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  1. yea, I took the glass inserts out, added some strip insulation , same around the doors. That's it. the humidifier comes on and off as needed, holds it to 66=68% (this is my non cuban humidor)
  2. I bought a curio cabinet off a local craigslist add, took it to my friend who works with wood, he gutted the inside, lined it in 1/2in Spanish cedar, built shelves out of the same, then he did some hand carving on the outside just because he got really into the project.I added an active HU system. I think its a masterpiece
  3. I have the same box and date code DTA CCUI Jun 99 , nails in the box as well . enjoy the smokes !
  4. 60-62 here for all stock, I walk in and smoke anything right off the shelf. seams to work well for me, and no mold issues
  5. everything from 03, Dex Deuix , ERDM longsdales, SLR longsdales Espi's, BCE's , CDC , P898 every time i smoke one of these , the last few puffs incure a moment of silence
  6. we do a little off roading in colorado , wish I could do more. lots of cool clubs and great places to explore
  7. menudo, the spicer the better. truely the breakfast of champions (champion drinkers that is)
  8. my 98 Tj, locked, geared and otherwise tweaked. almost a daily driver. love this car,
  9. well this one will go down in the record books for me, flying to LA, and spending NYE at a Stanford pep rally, then partying to the wee hours, then heading to the Rose Parade, and then to the "Granddaddy of them all" to watch the Cardinal hopefully thrash the Badgers . leaving great smokes and memories along the way. cheers
  10. interesting, I have box #1 of this regional, as well as a few others hanging about, I gave some away but haven't smoked one yet. good to hear they are getting good reviews.
  11. I was in Venice 3 weeks ago, couldn't find a decent cigar anywhere! let alone a box of Fino's
  12. they are in my rotation , a very nice change of pace cigar, not pretentious , just delivers. I would say a high value stick as well. I will say that the 98's are in their zone right now. Because of the #1 I picked up some Kadets and they are also a good little smoke, not as floral, but earthy .
  13. I am no longer a slave of cigar fashion, trying to find all the rare htf, and el /re stuff thinking that its a must have. I have found my cigar sweet spot. my favorite marca's with 5-10yrs on them is my nirvana. I am at peace.
  14. such a high value cigar, always good, usually great , and once in awhile just stunning! they are becoming harder to find, and the hype machine is driving up the prices, such a shame for what i consider the consummate working mans stick.

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