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  1. I am hoping that they are not too far away. February is my guess.
  2. We have Min Ron N ees book here at the store if anyone would like to purchase a copy. Not cheap but the definitive book. No one book covers all. Those already listed are excellent..
  3. The highlight of the world cup is that New Zealand didn't make it and the traditional 4 yearly choking of England. The Socceroos are certainties. I will run a World Cup Competition
  4. For me: Savoury Spice: Salt Pepper Hot Paprica Cumin Sweet Spices: clove Chinese 5 spice cinnamon nutmeg Saffron Sweet Paprika
  5. Great Review When I think of Upmann Connoisseur Number 1 I am thinking of nutty creaminess in a mid body. Not a cigar I reach for all that often as I prefer a Juan Lopez Seleccion No 2 or 1 for a light body but more complex flavour.
  6. No clear winner this week so it is Jackpot time Nice to see the Bucs coming home like a train :-D 1 rusty g 147 (13) New York Jets intotheflood perth 1 Stephen Kimball 147 (13) New York Giants SMK819 Olympia 3 Chris Williams 145 (12) Tennessee harwellplant Tennessee 3 Don Hardin 145 (12) Carolina the_mantis Dana, NC 5 Rob Schmidt 144 (13) Dallas Freefallguy Frederick 6 Sean Callander 142 (13) Miami Dropkick Melbourne 7 Austin Jones 141 (13) Jacksonville CIGARHead St Augustine 7 Dave Witzel 141 (13) Carolina davidmanning New York 9 Chuck Vaughan-Lloyd 138 (10) Tampa Bay Tampa1257 Dunedin, FL 10 Paul Latanishen 137 (11) Baltimore ElRushbo Baltimore 10 Robert Chiles 137 (12) Kansas City cf2112 Jefferson City. MO 12 Mike Romano 136 (12) New York Giants Elric Ronkonkoma, NY 13 Rich 135 (10) New England Ironman United States 14 James F 133 (12) New York Jets Jimmy2 Queens 15 Michael Gillett 131 (12) Green Bay mgillett Scone 15 Rob Ayala 131 (9) Tampa Bay czar01 Brisbane 17 ken gargett 130 (12) Washington kbg main beach 17 steve 130 (12) New England stevejb las vegas 19 Chad 129 (10) Detroit idesign Gresham 20 Tim 126 (6) St Louis Pokabug Thousand Oaks 20 Chad 126 (11) Green Bay dotzman Mad Town 22 Thomas Randall 124 (11) Detroit TR Avondale 22 Manny 124 (6) New York Giants manny816 Colonia 22 Todd Wascher 124 (6) Detroit wasch_24 Bristow, Virginia 25 Tim Mossinghoff 121 (13) St Louis tmos St. Louis 25 Matt Essary 121 (11) Dallas gehrig24 Savage, MN 25 Andrew Ager 121 (10) New England herfkid Lebanon, NH 25 Paul Battle 121 (11) Washington 1f1fan Glen Allen, VA 29 Mark 120 (10) n2advnture USA 30 norman 112 (6) New York Giants strangler perth amboy 31 Ross McNeil 106 (6) Green Bay Maverick1981 Brisbane, Australia 31 Stephen McCracken 106 (6) San Francisco Tebinium Queanbeyan 33 Jason Curl 101 (6) Denver Jcurl Temecula 33 Andrew Smith 101 (6) burntfingers Brisbane 35 Kyle Barry 97 (9) ducksofdeath Puyallup 36 brad 89 (6) Miami pavelow rockledge 36 Simon Nash 89 (6) Green Bay SIMONN1 Melbourne 36 george Fielding 89 (6) New York Giants gfielding New York 39 Andrew Everett 88 (6) New England geordie_boy Brisbane 40 Howard Weiner 87 (6) Chicago dragon007 Aurora 40 Peter Jaunais 87 (6) Minnesota pjaunais Mango Hill 42 Ron Lebo 85 (6) Washington ronsan02 Moyock,NC 43 Thomas Kirkpatrick 84 (6) Minnesota tfkirk Pittston Pa. USA
  7. For what it's worth Ken.....I think you look great
  8. !LOL! Let's get a few things straight. 1. Political correctness is not my strongpoint. 2. Abdul needed a home. 3. The "Day Bed" will be used for power kips (naps) in the afternoon only. I am looking however for a matching pimp hat for the wall. 4. I don't wear G Strings although have been known to free snake. All perfectly normal gents...all perfectly normal ;-)
  9. » El Prez: » » I am thinking of doing a weekly marital advice column...l ;-) » » Yes, I bet it's entitled, "The hairy-nosed wombat's guide to habanos » and marital bliss." Nice title Shrink but I was thinking more along the lines of: Marriage.....Living on the edge.
  10. I use personally Cigar Caddy and Armoured Humidor Systems. Both are excellent and with a quick search online you can purchase them in the US cheaply and easily.
  11. Very hard here to start a charity although "Save the Czar Children Fund" has a certain ring to it. How about a business in either of the following names with purchase receipts showing: International Better Husband College Spouse Christmas Saving Account Marriage Councelling Online :-D
  12. » » What was the area you practiced in? » » mostly banking law. some shipping and aircraft and internat loan stuff - » that was how i got to work in dc. firm called shaw pittman potts and » trowbridge. was in sydney for a while with baker and mckenzie. in qld, » tyends to be more property based law, of necessity. Listen up people....Ken was to Law what Saddam was to world peace. For a Lawyer he makes a great Wine reviewer ;-)
  13. Well done Ross :-D Ken...feel free to post your review. Try and post the right one.
  14. Ross... I know that you are recently married....BUT TAKE CONTROL MAN! Ring your wife now and ask her to put some beer on ice and cook something up which is to be ready when you get home. Say grace, eat, say thanks and retire to the deck for the cigar. Finish your cigar, make a few mental notes, brush teeth, make love, post your review tomorrow. If you have any problems get her to call me. I am thinking of doing a weekly marital advice column along with Mel ;-)
  15. I concur with Ken. I have had the best and worst Italian at Romeo's....normally in the same night. It all depends how he is feeling. I do enjoy Cafe del Ugo in Brunswick St.
  16. Ross. I will have a Callender up on the board for all 2006 events. I will also have our accessories on board before long....really.....no kidding.
  17. » He talks that **** so fast and sounds like he has TWO PACKS of chewing gum » in his mouth. Hell of a conversation! » » Now Lisa sounds like pure sultry sex. Thanks Cobber. Mate, when I am on the dog and bone I am usually flat out like a lizard drinking. Apologies sport. Next time the I will relax the local lingo ;-)
  18. My name is El Prez and I..........have had to put a cigar down because I was feeling ill It has happened only twice and both times it has happened in the past month and both times it was a Partagas Serie De Connoisseur No 3. Lack of food was common both times and I had a wine but no more than two glasses. The feeling of clamminess and "violent forward liquid propulsion" came over me but dissipated with a glass of water and a 15 minute break. Strong suckers those little Connie 3's and not one on an empty stomach. I have had a dozen since and the situation has not been replicated....I keep going back however....they call me like a bad woman. ***note to family members who read this board. I resist the bad woman call effortlessly. The Connie 3 call is in reality completely different ***
  19. You are a moron arn't you Listen...I have a bridge I need to sell.......
  20. Welcome Josh. I normally don't beat up on people in their first post....really

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