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  1. I like John but my memories of the Plastic Ono Band with Yoko singing made me vote for Paul.
  2. Couldn't vote on this one, there needed to be Apple phone/iPad with a Windows PC choice.
  3. Behmor 1600+, Rocky Rancillo grinder and Clever coffee dripper and beans from Sweet Maria's. I like to switch around what beans we are roasting and brewing, but Kenya AA is one of our favorites. I have roasted some Gesha lately and like it, but can't drink it everyday. Last batch was Ethiopian and I roasted to just when it started the second crack and it was spectacular. I use the Roastmaster app on my phone to track my inventory of green beans and my roasting times.
  4. I would say no to colonization, but maybe we will land humans there much like the moon landings. We are starting to see the private sector get involved with rockets and that's a plus, but I don't see the US government putting a lot of money towards space exploration by humans. There is a timeframe issue with this poll that leaves it wide open as to when it might happen and maybe it will happen, but not in my lifetime.
  5. Still waiting for him to finish the books! I will not buy or read his other books until he completes the series.
  6. I like the Redskins pick and we needed a QB, but the thing you never know is how well they'll perform as a pro. I'm looking forward to seeing him play and how well he develops as an NFL QB.
  7. I still think we need to draft a new owner and get rid of Bruce Allen! As someone who grew up in the Washington DC area and remembers the loyal fan base and the fact we had a waiting list for tickets compared to what we have now, changes at the top are needed. Rant over.
  8. I don't keep them, but by the time I get one off it isn't worth keeping.
  9. This is tough and I'm sure my wife would add Cohiba in there as she is known as Cohiba Witch (sp.)! Had to add Por Larranaga is there as #6 as I had a Picadores the other night that was fantastic. 1. H. Upmann 2. Vegas Robaina 3. Bolivar 4. Trinidad 5. Ramon Allones 6. Por Larranaga
  10. The fact is you can't save them all and when you have to go 2/3s of the way to get a better draw I would suggest that you let that cigar rest or dry box for a couple of weeks and then try it. When the channel you ream is so wide open along with the draw, it just won't smoke well. There are days when I sit down and go through some of these questionable cigars and give them a try and usually toss them halfway through smoking them. I like the perfect draw and have saved many cigars using it, but you can't save them all.
  11. I'm going with no as I think that is the correct answer. When I started this journey I was smoking NCs and then met up with a great group of people who got me into CCs and also educated me on where to buy them. One of those was Mark (N2Adventure) who sent me here.
  12. I'm one of those people who is very particular about my coffee. I roast my own beans and have a top notch burr grinder and then weigh the beans and use a pour over clever coffee dripper. The ideal roast is one that you like and although the darker roasts that I prefer do cover up some of the nuisances of the beans, I still prefer the darker roasts. Lately I have been playing around with roasting to see if I can get some of the more subtle favors back by pushing my roasts to 1st crack and then lowering the temps as I roast to 2nd crack. I think it has helped, but I really need to do some cuppings of different roasts to get a true comparison.
  13. I would think this would be my first thought followed by making sure that it is airtight enough to hold the humidity level you want.
  14. Great weather here in central Florida, 85 yesterday and 75 today!

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