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  1. I am in IT, and I always wish I was doing something with my hands, and something I could forget about when I go home at the end of the day.
  2. Perfect construction. Very good now, like a polished PLPC, but I feel it will develop a lot relatively quickly.
  3. His show always does a good job of showing the imperfections (sometimes downright atrocities) of a place while still leaving me wanting to visit badly. Bourdain also has a way with words that far surpasses most dull/smiling/good-looking/failed-actor hosts in reality tv. Just saw this one, and I really felt they captured the enormous untapped potential of Cuba, wow. Pretty overwhelming when you think what that country could be. I call BS on the no-cigars-at-all, producers prolly not wanting to promote smoking, especially not illegal smoking.
  4. Ashton VSG - Tres Mystique of Corona Gorda Padron 1964 - any (extremely consistent line, imo) There is a boutique brand here in Chicago that has a great and unique blend, Tesa - Shaman: They do internet orders I think. Its a great, consistent medium bodied, sweet, complex blend, brazilian wrapper. One of the most Habano-esque NC's.
  5. NC's consistently take too long to develop depth, almost always the last third for me. And that's usually too much waiting for me. Interesting that these also took so long.
  6. Many years. Its leaps and bounds better than espresso i get at most restaurants. Arpeggio for me. The Aerocino is great too, even if its not a true steam frother. For ~$1.50 and a few minutes i make a soy latte that is better than most (certainly better than starbucks).
  7. I only wish they were more consistent. Going through a great batch right now. It seems like the tobacco they use is sometimes top notch. Any one know how they choose tobacco for these? My guess is its the same stuff used in any Partagas but just cosmetically inferior, or broken up. Sometimes can be bland or underfilled, but more often than not these rule.
  8. If its less than 10 years old, let it sit. You never know...

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