!!!

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