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  1. 4 cigar day yesterday with the arrival of Rob (freefallguy) Upmann Magnum 48 Por Larranaga Robusto Cohiba Siglo IV Saint Luis Rey Regio All 08 , actually the Regio could be 07 (forgot to look) Not a bad cigar amongst the bunch but I have to say the SLR Regio beat the rest with a fresh fruit/ginger/toasted tobacco/bread profile which was enticing and exactly what was needed for a late afternoon cigar. The Saint Luis Rey Regio is a gem of a cigar. I know I am speaking to many of the converted here but for anyone who has not tried them ever or for some time, give them some serious consideration.
  2. Let's keep FOH: A week in pictures going. I really enjoyed seeing what everyone is up to A sampler to the drawn winner each Tuesday (so it becomes a weekly comp on this thread where each new weekly entry receives a ticket in the draw for that week). Entries finish each Tuesday am our time (Monday evening NY).
  3. El Presidente


    Agreed None are vintage. All are on their way to being rested.
  4. I fly in Tuesday and down to Sydney Wednesday!
  5. Just had a great dinner with Rob Duron (gorob) and his wife Cathy. Fantastic people. The majority of the Amicigar crews arrive tomorrow and Thursday. Maiori is a special place indeed.
  6. We were looking for a way to say thanks, have a little fun and to improve the community as a whole by celebrating members contributions. Award winners for the four "FOHnies" categories will be selected (there will be a changing selection panel) and announced by the Tuesday following end of month. The prizes for this month will be some nice aged cigars that I had put away. I look forward to seeing the June 2018 FOHnies nominees
  7. Do women have different tastes to men when it comes to cigars? I wouldn't have thought so given the cigar loving women that I know .....but I could be wrong. Someone obviously thinks so El Septimo Launches World’s First Women’s Cigar Collection Los Angeles, June 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- El Septimo Geneva SA, a La Grande Maison Younan Collection company, has introduced the Alexandra Collection: a new line of cigars designed exclusively for women. The premium cigar and tobacco company is known for breaking boundaries by creating new products to meet and exceed the growing demand of premium cigar smokers. El Septimo’s Alexandra Collection is blended exclusively for women, recognizing that they share the same desire as men to enjoy the cigar lifestyle, but have different responses when tasting for the perfect cigar. Zaya S. Younan, Chairman & CEO of Younan Collection and Younan Company, states, “Today, more than ever, women are finding enjoyment in the taste and aroma of premium, hand-rolled cigars, but are often ignored by the industry. There are no cigars on the market today that are custom designed to appeal to women and their tastes, as many see cigar smoking as a masculine past-time. Since we acquired El Septimo earlier this year, we have put significant resources into market research, testing, and blending techniques so that El Septimo is not just the best known cigars in the world for men, but the best cigars in the world for all. We want to step outside the box and encourage men and women alike to taste, explore, and understand the ultimate premium cigars.” Continue: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/el-septimo-launches-world-first-140000218.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAE3LpkFSUK3Ho1N5RzTydsbFtb0wqwcDB9Hwyh1-atycDgJnDDnQeScnMGOB0UQ9Xfe5FuHWGGi_EYmxaz5hJjuhV_mpUbP5omZYKWO41a-MiBNlfSv5DMCCRVXSxhmzG0On_bhbEbamrF2uofugCUaHArz3iE9fi-R3w5OTp_Re
  8. The friendliest cigar city in the US? By friendly I mean cigar friendly where at a minimum you can smoke a cigar on restaurant patios/ verandahs. Ideally it is easy to fly into and there are plenty of things to do. To make it a little harder. Let's remove Vegas as an option. FOH US 2020.......where would be the best options?
  9. I was asked this question in relation to FOH Auctions. It is too subjective so I would love to get your input "Rob with FOH Auctions underway (congratulations) can you please assist me in narrowing some cigars down in the different categories. I can't age cigars so I want to purchase some "ready now selections" . i also can't afford Behike prices so regular boxes are preferred. Can you help me in the 3-5 years, 5-8 years and 9 years +" So gents. What cigars would you recommend to keep an eye out for in the 3-5 years 5- 8 years 8 years + Many thanks
  10. For Newcomers only. No question will go unanswered. No smartarse comments, no reference to using the search engine. We will answer each and every one...as many times as necessary We were all in your position once. I hope you will be answering these questions in the years to come. Welcome
  11. Thank God it only goes for four days.. Started with a craft beer from Francesco who makes his own fantastic brews and has an insatiable appetite to take on the world. I bet he makes it. Off we go on the boat to a brilliant little nightclub/bar set in a cave where the Italian round of the World SlowSmoking Championship will take place. John De Costa (Pictured) and I had the same thoughts. Let's go to a little restaurant on the beach, put a few tables together, swim, drink, smoke, laugh......repeat. It turned out to be one of the great afternoons. Oonagh Fox getting some sun Di and Dana hoovering drinks. Back by 6pm and Stu/John and myself duck away to a little sidestreet deli for a snack. Shower and off to dinner. what a view from the restaurant Beautiful meal, cigars, wine, dancing and laughs until 2am. Even some fireworks Gino and the Amicigar team scored a perfect 10/10 for the day Gino even won the Slow Smoking Competition ..........it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy i am of now to the Simon Chase memorial smoke. It is going to be another great day.
  12. El Presidente

    EOFY Sale

    Starting Monday and running for 10 days we have out EOFY sale in preparation for the 30th June stocktake. It really isn't too different to normal 24:24 except that almost everything is clearance (mastercase), the prices are a little sharper and everyday will be on the shopping cart (same times as usual). Enjoy
  13. I have been getting out gyming 4-5 days a week for the past 12 months. It has helped immensely to keep me sane. 25 minutes cardio, 25 minutes weights...nothing too strenuous. I have been peeved this last two months as all of a sudden I noticed that my upper weight thresholds have dropped 10%. I am trying to get them back but it is proving harder than I thought. getting older has its good sides but this isn't one of them! Do you have an excise/diet regime that works for you?
  14. El Presidente

    new film - cannot wait...

