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  1. My favorite cutter for some time…just keep it razor sharp.
  2. Thanks for the great review. Would be interested in a follow up after 3 months of rest/acclimation. I keep finding this amount of nap time to be better at revealing flavors after their trip…never smoked a fonseca!
  3. 2018 VR Unicos…half a box left. Burn like crap and taste like soap. Lifebuoy yuck…
  4. Sir Winston, I owe you an apology for smoking most of the box much too early. 2008 box and so far the best cigar I can remember in years. Photos won’t upload 😒
  5. Happy birthday Di...Grab Lisa and come visit ny again.
  6. Monte Especial #2...been awhile since I have had one with some age...and they were gorgeous
  7. Email sent for the CCE....crossing fingers!
  8. When you do get that 100 point experience, you will never stop chasing it...for me the closest we’re my one and only CGR, a Mag 50 tubo that had some mold but exploded with stone fruit, first release Connie A, and a 2007 JL2 that was a true firecracker...some OR Bhk 52 also came close...
  9. Surprised at the Cohonas this JL1 has. PSP 2010. A cracker...

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