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  1. As happy as we are for you .....please don't show the original shipping box. I have edited
  2. This Friday we will run the Christmas Sampler Take II through the carts. It is the same sampler. Now I will ask members to do the following. 1. If you managed to get a sampler last week, let others have a crack this week at least for the first hour. In the unlikely event members try to hoard they will be outed and pelted with rotten fruit After the first hour has gone....if there are any left...remaining samplers are fair game for all. 2. One sampler per person. 3. If you miss out this week.....no whining My team are not in the position to hand hold through the process. We will require members to allow others who missed out to have a fair crack and for those that missed to understand that it is an open global marketplace. Shipping will unlikely be before the week of the 25th. It takes a lot of work to put these together. Good luck
  3. NP ere up last week so not within next 14. PLPC 7
  4. The guys at Cigar Journal do some excellent writing. I love nothing more than an old style family bricks and mortar establishment. Not a flashy LCDH, Not a surgery clean Davidoff. Just a cigar divan/club that represents the blood sweat and tears of its founders. Have a read. https://www.cigarjournal.com/the-king-of-the-castle-cigarfriendly-tampa-fl/
  5. When was the first recorded print independent cigar review? I was asked this question yesterday and had no idea. Let's see who can dig up the earliest recorded independent cigar reviews....google away . Let us know what you find here. A couple of aged cigars to those who find and post the two oldest recorded independent reviews* *They have to be independent reviews.....not advertising
  6. The best part is that the wrappers are not maduro dark. There is a very nice colorado maduro rosado in the mix this year.
  7. Looks like I am out for the time being. I don't normally check.
  8. Good morning session in the warehouse with a few standout mastercases. Click on the photos for a cleaner image.
  9. I will know later today if it is possible. Don't hold your breath but I will let you know tomorrow.
  10. Just letting you know that the Christmas Sampler has shipped (yesterday and today). To the lucky guys who picked one up, enjoy!
  11. Do you have certain cigars that drift in and out depending on the seasons? Assuming of course that you smoke predominantly outdoors. Summers here are hot....damn hot. Come Christmas/December I am smoking a lot more SP Belicoso, SC Punta and Fuerza May comes around and BBF/Partagas 898/Mag 46 come storming back and San cristobal go to the backburner. Do you have summer and winter cigars?
  12. They are short at the moment! I will come back tomorrow once I have checked my stocks.
  13. Doofus. If you sent the photo to Steve, it will be in your outbox. It is not like you mailed it. Please source and apply to your review.
  14. You have a problem reading don't you. Post the photo's now so that your review is complete or this thread will be deleted by the morning. Even a tech muppet such as yourself can attach the photos that you have allegedly taken (yesterday) to this thread. Comprende? i will never listen or watch anything to do with Springsteen outside of your house. Ever. You have broken me

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