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  1. Surprised at the Cohonas this JL1 has. PSP 2010. A cracker...
  2. I think of the storied cigars I coveted before my introduction... Coro psd 4 hdm epi 2 Bbf monte 2 RJ Churchill Hup sir Winston Punch Punch
  3. CGR was the most memorable cigar I have smoked to date...
  4. Lol, the system and cables to run those will be hundreds more. 850k speakers are like a Bugatti. Status symbol and high performance. Room treatment is also needed as another member points out. There are many amazing audio options out there today that are under 50k that any person on the world could hear the difference and appreciate. Still want ant to hear those things!
  5. I haven't heard these Wilsons. They look impressive. Heard older models and they are no slouch. May get a chance to visit Wilson if we decide to work together. A lot of my work is aesthetic. In wall, hide this, hide that...Been doing more "real life" systems from another "W" company: Wisdom. Line source In Walls have been stellar . Also think the Steinway Line Source is impressive, but the Wisdom sounds better (IMO) and is a better value if you compare Line source. Steinway has some great point source systems. Forgot to mention Focal - they have had some of the best speakers I have
  6. I find widescreen, 2.35, the most natural format for viewing. 4:3 the most difficult, particularly on large screens. Eye sees the widescreen easiest. Again, from the viewing perspective. Can certainly understand the choice to use different ratios as an art/production preference.

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