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  1. Just habit. We have a seconds draw in the walk in. if I am going to shout a mate a cigar and I am a little unsure of the draw, I will test from the foot. If the draw is fine, I will then hand it to my mate to smoke.
  2. Post up a You Tube Comedy Clip that is giving you a few laughs. Post it up on this thread. Not too long...say sub 12 minutes. Nothing too profane. No US Politics A sampler Wednesday for the clip with the most member likes.
  3. Habanos Leppers Weekend Review Comp! This weekend's review comp is to be your ugliest, crappiest looking cigar. The one you have passed over because it makes you gasp everytime you set your eyes on it. It looks to be a lovechild of guantanamera and RP Start a new thread in the Waterhole. Use this format: Cohiba Robusto XYZNOV 18 (HLRC) * Add a photo or two A detailed review + score it in your own way. If you don't have a date code, give us a year. To be drawn Tuesday local time! Prize: a 10 count box of something I like. Bonus sampler to the ugliest cigar photographed as chosen by members (likes) *HLRC= Habanos Lepers Review Weekend Have a great weekend!
  4. 80's Miami Vice, Pastels, Wendy James (Transvision Vamp), 90's Grunge I have no idea how I didn't die in the 80's. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  5. Some of the best of what was found in the warehouse this week. Quality is certainly on an upswing. Quantities are still small however and representing an ongoing challenge for distributors and retailers everywhere. I have lost all faith that Tabacuba can get themselves out of the production death spiral any time soon. I mentioned earlier in the week HSA supply is currently the cigar version of the "shell game" Esplendidos this week but no HDM DC/Winstons/Punch DC. Winstons next shipment but no Esplendidos/HDM or PunchDC. They just keep changing it up while praying things will rectify themselves in the medium term. Imagine if the US had really opened up and permitted commercial sale of habanos cigars Still....glass half full. Quality is on the up and that is a good thing Have a great weekend!
  6. I think all of these do. Looking at the list, these have been consistent right through the past 9 months. ESL and UEB being the standouts. The only code that has gone backward a touch has been LGR (La corona). Then again they are rolling everything except White Owls right now. It is starting to show.
  7. It's a little bit different for us simply because we inspect all boxes before sale. In that case, there is no limit as they will all be opened eventually. When I am travelling and looking at purchasing a box (which I do), I find that that the number of boxes the staff member/owner is comfortable opening is directly proportional to the rapport that you have developed. No rapport ------- 1-2 boxes. Good rapport (first visit) 2-3 boxes Regular 3-5 boxes. Don't be that anal twat that who is seeking a colorado rosado wrapper on a Connie A and who rejects a PSP Colorado Connie A with brilliant sheen on the 5th box opened because "It is almost perfect....but I want a touch more red to the wrapper"
  8. NOV 18 Esplendido is very young. Still, I haven't seen too many poor Esplendido this past year. As has been suggested, get that Relative Humidity down. It helps no end.
  9. You will be able to dig up some threads but it is mainly about the standout codes at a specific time/ period. Dont get too wrapped up in it. It is just a guide. I will start a thread for you on the subject over the weekend.
  10. Quick check on your humidity level and the device measuring it? cedar inserts tend to have a high aroma the wetter they get.
  11. On my way home after a few days in the warehouse. Some outstanding cigars. Based on multiple mastercases checked of the same code, the leading codes haven't changed too much. if you are buying blind elsewhere, you won't go too far wrong with the following early 19 codes. ESL UEB UTL MSU REG MSA TES TOU RUM UBM

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