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  1. » Judging by the lewd look on El P's visage & the grin on the ladies I'd say » he's goosing the poor girl. » :-D
  2. Welcome to FOH My son heads to SD on Aug 04, 2009 for boot camp and my family and I will hopefully be there 13 weeks later to see him become a Marine. Are you a Drill Srg?
  3. JD, Buy some Super Absorbant Polymers ( or and throw away the wicks. Fill canisters about 1/4-1/3 with polymers add water and if you want to stop mold a cap of grain alcohol (everclear). The polymers will hold a lot of water and reduce the chance of accidental spillage to nothing. I just throw out the polymers every fall because these babies are cheap and I remove my humidifiers during the humid summers here in Big MO. I have a freind who uses the Everclear and has had no mold for 2+ years, he lives in Arizona so he needs humidity year round.
  4. I like my cheap ($2) blazer knockoff and Zippo with insert best. I own a lot of cutters/lighters at home it's a SAK or Xikar scissors and a Zippo with insert. When at the golf course a knife and cheap blazer knockoff. Going to a herf Xikar scissors and a Zippo with insert fit nicely in a pant pocket. I do not cut the head so any sharp cutter will work as will a sharp pocket knife, I put the cutter to the cigar and twist the cigar removing only the cap.
  5. If you can find an old fridge it will work. Clean it, buy a Johnson controller for temp control and use it. I know a couple people who use this set up with great results both use a lot of beads for humidty and to stablize the humidity. you can bag the boxes for the humidity swings (this only happens when the compressor kicks on) but is not really needed. I know there are threads on this and would be similiar to wine cooler setups.
  6. I found it in my junk folder, if someone still needs it lmk and I'll forward it to you.
  7. » Came across an old favourite yesterday in Frank Zappa's "My Guitar wants to » kill your mama". » I miss great guitar tunes. Anyone else here love great guitar? » What are your favourite rock guitar "greats" ? Pat Travers Band--Off Beat ride, one of the best guitar songs ever. Any Jeff Beck Jeff Healy's fisrt album Rocks Early Clapton is hard to beat
  8. » » Often I come downstairs from my office to find tham all around Lisa's desk » cackling away. The only thing missing is a cauldron, some eye of newt, wing » of bat and a couple of brooms ;-) A brave or stupid man:-D Welcome to FOH
  9. I too have a Temp control Aristocrat. Every summer I pull the canisters out and add Kitty Litter to remove the excess humidity. Kitty Litter is 10x more effective at removing humidity than beads. I had 5lbs of beads in my cabinet and the humidity would not go below 70%. I added a cigars box of KL to every shelf (2-3lbs) and with 48hrs the humidity was at 68% and a few days later 65%. After it stabilized I was able to keep it there with 1/2 that amount, drying them twice through out the summer.
  10. » I can't help but think, with Cuba on the verge, potentially, of becoming a » player in » the oil game, that his larger concern is there not being as great a demand » for » Cuban oil as he'd like. » I could be mistaken - perhaps he's just a great humanitarian....... :-)
  11. » » 3/23-KC, MO » 3/24-SPRINGFIELD, MO I'm about 2-2.5 hrs away from both of these. What time and where are the shows, I'm more familiar with KC and if you're playing near the Plaza I know a couple good cigar friendly restaurants.
  12. Happy Birthday Lisa!!! Long live the queen... Have a great one :-D
  13. Happy Birthday Rob! Enjoy the day my friend:-D

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