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  1. 3 hours ago, Shelby07 said:

    Noticed when you checked the draw you drew from the foot. Is there a reason? Does it make a difference in what you were looking for? Thx. 

    Just habit. 

    We have a seconds draw in the walk in. if I am going to shout a mate a cigar and I am a little unsure of the draw, I will test from the foot. If the draw is fine, I will then hand it to my mate to smoke. 

    Habanos Leppers Weekend Review Comp!

    This weekend's review comp  is to be your ugliest, crappiest looking cigar.  The one you have passed over because it makes you gasp everytime you set your eyes on it.  It looks to  be a lovechild of guantanamera and RP :o


    1. Start a new thread in the Waterhole. 
    2. Use this format: Cohiba Robusto  XYZNOV 18  (HLRC) *
    3. Add a photo or two
    4. A detailed review + score it in your own way. 

    If you don't have a date code, give us a year. 

    To be drawn Tuesday local time!   Prize: a 10 count box of something I like. Bonus sampler to the ugliest cigar photographed as chosen by members (likes)

    *HLRC= Habanos Lepers Review Weekend


    Have a great weekend! :party:

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    7 minutes ago, cigarzfan said:

    Thanks for the tip. Do you think some of these extend back into 2d half of 2018?

    I think all of these do. Looking at the list, these have been consistent right through the past 9 months. ESL and UEB being the standouts. 

    The only code that has gone backward a touch has been LGR (La corona).  Then again they are rolling everything except White Owls right now. It is starting to show. 


  4. 9 minutes ago, RDB said:

    Fun. Here’s a semi-serious etiquette question @Elpresidente: how many boxes do you think it’s reasonable for a customer to open? Roughly. Obvs I’m talking sealed boxes here. Sure if someone is buying tons of expensive stuff it’s different, but what about someone just looking to choose one nice box of reg prod smokes? 

    It's a little bit different for us simply because we inspect all boxes before sale. In that case, there is no limit as they will all be opened eventually. 


    When I am travelling and looking at purchasing a box (which I do), I find that that the number of boxes the staff member/owner is comfortable opening is directly proportional to the rapport that you have developed. 

    No rapport      -------         1-2 boxes. 

    Good rapport (first visit)   2-3 boxes

    Regular     3-5 boxes. 

    Don't be that anal twat that who  is seeking a colorado rosado wrapper on a Connie A and who rejects a PSP Colorado Connie A with brilliant sheen on the 5th box opened because "It is almost perfect....but I want a touch more red to the wrapper"  :rolleyes:

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  5. 9 hours ago, HumidorJuan said:

    I’m halfway through enjoying one of my Boli Petit coronas from 2015 and it’s just cedar overload.  Not in a nice way.  I take the dividers from my various now empty dress boxes and slip those in my humi’s with my sticks. Is that creating this cedar overload? Had the same overloaded cedar aroma in my mouth from a PLPC. Both sticks have been in the humi less than 2 months 

    Quick check on your humidity level and the device measuring it?

    cedar inserts tend to have a high aroma the wetter they get. 

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  6. 9 hours ago, Ry27 said:

    new to the forum and FOH, so I apologize if this question isn't directly related to the OP, but I figured it isn't too off track. Do you all freeze your boxes you purchase from FOH?? Ive got 3 inbound and curious the process you all take, thanks

    we had a poll on this last year. Only around 10% of members freeze all stock coming in from FOH. 

    I don't think it is necessary but there is certainly no harm. 

  7. I had no idea 

    Cigars once big business in Nebraska




    The Pepperberg Cigar factory on O Street is shown here from the Harris Overpass so only the upper two floors are obvious. Next door to the right or west is the old wholesale grocery building currently under restoration as condominiums.



    The phrase “A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar’s a smoke” has been attributed to both Mark Twain and Rudyard Kipling, but as early as 1862 Methodists in Nebraska condemned tobacco as “filthy, expensive and debilitating,” requiring prospective ministers in the state to denounce it.

    Still, after the opening of the 20th century, Nebraska had well over 100 cigar manufacturers, many with only one or two employees, far from the source of tobacco farming with the closest being in Missouri. Even Lincoln, sometimes called a “Methodist Mecca,” was the site of a major cigar producer.


  8. 33 minutes ago, JohnnyO said:

    For about a year now there has been timed shortages. No cooking oil for a while, then rice, then bread, eggs. The beer has been super suspect in that time frame as they don't have the raw materials to manufacture. So the locals try to "inventar" some cerveza for local consumption. Bad quality, no alcohol, horrible taste. Lately I just take down my own beer from the US. For about a month in May-June there wasn't anything sold in the bodegas through the ration card system. My wife went down with suitcases of food to give to her family a few weeks ago. Lines, with hundreds in front of a food store waiting to get in. Then all of the sudden some food started coming back through the ration system and chicken was available in good amounts. Then something else becomes scarce, I remember not too long ago there was no salt and everyone was asking me to bring salt from the US. If you don't have family abroad you're not doing well. John

    I was in discussions with a mate there on Monday. He has been there for 29 years  and right now is the worst that he has seen it. 

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  9. 24 minutes ago, Snifnix said:


    I watched an interview with Sahakian Sr. of Davidoff London today, and he said and I quote: "Cigar smokers are always successful people".

    I take a different spin on it.

    From my experience, my clients who are painters, teachers, sparkies, plumbers, trapeze artists (we have one) etc are indeed at the top of their respective games. 

    Cigar smokers are indeed successful people :D

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  10. I am sure that some of yours are being featured in this article :D


    Luxury Cigar Rooms are the New Man Caves

    July 16, 2019 by Suzanne Dooley


    Cigar connoisseurs, it’s time for you to exhale. Gone are the days when you have to go outside to smoke your after-dinner cigar. Whether alone or with friends, now’s the time for you to light up in your own luxury cigar room, lounge back, lightly liquor up and lock your door. Set aside selected evenings for your unapologetic cigar smoking, at home.

    As any cigar aficionado knows so well, smoking cigars is a lifestyle pleasure – most often associated with prestige and self-assurance. In particular, the latter. Cigar connoisseurs have known for some time that cigars and winning routinely go together: from business mergers, weddings, births, victorious sporting events to high-profiled, celebrity events.

    But there’s more to cigar smoking than just victory. It’s a sacred rite. The ritual can be a time of quiet reflection away from outside distractions; or a time to engage in conversation with intimates; or a time to read a great book; or an excuse to experience the joy of doing nothing: JOMO at its best. The cigar connoisseur knows that, sometimes, in order to go above and beyond, you first have to relax, ruminate and recharge in a contemplative atmosphere. And these luxury cigar rooms create nothing less than a dreamy ambience for you to do so.

    Fantasy Cigar Rooms

    Cigar Rooms
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