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  1. Received this sampler yesterday…a few months rest and I will report back. Thanks FOH!
  2. Recent PSD4…from start to nub, magnificent. I gotta check the code…just beat recent Epi2 (although those are great too).
  3. 2008 Sir Winston - hands down I forgot about this box and was thinking nothing of it. Close to a 100 point cigar as I can imagine. What was thrilling, was not only the Kaleidescape of flavors, but the cigar had balls.
  4. I would focus on brands I have not tried AND what el press says is HOT. It is disappointing to spring for something and find that it is off. Sometimes that’s just the game, but if you can raise your %, then you have a better shot at experiencing what the stick is supposed to deliver… look for statements like “best ive seen since release” etc…
  5. Was going to fish, but now Preparing for a Tropical Storm/Hurricane instead!
  6. Long Island…u fish Pacific? Counting the days to my next trip…
  7. Going to have to watch later…some of my favorite fishing was a tarpon trip!
  8. This is an easy one…offshore fishing: no cell service, a couple of friends, some cigars, music and hopefully fish.
  9. My favorite cutter for some time…just keep it razor sharp.
  10. Thanks for the great review. Would be interested in a follow up after 3 months of rest/acclimation. I keep finding this amount of nap time to be better at revealing flavors after their trip…never smoked a fonseca!

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