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  1. I have a very large Aristocrat humidor at home, but I've recently gone dual state residence, and as such I'll be in Hawaii for most of the year going forward. I just noticed that this item is on Costco's website. This might be a good short term solution for some. Costco cigar humidor
  2. We get together once a month or so, and wanted to keep it going. first time trying a smoke session via Zoom video conferencing.
  3. Yup.
  4. I have boxes that have been vacuum sealed for 10+ years. I open one every year or so to test, then reseal. the aromas that hit me when opening the bag are overwhelming and delightful.
  5. I used to carry my Zero Halliburton case around when in my local area, and then the smaller Zero Diplomat case when travelling. I got tired of lugging both around, and now just use Ziploc baggies.
  6. Technically it's not in Disneyworld park, it's located in the Disney Springs area. Similar to the Downtown Disney section at the Disneyland site in Anaheim. Buck14 - I also brought my own stash and smoked outside my hotel on one of the benches outside.
  7. I was just at Disneyworld for a week about a month and a half ago. Imagine my shock when I passed by this store: Sosa Family Cigar Shop You need to purchase from there in order smoke in their lounge, but that's a small price to pay to escape the heat and insanity from the parks.
  8. Makes me wish I had purchased even more bottles when Costco was carrying both Hibiki 12 & 17.
  9. I'm in Beijing now, and with the no anti-smoking rules in place, I couldn't find any indoor lounges that allow smoking anymore. After doing some online research, I decided to stay at the Nuo Hotel in the Chaoyang district. I am so glad I made that decision. they have a rooftop bar called O'Bar, that allows smoking, and is VERY cigar friendly. I've been at the bar 4 nights straight, and am there right now having an afternoon smoke in the indoor terrace as it's raining today. This is probably one of the best places for cigar smoking in the city.
  10. Too late for your trip, but for others looking for areas in Taiwan, I was just there two weeks ago, and the places I smoked at were: Cigar Emporium, and Churchills. There's a LCDH in the Grand Hyatt hotel, but I didn't smoke in there. Cigar prices are crazy high in Taiwan!
  11. Unfortunately, China has instigated a no-smoking policy since the start of the year, and most of the indoor smoking places are no more. I haven't been back since the ban started, but my local friends there tell me that the ban is indeed enforced, and places to smoke are hard to find now. Evidently outdoor smoking areas are allowed, although Shanghai in the middle of summer can be hot and humid.
  12. I'm in the same position as PigFish above. Lots of boxes stored at OLH, and wondering how we can address the shipping issue with minimal risk of loss.
  13. The Olde Cuban is a great place to have a cigar. I haven't had any problems bringing/smoking my own cigars, as long as you're spending money on drinks/food.
  14. I remember that day well too. I saw this article today, I was not aware of this part of the story.

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