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  1. To answer your first question....Yes. Look forward to your review :-)
  2. We will be having lockers and big LCD/Plasma screens only for major sporting events. The rest of the time they will be showing our FOH forum. I would love a live internet feed but Lisa has vetoed the idea. I may just have one in the humidor. Am applying for a club members only license for restricted hours. :-D
  3. Everyone try this. In the search feature type in "Cuaba Salomones" Where did you find it?....yes Authored by Ken Gargett and posted to the wrong forum ie not the "review Forum" Never work with animals, children or wine writers. :cool: Will move post across to the "correct" forum this weekend.
  4. Wow...revolutionary and not what I had expected. Let's see...the essentials appear to be: Booze. TV for Sport. Women Bar Comfortable Sofa I am glad I didn't spend the money on a Marketing company focus group
  5. ....is coming into the store tomorrow for three cigars to review over the weekend If there is something specific you would like reviewed...let me know. He will post the reviews next week. ...and no EL's
  6. Welcome mate. Feel free to treat me with dignity and respect ......it would be a refreshing change
  7. President Loon Thanks to you guys it appears I am buying Lisa a BMW (I can't wait to tell my wife) and Ken is getting cockier by the day. No wonder I am going loony :-| I am assuming cockier is a universal term....if not...use your imagination :-P
  8. Actually it was because you continually hogged his car park while drinking across the road ;-)
  9. Sorry Ken..I had a whole box. If I had known you were interested I would have kept one for you. :-(
  10. Well after 6 years in our salubrious surroundings we are moving into new premises come October. Heritage building less than a minute from the CBD with dedicated carparking. The building has a small courtyard and 90 m to play with. What would you like to see in a great cigar clubhouse? Needless to say if it is not commercial I would can it immediately but what features of your favourite haunts presses your personal buttons to keep you going back? Your help would be invaluable.
  11. It must have been the only time in Havana that you were sober enough to remember :-D
  12. Ken. I have always felt a little let down by Winny. I may have used the term"overrated". Not exclusively a term I use for cigars.
  13. Mel. Ken did have a pet Gerbil .....whole different story entirely
  14. Welcome Ryan. Good Crew here with some serious loons. Avoid the loons if possible ;-)
  15. Great Review! They look absolutely gorgeous. This is a "Teaser" of a cigar. It always wants to reveal more than it actually does. It has always given me enough flavour and style to come back but never quite enough to make we want to gorge myself on them. In the end I never know whether I love it or not. I always feel ever so slighltly disappointed like watching a young spotsman with all the gifts..never quite living up to there potential. You have made me want to re-visit this weekend!
  16. Bloody Impressive! If you a haven't got access to simple imaging software then save the pics to Desktop. Right click on the image and click "Send To Mail Recipient". It will now ask you if you would like the image reduced....click yes and e-mail it to yourself. When it comes in, Save as Desktop replacing the original larger image. Now upload ;-)
  17. Tampa. If you look around the web at serious vendors you will note a current supply shortage of Half Corona's. Partagas Shorts, Cohiba Siglo 1, RASCC etc. Has anyone seen an available box of San Cristobal La Principe? They have not been available from PCC since February. There are more profitable lines to manufacture. I and others can see no other reason for the current connundrum. Out of interest what is the latest box codes members have on both the Small Club and La Principe ? It will be interesting to post them.
  18. Mel. Ken is a human adjective. I will give it to him that he has perhaps the best wine palate in the country. It amazes other wine critics that he loves his cigars so much and yet it doesn't apper to interfere with his wine tasting. Meatstock is without doubt my favourite :-P
  19. Had a lovely mix of quite complex flavours - milk coffee, sweet fruit notes, nuts, stonefruit, Ken...you weren't eating Nestle Family Block Fruit and mixed nut chocolate again were you? :-D
  20. Shrink. Ken is writing a major Cigar article for a magazine ( yes...he is being paid ) and is struggling to keep pace with the forum while at the same time remebering how to spell Por Larranaga :-D
  21. Bill....Cigars need a real home ie leather or timber. It is simply the way it is ;-) You may be able to line the internal of your PVC with Spanish Cedar (I can send you cigar box inserts if it helps) but I would just purchase a good quality Leather case.

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