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  1. Not knowing the restrictions and terms of post counts knocking a member out would bother me. I know life, family, friends and helath keep me from posting although I am reading 4 days a week.I would like to know more about the criteria of the rules, policy and procedure before I can have more input. Like the Clash would say, Darling you've got to let me know, should I stay or shoild I go. One thing I noticed early on we have the same A perasonality and say what's on our mind and never mean to hurt. "I HATE my father for that" and that does not sit well with many and for that I applogise but it's what it is and a 60 year way of life and it's been a rough one for it. Not politicaly correct is better put. I was taught there is NO misunderstanding when you shoot from the hip. I lost spell check
  2. At least 2 guys, buy cigars and split the cost and sticks. TADA Splits are a great to try new sticks and build the humi up After missing 5 email specials from back in october because of a mail spam prob put me waaaaay behind. I have my eye on 10 + and that will put a dent in it.
  3. Happy Aussie Day back to you Lis and all the other sisters and BOTL on FOH.
  4. First off, Have a good rest and enjoy your time off guys, I'm thinkin you're gonna need it . After the last 3 cigar a thons I BET your CAN is draggin! Well I guess missing the last 5 sales because my email was going to trash ended up working out. As usual I have a few questions. Is a 50 cab count as 2? Is 20% the max if more boxes are ordered because I am WAAAAY behind from missing the 5 email sales.LOL Kind Regards and again and enjoy your time off.
  5. You don't need to worry until you get "THE LETTER" LOL
  6. Happy birthday Steve. I hope you had a great day with family and friends.
  7. The people and the Gubment. We the willing, led by the unknowing, have been doing the impossible for the ungrateful, for so long with so little. We are now qualified to do anything, with nothing.
  8. Huge congrats. It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. From the day they were born, our mail goal in life is to teach them to be responsible adults, and we can't loose.
  9. Is the bakers doxen box discount still on? Wait, That was a dream, sorry. LOL Thanks for all the hard work from you and everybody Rob. Change is always hard for a FOG.
  10. Bravo! Having 2 boxes tucked way back because they were unsmokable when released. I think Wilkey was one of the funniest with mention of mouth on fire. I'm sure glad they smoothed out some. Did you say they still need more time? I was kinda shocked to hear medium from where they started. Thanks for the great review on a cigar that truly need another look after a long rest.
  11. I knew that Rob and that's why I posted it. I don't remember a 2 dayer and know your A$$ HAD to be draggin. Plus they were scrambling to keep up with the posts because I was lost it moved so fast. I don't see how you do it actually. None the less thank you and all involved in the first 2013 cigar-a-thon. I sure need cigars after missing the last 5 email specials because my emails were getting sent to spam. Something to do with your system kicking out Comcast. I wish I could. LOL Now, I hope I don't miss the repost. Again, Thanks
  12. We usualy have a what's left list at the end. I know a BUNCH was sold in the 2 day cigar-a-thon and everybody is pretty busy and tired.
  13. Thanks. I kinda knew it was but when I post, it shows my local time because of some settings I made I guess. I think I might change it to the forum time so I know.
  14. I am JUST LOST,I have read 3 times. Plus I missed it again. I just can't get a grip on the time diff. LOL Awesome job to all involved
  15. WOOT WOOT!! Now all I need to do is remember. Do you know if an email was sent out for the weekend Specials or this? Thanks for the info man.
  16. AWESOME and lots to read, thanks to all. But Jesus Cristo, I missed it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! The last email I got was on the 7th. Did they send an email out? Talking to Di and Lis a few times I keep getting boinked by your software putting me in the spam. I was just running down a jar and there was a link to here and just thought I would pop in to see what was going on. Yous guys have been Rollin!!! I'll catch it one day. LOL
  17. Thanks guys for one of the better reviews. I can't wait to smoke one but I had been thinking another year or 2 before I watched this. I remember they had many problems getting these in the B&M's when they were supposed to. I waited for ever and was told by Andreas Richter at Peter Heinrichs the first 2 cases that came in were all broken. In a panic, I upped my order to 2 and I'm glad I did now. I do have a question for the masters. Jars that seal with the rubber gasket, should they be aged with the lid off. That is how I did it because of the total seal from the gasket on the porcelain. Thanks again.
  18. Tied up??? Like "sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me"?? LOL
  19. Glad you guys are back and hope you rested up and had some quality time with family and friends. I sadly missed out on the last 6 sales because comcast was trashing my mails. I am READY to restock in a bad way. Now if I could just get the time down. LOL A broadcast email 12 hours before would be AWESOME!!!

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