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  1. Well played gents! The ells thrashing of the Broncos yesterday was the best thing that could have happened. Eels, Roosters, Storm, Canberra, Manly ........there are some cracking games coming up.
  2. on some, quarter boxes will be available. On others no. It is a matter of quantities received for each.
  3. There is little doubt. Just check out this thread. Some of the people who posted having gone through this are some of the most decent people I know. Now regardless of what Ray says.......try not to belt anyone.
  4. Mike, I also hope you had a great birthday mate! I look forward to catching up with you and Dana next year. We will start planning in January when at Kingy for the Christmas break. You can always fly down for a few weeks R&R if it gets a tad chilly up your way.
  5. You have to do do both Pig. Ray, I have to correct my previous post. Walk- in is at 18-19 degree C and 68% Humidity. Warehouse and lockers are both at 16C and 63-65% RH. The lowish temp is to eliminate any chance of a beatles outbreak. We see over 20,000 boxes a year. Our team are working with locker stock daily so constant inspection is the norm. In 8 years at this warehouse, no problem at those settings. Now take the pics of the Lusi. I would bet $1000 that the first signs of mould were in havana when boxes were wrapped in plastic on the back of the truck in 100 degree heat. Maybe again on the tarmac at Jose Marti. the cigars are moist, the environment hot. Perfect conditions and it can all occur in a day. Now move those cigars around the world. How many more tarmacs before they end up with a retailer. That box is opened 5 years later. Those specs of mould likely go back to those days in Havana and no proper storage past that point will make them disappear (without them being wiped). In every shipment that we receive, every one, there is evidence of mould on a % of boxes. It is always more prevalent on boxes date coded June through August. I am talking about shipments last week with a box code of MAY JUN 19. They haven't been anywhere else than Havana for more than a week. It's summer time in Havana! Go into every walk in humidor in the world and they will have a shaving brush or similar that they use to clean mould (dustings) off cigars in the retail area. Go to any big online distributor of cigars and they will inspect and clean every box before it goes out. There is a reason why. The problem is that people will now ask "should we avoid boxes with a date code JUN JUL AGO. Of course not! When you open a sealed box of cigars and see specs of white mould, check the condition of the cigars. If they feel perfect and the aroma is divine, wipe away if you like and carry on. If you open a box that hadn't had mould when you put it in there and now does.....you likely have an issue. If you have a box that looks like a tray of alfalfa, you have a huge problem. This is a subject that has been covered over with mystique, half truths and downright lies until recently. Specs of mould have always been characterised as "prized" until recently. "Plume" they would say. People would go out and specifically pick those boxes over a box without the specs. Now in retrospect, that didn't make much sense. But it makes about as much sense to now pointing a crucifix at anything with a spec of mould. Maybe we should have left the mould/plume voodoo beliefs well enough alone.
  6. It is ok. It is normal. They use to call it plume.👍 You can wipe down and store at a lower temp. If you have had your 898 for 2 years already , they should be moisture stable. It is unlikely to happen again.
  7. This King Parrot decided to turn up and watch Ken and I film FOHQnA yesterday.
  8. Cory, that is because you are incorrect in this instance. Take a sealed mastercase out of Havana today, store it at 5 years in my warehouse (68% RH and 16 Centigrade) and in 5 years lets open them. we will find specks of mould on 50% of the boxes to different levels. Mold spores are there from the factory, not the warehouse. Now don't get me wrong, we can wipe them before taking a photo or call them plume to make people feel better. Let's face it my friend, it's what has been done for as long as any of us can remember. Don't kid yourself
  9. Nick Russell has done a great job setting up this private lounge. I am looking at taking a few memberships in order that FOH members can utilise it via our FOH West Oz network. Great stuff Nick!
  10. I feel like I have let myself down. I haven't been outraged all week.
  11. We have been working through the marques each weekend and this weekend we will be doing Trinidad, Vegas Robaina, Quintero,Vegueros Review any Trinidad, Vegas Robaina, Quintero,Vegueros and go into the draw for a box of Trinidad. Start a new thread in the Waterhole. Use this format: Trinidad Vigia UEB OCT 18 (TVQVRW) Add a photo or two A detailed review + score it in your own way. If you don't have a date code, give us a year. To be drawn Wednesday local time! Have a fantastic weekend * TVQV = Trinidad, Vegas Robaina, Quintero,Vegueros Review Weekend
  12. I understand where you are coming from but simply point out that this is not a case of "a small amount of people benefiting themselves by abusing their power" It is fricking near everyone. Police, doctors, harbour officials, car licensing, visa issuers, business license issuers, tax officials, casa evaluators etc etc etc all the way to meter readers or the guy weighing tobacco bales. From top to bottom, side to side, every-one has been brought up to shakedown a little in order to make ends meet. I don't think anyone enjoys the process. Certainly I don't and when I feel I am really being screwed, I will buck up and the issue is renegotiated or dismissed. However I accept it is part of Cuba. Que voy a hacer
  13. On our radar for 2020. We had a few things to knock off this year. Next year we will be relocating offshore and have the facilities to run a dual program (including a wishlist)
  14. To be fair, everyone in Cuba who has a government owned job (restaurant/hotel/currency etc) dealing with the public (local and international) is stealing in one way or another. If you work for a privateer it is a little more complex. It is the system that they have set up. You pay people so little that they are forced to steal. That instills fear of being caught. No one talks outside of their immediate circle. Govt does what it wants because almost everyone is afraid of speaking out just in case the spotline is shone upon themselves and their family. Technically, almost everyone is committing a crime at some level due to necessity.
  15. It really varies. Some will last minutes and others a day. the quantities are not uniform.
  16. One of by bucket list wishes is to meet and have a long sloppy lunch with the guy who makes, markets/distributes the glass top boxes . They are everywhere in central and south america....every bar, every beach town. They are also in various parts of Asia. He is bigger than Habanos
  17. Yesterday I went through the PCC Aged stock. they will be up over the next few weeks. The stock is all 2014 and they all comprise some excellent codes from that time. Someone in PCC was taking notice or they got really lucky. This is just a crossection of what I came across. Loved the R&J Churchill. I took this photo to show the oil staining. imaging what they would have looked like 5 years ago....imagine how they would taste today. The Lusi are excellent. You have heard that the uniform spotting on a cigar is a classic sign of plume and a perfectly aged cigar. You know from FOHrensics that this is harmless white mould. It's gorgeous. Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure 1's have had a tough couple of recent years in terms of quality. This is one PCC aged that I will purchase myself as aged Epicure 1 are vanilla bean heaven. They had a great year in 2014, keep an eye out for them. Hoyo De Monterrey Petit Robusto. Sugar cane princesses. One of the stars of 2019 .....but I loved the look of these 2014 boxes. I mean, is this the perfect looking box of cigars or what? Aged Juan Lopez Seleccion Number 1. One of the great regular production secrets. These just drip quality. Dip 2's. They have been a little thin on the ground of late. This is the 2014 non cellophaned version Bolivar Royal Corona. Picture perfect example of the cocoa cram and leather king.
  18. PCC puts away a selection of cigars each year for 5 years. It is called their vintage program. consider it aged. They release me a list of what is available in May/June. I order everything and get 10% of what I order. They will appear for sale over the next two weeks only. Markup is about 25% to 30% from memory. If you have the patience/discipline and means, age PSP/HQ stock. If you don't have the patience/discipline but have the means, pick up the PCC aged stock. I have to say I was impressed with what I say yesterday.

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