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  1. My first non CC was a box of Padron 2000 maduros and I still have a few. For CC's it was a 10 count of Bolivar GM's from our host back in the cigar czar days....none of those are left lol.
  2. So guessing from the labeling, they have a certain demographic in mind! Did they happen to have andy ground rhino horns next to it?
  3. My most recent moment boils down to a fat white guy thinking he was a bee whisper, finding out he was mistaken, and running for dear life farther than he had in ten years. Billy
  4. Man I keep hoping these types of threads will be related to domestic (for me) smokes so I can return the favor lol!
  5. Yep! Have a second or switch to an 898. It might be pschological, but I always have an easier time pulling the trigger on a cab of the shorts vs. the 898s. Granted I will still pull it on both, I just don't feel quite as guilty with the shorts lol! Billy
  6. Have you tried Party Shorts?

  7. Add Terror Vision to the list. I won't call it a classic or even good, but it's great for what it was lol
  8. So for arguments sake, lets say FDA rules are prohibitively expensive for Habanos or Cuba just deems it not worth the hassle. How would the ruling affect bringing them back from abroad? Now we can bring back a handful if we travel directly to Cuba, but hitting up a duty free in Dubai and bringing back a few boxes is still verboten. Option 3 FOH for life Billy
  9. I went with Blend 2, but I have no idea what "toasted tobacco spine" is/means. It sounds painful.
  10. I think it's the national candy in Finland lol.
  11. Dude in that case, go to town lol! Tell him all 2003 LE's where maduros and you'll give him some fresh acids in trade. My boss and I constantly give each other ****. I call it team building and engagement.
  12. What makes you think they are fake? Providence is key, but 2003 did have a Cohiba DC. The bands look ok and the cap looks good. Smoke them and if he enjoys them...then don't sweat it.
  13. So this is what we call at work a "zero value add", but I've been really curious about the super partagas for some time now. So if for no other reason than curiosity, that's where I'd head.

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