    ..........I predict it will go straight to cable. " a self indulgent romantic romp aimed at aging white men clinging to 1980"
  15. Consistent performer. When you get a great one....they are indeed excellent and relatively inexpensive.
  16. El Presidente

    new film - cannot wait...

    The reviews say it has the same feel as Flashdance. Pass.
  17. El Presidente

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    morning emails from maiori
  18. Thank you to everyone who made our stay in London so much fun! Special thanks to Rob Fox for giving us the run of JJ Fox. It really is a beautiful and vibrant city. The food culture is great and last night we (Andy/Rob/Stu/Myself) sat outside the Stamford Hotel and enjoyed some fine cigars and cocktails while we reminisced on the week. Very very civilised! Mind you, I need to leave because London on my lifestyle is not cheap I shouted Mike a cigar at The Ritz and so selected some Ramon Allones 35th Anniversary (Libano 2015). The two cigars came in at 100 pound which is still cheaper than back home!. Mike was going to order a Negroni but that came in at 90 pound The cigars were indeed superb! I will catch up from Amalfi. Have a cracker day!
  19. The below came across my desk. I don't know why but it never occured to me of cigar lounges on cruise ships. Have any of you partaken? It's an advertising blurb but with some detail Cigar aficionados rejoice! These cruise ship cigar lounges will become your new favorite thing! Cigar lounges have played an important role in American history from cinema appearances to private lounges in major cities enjoyed by many. Cigars have always been classier than cigarettes and lounges dedicated to the cigar smoker bring up thoughts of leather chairs, a relaxed atmosphere, and one’s favorite alcoholic beverage. As in the past, today’s cigar aficionados talk and learn about cigars, share stories, and enjoy a good smoke during their visit to cigar lounges. For those that enjoy a fine cigar and cruises: are you aware there are a number of cruise ship cigar lounges? These classic spaces are specifically designed for cigar smokers. The true cigar aficionado will immensely enjoy the experience of a cruise ship cigar lounge and will be especially thrilled combining said experience with sights of cigar rollers and history in port stops throughout the Caribbean. CruiseExperts.com has all the information on cruise ships that go to Cuba, Puerto Rico, and other Caribbean destinations where cigars are prevalent, as well as other sailings that have cruise ship cigar lounges available. Cruise Ship Cigar Lounges Here at CruiseExperts.com, we want to provide our clients with all the information they need to plan the perfect cruise so we have put together a list of popular cruises with cigar lounges. The Holland America Line’s cruise ship Noordam provides the Oak Room for cigar and pipe smokers only. Cunard’s offers Churchill’s comfortable cigar lounge on Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth, and the Queen Victoria. Both Cuban and Dominican cigars are available for purchase. The MSC Divina has a large beautiful cigar lounge with comfortable seating, large windows, and a bar where you can purchase your favorite beverage to enjoy while you smoke. Royal Caribbean offers the Connoisseur Club on the Freedom of the Seas, Mariner of the Seas, and Liberty of the Seas for their cigar-smoking guests. Norwegian Cruise Lines provides its guest on the Bliss, Joy, Escape, Getaway, and Epic ships with a Humidor room to enjoy their cigars. You can purchase cigars in the lounge. Princess Cruise lines has a Churchill’s lounge where guests can relax and enjoy premium cigars in comfort. Regent Seven Seas has a Connoisseur Club, which is a cigar and cognac lounge. Once the ship is in international waters, Cuban cigars are also available. Crystal also offers a comfortable Connoisseur Club for cigars and cognac where you can purchase premium brands. Silversea’s Connoisseur Corner invites guests to enjoy cigars and cognac while seated in very comfortable low-slung leather chairs. Cigar lounges on the ships that provide them are comfortable and cozy, provide a relaxing atmosphere, premium brands of cigars, and allow you to bring in your favorite beverages to complete the setting. Most have darker masculine decorative tones and some feature wood and leather. They are reminiscent of the private men’s clubs of the last century. Cruise lines try to provide special comforts for all their guests, and cigar lounges are appreciated by many.
  20. Just in from your favourite nazi's. I will publish the full extent of the permits when they are published. However this is being designed for both businesses and individuals. The Government is also introducing a prohibited import control for tobacco from 1 July 2019. This measure will strengthen border controls by prohibiting importation of tobacco without a permit or in contravention of permit conditions. It will also provide the Australian Border Force with new enforcement options to seize illicit tobacco and infringe importers of illicit tobacco. People who wish to import tobacco products will be able to apply to Home Affairs for a permit to import. So in short, if an Oz consumer, I would be looking at stocking up offshore come April May.
  21. This week I am selecting the cigars for the FOH international blind tasting comp. We will call for registrations mid June and the cigars will be shipped out the first week of July. This year there will be 5 cigars to be smoked over 5 months (August/September/October/November/December). The cigars will be numbered 1-5 and you will be asked to smoke them in order. Each month we will call for your submissions/picks and publish the winners (those who picked that cigar correctly). Those who pick a cigar correctly any given month will receive a $50 credit to be used over the next 30 days. January 1 we will reveal the 2019 blind tasting champion who will receive a $500 credit. In the case there is a tie, the end prize will be split evenly. It is always fun!

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