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  1. Fun fact. Ford being a highly global company had a lot of the upfront engineering for the new Bronco done here in Geelong and Melbourne over the past 3 or 4 years. There's quite a large Australian engineering team that continued on after manufacturing closed.
  2. Like a few of you guys the current ones are the best and I think there is not a car I could honestly single out as worst. They all seemed fine overall - and I have owned or leased more than 50 cars since I used to do a lot of driving. Current 2014 MB A250 Sport and Mazda MX-5 from 2002. Honourable mention for the wife's 2011 Honda Jazz (Fit) very underrated car as it is very well engineered and built.
  3. Great stuff if you can find it Bill. There is some at Dan Murphys marked as end of line and they are the 2009 not 2008. I like these for the complexity and not too sweet like I find the tawnys are. Very easy to drink. Shame about the Winery Walkabout - like everything else - cancelled. I went many years ago and it was a blast.
  4. Some port tonight, one that should be just right to drink now Cheers guys. Paired with a 2018 RASCC which was still a rough young 'un
  5. Bolivar Golden Medal LRE Oct09 Delicious. Keep well friends.
  6. Not sure about this one - has the old Punch band and the measurements match Punch Souvenir de Luxe (1) sold in metal packs of 5, discontinued in the 1980s. Thanks for the info as always Mighty tasty little smoke, there's no doubt about that
  7. Hi Mus, I was working a couple of mornings at home as a normal thing before and so it was like a training run for nowadays. The main problem is flip flopping - lacking motivation at times and at other times I feel anxious I am not achieving enough. Settling into it now after a couple of weeks. I reckon I realize being in the office in the past meant I felt like I was working even when I was just googling random stuff or talking to colleagues, - cos I was in the office right. Now I can't fool myself I am working when I do that stuff. I think the outcome will be better output from me and less pretending to work. It might work if I do say a 3 hour honest effort, take a couple hours off and do another solid 3 hours or so
  8. Spot on. Plus if we are looking to provide the most benefit to more people in our community manufacturing adds value in an economy up and down the supply chain and so leverages a flow on effect to spread prosperity around. More so, generally speaking, than say jobs in services. The Europeans have shown us that high value manufacturing can be done in higher labour cost countries. It's worth it. Up until March there was quite a bit of "reshoring' of manufacturing back to Aus from China and India. Advantages are seen in shorter logistics and the ability to innovate products faster - plus an honest assessment of the hidden costs of off-shoring manufacturing. Perfect example: Evolve Group in Brisbane has re-shored many products and after only 2 weeks of preparation are well on the way to starting production of N95 masks, 60,000 a day, by the end of April.
  9. One of the last Bolivar Bonitas in my collection. I loved these date coded POS Dic 06 so a bit over 13 years old and still smoking very nicely. Discontinued production in 2009. Flavours appearing and disappearing in this, great volume of smoke with some sweetness and distinct coffee bean towards the nub
  10. Commercial or office landlords might find they lack tenants once things are back to normal - since we got so good at working from home proving productivity may even have been enhanced away from the battery hen cubes.
  11. Gotta say the Blues Brothers. Now I know a lot more about Chicago thanks to this poll?
  12. A real shame to see this news. We are all the richer for your input over the years Guy, Cheers

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