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  1. There are several on the drawing boards. I will have more information next Wednesday as to what progress has been made since March.
  2. Let us know here when you have signed up. Use the "Tell a friend" feature on the top left to let other member and non member cigar reprobates know. Let us know here when you have signed up with Toptipper for the NFL "Friends of Habanos" GroupComp. Click on the NFL banner right to find out more.
  3. He is a phoney Shrink. His excuse was that he had been "drinking".....six beers over three hours. How embarrassing!!! Each of us spill more than that at FOH functions
  4. Dragon...If I banned you it would mean that Ken would be left with no friends. Let's see. 1. I get a hysterical e-mail that you have been banned for no reason? 2. I deny it but ask for your password so I can try on my system. 3. Password Works perfectly 4. I call you at home....you are slurring your words all over the place before I hear you fall over and knock down what sounded like Whisky bottles. I wait 10 minutes but can only hear what I think was the cat or dog licking up the spilt Whisky. A few minutes later I heard the cat or dog run into the wall and collapse ...I hung up. And now this callous accusation! :cool: > > > > > > > > > All the above are actual incidents except point 4 which may have been embellished in it's entireity.
  5. I have no idea. The Asia Pacific regional meeting for PCC is in Sydney next week and I will be going down Wednesday. Will chase up :-)
  6. Snake, Being Aussies pretty much means we have an ingrained sense of hate towards authority, regulation and "private" clubs. By putting up barriers to view and making it more exclusive is akin to throwing in the towel and having to run behing the toilet block for a cig when you were 12. Cigars and life and laughter and camaraderie are all part of what we are about. Welcome to those who want to join us and partake in relative annonymity. Bugger off to the rest. Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees .....as someone once said. No offense meant ;-)
  7. Tmos Except for that last little comment you were well on the way to being on next months review list.......:wink:
  8. CIGARHead Tried your Rib recipe Saturday evening MAGNIFICENT! A touch sweet for my taste but easily remedied. Harwellplant....yours next Saturday!
  9. Nice one Ken ...while I enjoyed the slander I was particularly impressed with the defamation. And you....a former Lawyer. (Ken was a lawyer...before he hit the bottle). :wink:
  10. Great Visuals! Soulds like a superb night Al. :-P Can I just say that I have seen Ken Dance. Hard to describe... but picture "The Robot" from Lost in Space doing his best Ricky Martin impersonation.
  11. Welcome Patrick. All our cigars are air freighted in from PCC (Pacific Cigar Company) Honk Kong who are the only authorised Cuban Cigar License holders in the Asia Pacific (China to New Zealand).
  12. Hilarious Ken. Let me just say that the Montesa is simply sex on wheels. Everyone stops to admire her ...crowds form....women faint and men drool.
  13. Keep us in the loop on what is happening with Hurricane Katrina. For all our Louisiana brethren...keep safe and stay in touch.
  14. Not that I have ever encountered a successfull one....but does anyone have the ultimate Cigar Mask? My mother still doesn't know I smoke cigars.
  15. I just haven't worked out how to ban people yet. On my hit list for 30 day suspensions are: Dragon Ken Anyone who sucks up to Dragon and Ken :cool:
  16. Thankyou Gentlemen. Will try one tonight and one tomorrow. We are having an open BBQ with friends on thr river tomorrow where I will showcase "my" secret family recipe :-)
  17. Once you have seen the hole you know that they have been active for 30 days. The hole is their exit point before they travel to lay eggs and then die. Total lifecycle is 30-40 days.
  18. I find that the foil wrapping of cigars as in the Diademas retards maturation. They still smell, look and smoke as if they were rolled yesterday. One for the long haaul. Thankyou for encouraging Ken to review yet another fricken expensive cigar :crying:
  19. No Rhyme nor reason. The only semblence of pattern that I can see is that the most popular cigars (highest selling) are in dress boxes. Makes sense to reduce costs. Next line down in volume stakes is unvarnished boxes. Super premiums such as Cohiba and Trinidad are in Varnished Dress boxes. There is a price margin included. Same for Partagas 898 and LGC Medaille D'Or series.
  20. Would like to try some homemade version on Sunday. Do any of you have a killer recipe?

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