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  1. Cigar 2 opens medium plus and the draw is perfect. Very good construction. It is sweet with dry cocoa. A little cream. Picks up body in the middle, them smooths out for the final third. Consistent flavor to the end.
  2. My mystery cigar #1 is a little tight, but opened up enough upon first light. First third is interesting. I don’t think this is a cigar I have smoked much of, if at all, before. Getting wood, leather, burnt marshmallows, cream, baking/floral spice, anisette and a hint of candied orange. It’s overall medium bodied and smooth. No rough edges. Second third amps up the wood and cigar is now over medium. More one dimensional. Last third it stays medium plus. Licorice, anisette, wood with a touch of cream.
  3. Old plasmas were great…and I love jmlab (now focal). Try turning off motion settings, etc, to reduce soap opera. Can’t stand those attempts to fix motion deficiencies…
  4. The real home theater business is on fire 🔥. Soundbars, etc, are just improving common tv audio experiences which is totally cool, as it involves and educates more ppl. It is unbelievable what kind of quality that can be delivered in today’s home cinema that is done well. But everyone has their own happy point, which I respect. But if you want to understand what can be done, that is where I show ppl.
  5. Got a few years under my belt in the industry. OLED has best picture quality today. It can’t deliver max brightness, but in a more light controlled environment, it will outperform LED in all areas, particularly black levels and color. It is the most plasma like picture. For OLED, Sony and LG are your only choice. Top Sony edges them out. Both very good. Sony introd the first OLED a long time ago, but it was very small and expensive. I recall lg being first to break through the size barrier. Everything else is some form of LED. Believe what you want about the different names, but they
  6. Recent PSD4…from start to nub, magnificent. I gotta check the code…just beat recent Epi2 (although those are great too).
  7. 2008 Sir Winston - hands down I forgot about this box and was thinking nothing of it. Close to a 100 point cigar as I can imagine. What was thrilling, was not only the Kaleidescape of flavors, but the cigar had balls.
  8. I would focus on brands I have not tried AND what el press says is HOT. It is disappointing to spring for something and find that it is off. Sometimes that’s just the game, but if you can raise your %, then you have a better shot at experiencing what the stick is supposed to deliver… look for statements like “best ive seen since release” etc…

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