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  1. El Presidente


    Send some rain our way :-) Great to have you onboard
  2. You all received the same cigar Ken is bursting to post his review....Will wrap this one up Friday!
  3. El Presidente

    Need 8 FOH Members for May Tasting

    OK Guys send in your Addy details Shoot to lisa@clubczar.com Well done
  4. ENE OCT 03 I had some time Sunday afternoon to indulge in a few hours of reflection with a bottle of Quartz Reef Pinot Noir (typical Kiwi wine...overrated). It has been nearly 9 months since I have had a HDM DC and the reason for this is that the last one I recall as being dull and disinteresting. This is my friend Dean Merlo's favourite cigar and as my hand wavered over the humidor...I decided to avoid the natural instinct of a Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro or Lusitania...and try the HDMDC again. Nice shiny wrapper and a floral sweet smell at cold. Nice cap...a few hard spots towards the cap end which gave concern. Cuban Cut the cap and torch with my trusty no name torch. The Hoyo opens up with a medium body and an assault of pleasant flavours which are a blend a flat white espresso, shortbread and something intangible. There are real floral notes that are throwing me off defining the missing link. The Hoyo builds in intensity through the mid section but the burn is spot on and the cigar is immensely pleasurable. It develops a hint of sweetness at this stage which stays for an inch or two. It does not really stray from it's mid bodied persona but develops more intense flavours on the palate while staying unmistakenly Hoyo. An hour and three quarters later I watched the first of the wild Cockatoos come in for their afternoon feed and took the last draw of the Hoyo. I still prefer the Lusi and Don Alejandro but have come to appreciate again the essence of the Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona. Excellent 90
  5. El Presidente

    Hello to everyone

    Hi Kab. Pull up a chair Welcome aboard!
  6. El Presidente

    punch super selection No 2

    Definitely cut. Last box code November 02.
  7. Hamlet Paredes rolled me some Salomones last year.....one left. I here voices every time I go to the desktop. "Don't take the PSS2" "Don't take the PSS2" "Don't take the PSS2" "Don't take the PSS2" "Don't take the PSS2" ....I take the PSS2
  8. El Presidente

    Hello everyone

    Welcome Scott. I turned 40 in February so hang around and we can grow old disgracefully together ;-) Great to have you onboard! Rob
  9. El Presidente

    Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona

    " remember that pinot is not supposed to taste like scotch and coke" That hurts Ken
  10. Ken and I will hold our reviews over for another week..and the grand annoncement They should have arrived by this stage but I will check with Lise on Tuesday our time (Public Holiday Monday) Will be back in touch but they will surface.
  11. El Presidente

    Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona

    Ken is away on a wine junket (you can assume fully paid). Unable to defend himself until Sunday
  12. El Presidente

    Musty Smell in Humidor-Help

    Dave. More than likely your humidifier is being blown directly onto or near the SLR Churchills which is causing them effectively to rot. Check your humidification and fan setup. Also calibrate your spare analogue hygrometer and run a test as to what the true humidity reading is. Check back with us tomorrow ;-)
  13. El Presidente

    The perfect weekend.

    We will do it again when you come on down
  14. El Presidente

    Question for the enlightened

    Culebra....I think you are referring to the 2004 crop You are right, it is widely regarded as the best crop since 1992. I will get the definitive answer for you when my Habanos s.a friends arrive for dinner next week. Off the cuff I can tell you the official line will be 2006/2007. The reality will be this year and into 2006 dependent solely on what the reserves of fermented graded leaf.
  15. El Presidente

    Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona

    .....For heavens sake Ken, The Quartz Reef was was overrated swill (yes 2002). For sure...nice balance, nice structure but NO FRICKIN FLAVOUR AND NO BLOODY INTENSITY I expect more when I lay out my own money
  16. Good reply Scott. Vegetal,green,amonia to me are all the same type of descriptive adjective. It is a condition however that I know will change as it is to do with maturation. Grassy, herbal, hay, stalky are a different set of descriptive terms. I use the same terms to describe Sauvignon Blanc. I also use the same terms to describe som Dom cigars such as some Don Tomas.
  17. Sailor Unless the bottle was over $50 and gifted to Ken by the winery....he would never have tried it
  18. El Presidente

    Who can taste chocolate?

    Six kids? + your wife enjoys cigars? Does she have a sister? Well done Ironman!
  19. El Presidente

    Hello everyone

    Welcome aboard made. Another cigar reprobate is always welcome!
  20. We will be having a Monthly Friends of Habanos cigar tasting where 8 volunteers are sent a bandless cigar in the first week of the month on the provision that they post a tasting review of that cigar by the last Friday of that month. The cigars sent will be "bandless" and will each be from the same box. The review will need to comply to the review guidelines posted under our review section of FOH. However I will post the box code and the cigar on the last Friday of the month along with the reviews of Ken Gargett and myself. Should make for some interesting comments and reading. Calling for first 8 volunteers who can meet the above criteria (Volunteers will be changed monthly). Just post your intention to participate below and e-mail your details to Lisa@clubczar.com Good Luck!
  21. Let the world know.... All questinons pertaining to Wine, Women, Food and Song are permitted on Friends of Habanos. We only deal with the essentials of life
  22. El Presidente

    Cigar..... Backyard Blitz

    My favourite feature is the diplomas hanging from the corrugated iron. No doubt.. Southern Bolivia Tech
  23. El Presidente

    The effects of Freezing Cigars.

    Dragon. I find frozen cigars to be tougher on the draw and colder on the lips The majority of clients north of Brisbane freeze their cigars for reason of beetles. I have found that freezing removes the amonia characteristic of cigars in a sick period. I have done this with personal boxes of RASS and Monte Especiales. A client of mine in Malaysia put me onto the technique. It worked particularly well on the Monte's. Outside of minimising/eliminating this sick period...I have found no discernable difference.

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