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  1. The lads in Miami were singing the praise of canned cocktails.......canned manhattan specifically. I can't recall the brand. On the back of that discussion, I took the opportunity at the airport to try a canned Espresso Martini. Not bad at all Have you had any canned cocktails that "cut the mustard" for you? If so, let us know which ones
  2. HK - UK - Middle East in terms of end price (retail) are roughly equivalent. Combined, they would represent somewhere between 30-35% of global market. They won't be feeling any more pain than they are feeling now and sales are either steady (HK/UK) or booming (ME). Real concern (in terms of premium brand mark ups) is for the major markets (etal Spain) where prices will treble. Let's face it, HSA will find a market for Cohiba elsewhere if needed. NC's have never had a better opportunity to get a foothold in these markets. Not 10% but 50% +. Problem is that right now they do not have the spare stock to supply as the US market continues to boom.
  3. The link is here https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9994333904 The password you know
  4. Happy Birthday Honey! Thank you for all you do for this great communtiy. Love you mucho
  5. but the freight costs would send me broke 😂 ......now that's a latch!!!
  6. 1939 Love the photo of the immaculately dressed ladies applying cellophane.
  7. There is a much better one in the pipeline for 2023 😉
  8. Look forward to the conversation 😁 "Grandad.....I am more comfortable with you getting the family discount"
  9. We only hire under 21's in logistics. They normally start at 18 while at Uni and leave around 26/27 for greener pastures. They are superb workers and have a deep love of the team. Everyone in our senior team started in logistics. The denigration of young workers is way over the top. Our worst hires have been middle-aged/semi retired men and mothers 30 -45. Just a personal evaluation based on a no doubt limited sample size.
  10. Now Mus, once you and the negative Nellie's complete the "glass half full" course .......you will be posting: "I hope it proves to be the best cigar of his life!"
  11. I hate using the price equivalency argument (wine/cigars). The fact is that people have different means/wealth, differing outlooks to spending/value. The posseurs are the minority. There are far more people who just enjoy the ample fruits of their labour. They will do it however they wish and care little about the "tags" thrown at them. You can't fly the flag of "capitalism" just when it suits you. You earn it...you spend it..... however the hell you like.
  12. Let me double check on the Ilusione. Will come back to you tomorrow.
  13. Lovely tribute . Keep him on your shoulder as an advisor. Can only imagine the pain of mine passing. I know it is coming but still.
  14. If you trust the vendor and you are happy with the price.......go for it.
  15. At the current rate of cigar inflation.....it will need to take $5 notes
  16. The biggest generalisation of the year to date Plenty of people buy $100-$150 bottles of wine by the case/cases. The reasoning isn't "look how much money I have" but rather "I love that wine and I have that money to spare". Let people spend their money as they wish without the peanut gallery throwing a tanty.
  17. To be fair, I believe the change will be minor. The past two weeks has convinced me that Cohiba will be fine, Trinidad will need some luck and that the rest of the range was underpriced (taking out gouging governments) in comparison to competition. We intend Nudes to be a year round proposition. However we won't get there until 2023. Two more sizes to release this year.
  18. You Mus and Ken could use a "glass half full " injection 😁

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